Top Universities In The US Offering Scholarships

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If you’re curious about which top universities in the US offering scholarships, continue reading as we highlight ten of the best scholarship-granting institutions.

The United States boasts numerous top-ranking universities globally. Yet, gaining admission to these institutions, particularly as an international student, is incredibly challenging due to the sheer volume of applications they receive.

Many students aspire to attend these prestigious American schools. However, the exorbitant tuition fees, coupled with other expenses, often pose significant financial barriers.

Whether you’re an undergraduate or pursuing a Master’s degree, international scholarship opportunities in the United States can support your academic endeavors.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive compilation of universities offering full scholarships to international students. While not exhaustive, it provides a solid overview of available opportunities.

Scholarship requirements vary, but typically entail achieving high scores on English proficiency exams like TOEFL and IELTS, as well as relevant standardized tests such as SAT/ACT for undergraduates and GRE for graduate students. Additionally, outstanding academic performance and recommendations are usually necessary.

It’s important to recognize that only a portion of international students meeting these criteria receive full scholarships. Given the competitive nature, applying to multiple scholarships increases your chances of securing funding.

Top Universities In The US Offering Scholarships

The Iowa State University Scholarship

Iowa State University prioritizes the inclusion of a diverse and skilled student body. The International Merit Scholarship recognizes students with exceptional academic performance and notable accomplishments in areas such as mathematics, sciences, arts, extracurricular involvement, community service, leadership, innovation, or entrepreneurship. Eligible international freshmen and transfer students are awarded $8000 annually throughout their tenure at the university.

The Yale University Scholarship

Yale University, renowned for its commitment to supporting undergraduates based on financial need, provides need-based grant aid, which functions as full scholarships.

These grants are bestowed as gifts, eliminating the necessity for repayment. Recipients of financial aid receive the Yale Scholarship amount as detailed in the Financial Aid Award Letter.

Similar to Harvard University, Yale University, another esteemed institution in the United States, offers undergraduate scholarships tailored to financial need. Additionally, it provides fellowships and assistantships for graduate students pursuing Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

On average, Yale awards scholarships exceeding $50,000 annually, with fully funded scholarships surpassing $70,000 annually for international students in need.

The IUPUI Scholarship

Deadline for applications: November 1 for the fall term and March 1. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Available for undergraduate and master’s degree programs. Offered annually.

IUPUI provides scholarships and financial aid opportunities for various categories of international students, including freshmen, transfer students, current students, and graduate students.

The scholarships for international students at IUPUI vary in amount from $5,000 to $27,000 annually. Certain merit scholarships may be combined with competitive scholarships. SAT or ACT scores are taken into account for both merit and competitive scholarships.

The ICSP Scholarship

Deadline for applications is January 15th annually. Located in Oregon, this scholarship is for undergraduate studies.

Recipients are required to engage in cultural service activities, such as presenting about their home country to various audiences. Selection is based on financial need, academic achievement, and presentation skills. The scholarship is renewable.

Scholarship Provided By New York University’s Wagner School

Scholarships worth $25,000, covering tuition expenses, are available annually for undergraduate degree seekers at NYU Wagner in New York. The application deadlines are May 1st and July 1st. These scholarships are awarded to an unspecified number of admitted students each cycle, encompassing all NYU Wagner degree programs, including international students.

Selection is based solely on the application’s strength and the potential contributions the applicant can offer to the NYU Wagner community, as assessed by the Graduate Admissions Committee. No additional application materials are needed.

Additionally, NYU Wagner may consider applications beyond the deadline based on availability.

Scholarship By Illinois State University

Annual deadlines for applications fall between mid-May and June in Bloomington, Illinois, for those seeking undergraduate degrees.

This opportunity recurs yearly. There’s a base award of $44,000 (with $11,000 per year renewable for up to four years) for incoming freshmen from underrepresented regions or those who have faced academic challenges.

To qualify, applicants need a minimum ACT score of 25 (or 1150 SAT) and a high school GPA of at least 3.4. International freshmen must submit official ACT or SAT scores to be considered.

The Princeton University Scholarship

Princeton University provides full scholarships for international students, assessing their applications in consideration of their unique backgrounds and educational opportunities, both domestically and abroad. It’s important to emphasize that no preference is given to any specific educational system or country.

