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Erasmus Mundus stands as Europe’s premier master’s scholarship initiative, aimed at facilitating the continent’s top universities in drawing exceptional students from developing nations. Its mission is to elevate the visibility of their master’s programs and foster a diverse, interdisciplinary approach to studying European matters.

The scholarship provides support to master’s students delving into European themes through a multidisciplinary lens, emphasizing the interaction of cultural, political, societal, and contemporary historical aspects within a global framework.

Annually, the Erasmus Mundus scholarship benefits up to 100 students, offering them the opportunity to reside in at least two European nations and pursue studies across three universities worldwide.

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship, supported by the European Union, is granted to students chosen to enroll in one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programs at either the Master’s or Doctoral level. It is available to students from both EU and non-EU nations. Applicants should keep in mind that they can only apply to universities endorsed and actively participating in the Erasmus Mundus Action Joint Programs.

Areas Of Study Covered By The Erasmus Scholarship

The Erasmus scholarship encompasses a wide range of fields, encompassing around 116 master’s programs and 29 joint doctorate courses. Additionally, it supports studies in various disciplines such as Business and Law, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Computing, Humanities and Arts, Health and Welfare, Science, Manufacture and Construction, Engineering, and Agriculture and Veterinary.

Requirements For Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Eligibility

The Erasmus scholarship is available to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in their home countries. Those in their first year of a higher degree program can also apply if they anticipate graduating before starting the master’s program. It’s important for students to review the specific eligibility requirements outlined on the official Erasmus Mundus Scholarship websites before submitting their applications.

Documents Needed For Application

The necessary documents may vary for applicants based on their chosen course and country of origin. Nonetheless, some typical prerequisites for securing an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in India include:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in a relevant field
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English through standardized language tests
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Specific documents tailored to the program and country of study

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship funds can cover monthly stipends, travel expenses, participation fees, and insurance fees for students. It’s important to note, though, that the scholarship amount varies depending on the level of study, nationality, and length of the course.

When Will The Application Process Begin For The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship?

The Erasmus Mundus master’s degree scholarship application period runs from October to January annually, aligning with the typical September start date for most master’s programs. Upon gathering the necessary documents, applicants must submit their information through the online application system. Prior to initiating the application process, it is essential to establish a new account on the Euroculture website.

How To Apply For Eramus Mundus Scholarship

Step 1:

Fill Out The Details Regarding Your Selected Partner Universities:

  • Select 3 master’s programs listed in the Erasmus Mundus catalog.
  • Arrange your preferred programs and universities in order of priority.
  • Make sure to designate your application type as “Erasmus Mundus Applicant” to be eligible for the scholarship. If you plan to finance your studies independently in case you don’t receive the scholarship, indicate this during this stage.

Step 2 entails familiarizing yourself with Euroculture’s privacy statement and indicating your awareness of it, alongside providing details on how you became aware of the scholarship program.

Step 3

Provide your information, including:

  • Complete name
  • Birthdate
  • Citizenship
  • Marital Status
  • Residence
  • Any special requirements
  • Additional remarks

Step 4:

Provide details about your educational background. Describe your bachelor’s degree program, including the institution you attended and any significant research projects or academic papers you’ve completed.

Step 5:

Demonstrate your English language proficiency by submitting scores from a recognized English proficiency exam.

Step 6:

Submit all necessary documents through the application portal.

Selection Process

The selection process consists of two stages:

Academic Assessment: Candidates are evaluated based on their academic merit and qualifications.

Interview: Successful candidates from the academic assessment stage will be required to participate in an interview with the authorities. This interview may be conducted via videoconference.

Therefore, individuals who meet the eligibility criteria and wish to pursue studies in the EU can apply for this scholarship. However, before applying, it is essential to review all the requirements and qualifications for the current academic year, as these may be subject to change. Additionally, applicants should be aware that the deadline for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship varies but typically falls around December or January.


Can Students From Anywhere In The World Apply For The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship?

Yes, the EMJMD scholarships are available to students globally.

What Is The Maximum Duration Of The Living Stipend?

The monthly living stipend covers the entire length of the EMJMD study program, up to a maximum of 24 months.

Can I Receive A Living Stipend While Studying In My Home Country?

Unfortunately, scholarship recipients won’t receive the living stipend for periods spent in their country of residence at the time of the application deadline.

Is Virtual Participation An Option Instead Of Physical Mobility Periods?

No, mandatory mobility periods cannot be substituted with virtual participation.

I Have Dual Citizenship. Which One Should I Use For My Scholarship Application?

If you hold dual citizenship, select the nationality that aligns best with your scholarship application.

What Are Program Country And Partner Country Students?

Program Country students originate from Erasmus+ Programme countries, while Partner Country students come from Erasmus+ Partner countries and have not lived in a Programme country for more than 12 months within the last five years.

An Erasmus Mundus program offers a distinctive chance to pursue a master’s degree internationally at a top-tier university, allowing participants to immerse themselves in different cultures and receive financial assistance covering tuition fees and living expenses.


The Erasmus Mundus scholarship transcends mere financial support; it presents a gateway to a realm of learning, cultural exchange, and embracing diversity. It unlocks access to a worldwide educational community and fosters enduring relationships. If you’re prepared for an educational journey that knows no boundaries and enhances your learning experience, embrace the challenge of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship competition. Your voyage of discovery commences now!

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