Taiwan ICDF Scholarships For International Students

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The Taiwan ICDF Scholarships for international students are tailored for candidates hailing from developing nations aiming to contribute to their countries’ pursuit of sustainable development objectives. This comprehensive scholarship initiative partners with approximately 23 Taiwanese universities, offering opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels.

In Taiwan, education covers a diverse range of subjects, with ample scholarship opportunities. Despite having a system akin to that of the United States, tuition fees remain comparatively affordable.

Participants not only facilitate socio-economic advancement but also enhance the pool of skilled human resources, fostering stronger economic bonds between nations.

The International Cooperation and Development Fund presents 29 scholarship programs covering a wide range of fields, including Agriculture, Business Administration, International Studies, Health, Mechatronics Automation Engineering, Electric Power Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Natural Disaster Management, Pharmacy, Arts and Creative Industries, Educational Leadership, Tourism and Hospitality, and Urban Governance. Students from various educational backgrounds are eligible to apply for these opportunities.

What You Should Know About The Taiwan ICDF Scholarship

The ICDF is renowned for its charitable efforts, extending aid during natural disasters and global expatriate emergencies. Through investment assistance, technical support, social aid, and international training, the organization supports those facing adversity. Students will acquire skills in disaster management, enabling them to assist their country during challenging situations. This fosters a spirit of social responsibility and philanthropy among participants.

This global scholarship provides a diverse selection of programs tailored for international students, enabling them to select subjects aligned with their interests, enhancing their knowledge and future professional prospects.

The scholarships from Taiwan encompass airfare, lodging, insurance, and healthcare provisions. Additionally, international students will receive an extra $18000 stipend for food and essential expenses. During their time in Taiwan, participants will immerse themselves in Chinese culture.

Taiwan’s ICDF Scholarship Program

Country of Host: Taiwan

Advantages Of The Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Initiative:

Round-trip airfare, accommodation will be furnished for attendees, and university tuition expenses for enrolled students will be covered.

This program will include coverage for insurance expenses. Course materials will be provided at no cost. Additionally, participants will receive allowances for food and other miscellaneous expenses.

Requirements For Qualification For The Taiwan Scholarship

Prospective candidates must:

  • Originate from a country listed on the website.
  • Meet the criteria of the university they plan to attend.
  • Satisfy all visa prerequisites for Taiwan.
  • Apply for only one scholarship within the same calendar year.
  • Have not previously received any scholarships from the Taiwan Government.

How To Submit An Application For The ICDF Scholarship In Taiwan:

  • Sign up for an account followed by signing in.
  • Complete the digital application form available on the site.
  • Submit an application for a single program
  • Verify the provided information, and then select “finish.”
  • This pertains to the Online Mandarin Test.

Materials Needed For The Taiwan Scholarships For International Students:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copies of academic records
  • TOEFL or similar English language proficiency exam results
  • Referee information

Other Scholarships In Taiwan

The CTUST Scholarship

CTUST provides scholarships for both local and international students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees across various fields of study. These scholarships amount to 5,000 NTD per month. Furthermore, CTUST offers entrance awards to exceptional incoming freshmen, totaling 1 million NTD in aggregate, with a total of 20 awards available.

Scholarship Opportunities Tailored For International Graduate Students

Chang Gung University provides a range of scholarships to master’s and doctoral students from countries other than Taiwan. These scholarships are awarded based on factors such as English proficiency, overall profile, and academic achievements. Recipients receive a percentage waiver on tuition fees and other expenses, the amount of which is determined by their level of talent, along with on-campus accommodation.

Scholarships Offered By CGU For Academic Achievements

CGU provides a scholarship opportunity for undergraduate bachelor’s students of any nationality. This scholarship offers a monthly stipend across three tiers. Eligible students must be enrolled at CGU for more than one semester. Recipients will receive monthly stipends of 10,000 NTD, 7,000 NTD, or 4,000 NTD based on their academic performance at CGU.

Scholarships for Outstanding Performance

This accolade is designated for present bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates who have excelled among their peers during a semester. For undergraduates, the highest scorer receives a 3,000 NTD award, while the second and third highest scorers receive 2,000 NTD and 1,000 NTD respectively. For master’s students, a single 3,000 NTD award is granted to the highest achiever across all fields of study.

English Proficiency Requirement For Scholarship Applications In Taiwan:

In Taiwanese universities, degree programs are offered in both Mandarin and English. Prospective students aiming for English-taught programs must demonstrate their English proficiency through tests such as IELTS, PTE, DET, or TOEFL iBT.

Alternatively, applicants can submit other English Language Proficiency tests instead of IELTS. However, this requirement can be exempted for native English speakers or those whose previous degree was conducted in English.

Visa And Work Authorization For Students In Taiwan:

Thankfully, it’s possible to hold a job while studying in Taiwan on a student visa. However, this requires obtaining a work permit from the Taiwanese authorities. This permit is typically issued upon submission of a letter from the student’s school indicating that the job is necessary to cover daily expenses or will support their academic pursuits.

Living Expenses In Taiwan:

Living expenses in Taiwan are relatively steep, with an estimated expenditure exceeding 52,000 NTD for an individual and surpassing 110,000 NTD for a family of four. However, when contrasted with the United States, the cost of living here is relatively economical.

Key Takeaway:

Today’s academic announcement concerns the commencement of the application period for the Taiwanese Government Scholarships for the 2024 intake. This opportunity is available to students across all disciplines and backgrounds. Notably, the Taiwan Scholarship application process stands out for its simplicity and affordability, as it does not necessitate the submission of IELTS scores or any application fees.

While China boasts renowned institutions and generous scholarship offerings, it may overshadow Taiwan as a study destination.

Despite being a part of the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan presents a viable option for international students. Mandarin serves as the official language, yet numerous English-language programs at higher education levels accommodate the diverse needs of prospective applicants.


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