All international students admitted to Princeton have their full financial need met, just like their U.S. counterparts. The university’s admission process is need-blind, ensuring that financial circumstances do not impact admission decisions.

Additionally, students who qualify for financial aid are offered grants, eliminating the need for repayment.

Top Universities In The US Offering Scholarships

Scholarship For Aspiring Global Leaders At An American University

Deadline for prior applications: January 31st. Location: Washington D.C. Academic level: Bachelor’s degree. Offered annually? Yes.

The American University Emerging Global Leader (EGL) Scholarship aims to cultivate individuals committed to fostering positive societal change, who will subsequently contribute to the enhancement of underprivileged communities in their home nations.

The scholarship provides comprehensive coverage, including full tuition, accommodation, and meals, for one international student requiring a visa (preferably an F-1 or J-1 student visa) for studies in the United States.

However, it does not extend to additional expenses such as health insurance, textbooks, airfare, and other incidental costs (approximately totaling $4,000 per year). The scholarship, amounting to $61,157, is granted for four years of undergraduate education, contingent upon the recipient’s sustained academic excellence.

Clark University’s International Traina Scholarship

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Deadline for yearly application: January 15th
  • Academic Level: Bachelor’s degree
  • Offered Annually: Yes

Clark University presents the International Traina Scholarship, available to outstanding incoming students who have demonstrated exceptional performance during their high school years and exhibit strong overall application credentials, indicating their readiness to excel at Clark.

Recipients are awarded a scholarship totaling no less than $80,000 ($20,000 per year, renewable based on academic performance) along with a guaranteed $2,500 taxable stipend for a summer internship or research assistantship taken for academic credit after their sophomore or junior year.

Scholarship By Mork Family

The University of Southern California offers several competitive scholarships to international students, including the Mork Family Scholarship, which covers full tuition for four years plus a $5,000 stipend for ten recipients.

Other scholarships include the Stamps Leadership, Trustee, Presidential, and Deans Scholarships, each covering varying percentages of tuition costs.

Recipients typically demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, talent, perseverance, innovation, involvement, and leadership, with SAT and ACT scores ranking in the top 1 to 2 percent nationwide. Up to ten scholarships are awarded annually.

The MIT Scholarship

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers full scholarships exclusively based on financial need, funded through our endowment, contributions from MIT alumni and supporters, and MIT general funds. Renowned globally for STEM education, MIT provides these scholarships to about 60% of its undergraduates.

In the 2020–2021 academic year, the average scholarship amounted to $45,146. Recipients are requested to complete an annual Student Information Review Form to ensure the proper matching of scholarships with donors.

Additionally, recipients may be invited to express gratitude to their donors through personalized correspondence.

Scholarship By Duke University

Duke University provides comprehensive financial support to incoming first-year students through full scholarships, covering tuition, fees, room, and board for four years of undergraduate study. Applicants to Duke are automatically considered for these merit scholarships, without needing a separate application.

Additionally, the university offers fully funded assistantships and fellowships for graduate students pursuing Masters and Ph.D. programs, ensuring financial assistance for all levels of education. Located in North Carolina, USA, Duke University is renowned for its excellence in education.

The Presidential LEEP Scholarships

The Presidential LEEP Scholars Program at Clark University is integral to its innovative approach to education, known as Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP). This unique model blends a comprehensive liberal arts education with practical involvement in real-world scenarios and professional settings for undergraduates.

Prospective students who rank highly within Clark University’s applicant pool are encouraged to seek this scholarship opportunity.

Candidates who are successful at the selection stage should Successful expect the following benefits:

  • Full coverage of tuition, accommodation, and meals for four years
  • The possibility of earning a complimentary master’s degree, where relevant
  • Substantial funding for a research endeavor
  • Access to a supportive community
  • Valuable internship experiences that can be transformative

The Standford University Scholarship

Stanford University extends full scholarships to international students pursuing Master’s and PhD degrees, encompassing tuition fees, travel allowances, living expenses, and academic costs.

Ensuring access to undergraduate education is a substantial commitment at Stanford, with a robust need-based financial aid program that ensures admitted students can afford attendance. Moreover, their admission process is need-blind for most applicants, ensuring financial circumstances do not influence admission decisions.


These are the top universities in the US Offering scholarships for both international and local students. Be sure to check out the resources for eligibility and deadlines of application.















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