Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships For Foreign Student

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships For Foreign Student

Every year, the Swiss Confederation grants Government Excellence Scholarships to promote international cooperation and research alliances between Switzerland and over 180 other countries.

Switzerland’s dedication to fostering cross-disciplinary scientific collaboration and international interchange is reflected in this effort.

The fellowship is mainly intended for postgraduate researchers, and candidates must have at least a master’s degree.

The winners of this esteemed prize are those who have a strong desire to work in academia in Switzerland and conduct research or pursue post-doctoral or PhD studies.

The Swiss Excellence Scholarship, which is open to applicants in any academic field, provides a rare chance for scholars to work on cutting-edge projects, take advantage of Switzerland’s esteemed academic setting, and support the intellectual and scientific community of the country.

The selection procedure is extremely competitive and places a strong emphasis on the importance of the proposed topic, research potential, and academic achievement.

Swiss research institutes and universities are well-known around the world for their excellent standards, which draws students who want to pursue higher education there. In addition to providing financial support, the fellowship offers beneficiaries networking and cultural interaction opportunities, which enhances the academic atmosphere.

The Swiss quality Scholarship for International Students is an esteemed initiative that offers post-graduate researchers the opportunity to continue further education or research in Switzerland, strengthening Switzerland’s standing as a center for innovation and academic quality.


DEADLINE: Sept.–Dec., 2023

The following course begins in 2024.


The two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, often known as public teaching and research institutes, are among the ten cantonal universities in Switzerland.

Level and Subject Area:

Research or studies leading to a doctorate in any field


A monthly stipend, tuition fee exemption, health insurance, air travel, housing allowance, etc. are all covered by the scholarship, if available. For actual scholarship advantages, please refer to the fact sheets that are particular to each nation.


1. Qualification for Academic Work

A master’s degree is the minimum requirement for applicants to be considered for the Swiss Excellence Scholarship. Postgraduate researchers wishing to pursue research or doctorate or postdoctoral studies are eligible for this award.

2. Global Position

Applicants for the scholarship may come from more than 180 nations. International students wishing to study or perform research in Switzerland must be eligible candidates.

3. The Institution of Host

The two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, public teaching and research institutes, or any of the ten cantonal universities in Switzerland are acceptable locations for candidates to complete their PhD or postdoctoral studies or research.

4. Inclusivity Across Disciplines

Individuals in any academic subject are eligible for the award, highlighting the wide range of research and study topics that fall under this broad category. No particular field limits exist.

5. Deadlines for applications

Applications must be submitted by the specified deadlines, which vary but usually occur between September and December 2023, in order to be eligible for the award. In order to be eligible for consideration, applicants must submit their applications within the designated timeframe.

For precise qualifying requirements, please see the info sheets that are relevant to your country.


1. Online application

The specified online portal is the only way that prospective students may submit their scholarship applications. Usually, the Swiss Excellence Scholarship program’s official website has the online application form.

2. Submission of Documents

Applicants must compile and submit a complete set of documents as part of the application procedure. For research-based applications, this might contain academic transcripts, recommendation letters, a thorough research proposal, and a well-written personal statement that outlines the applicant’s academic and research objectives.

3. Selection of the Host Institution

It is expected of applicants to indicate the university they want to do postdoctoral or doctoral research at.

This entails choosing as their chosen place of study one of the two Swiss federal institutes of technology, public teaching and research institutes, or any of the ten cantonal universities in Switzerland.

4. Verification of Eligibility

Applications will be examined by the scholarship selection committee to make sure that applicants fulfill the required qualifications. This entails confirming the applicant’s credentials, citizenship, and suitability of the selected host university for their intended research or course of study.

5. Compliance with Deadlines

It is imperative that candidates respect the application deadlines. The deadline for submissions varies but usually takes place between September and December of 2023. It is imperative that all application criteria are completed on time, since applications that are received after the deadline may not be accepted.

Official Scholarship Website:


Conclusively, the Swiss Excellence Scholarship serves as a symbol of scholarly prospects and global cooperation. Through this prestigious program of the Swiss Confederation, post-graduate researchers from throughout the globe may explore the rich intellectual environment of Switzerland.

In addition to emphasizing intellectual achievement—a master’s degree is required—the scholarship encourages diversity by accepting applications from more than 180 nations, promoting an international interchange of ideas and viewpoints.

The application procedure, which consists of a painstaking set of processes, guarantees a competitive and equitable selection of applicants.

The lack of field limits demonstrates the institution’s dedication to diversity and enables students to follow their passions in a wide range of academic fields.

Prospective students are well-positioned to make significant contributions to Switzerland’s academic landscape as they work their way through the application process and select from among the country’s 10 cantonal universities, its two federal institutes of technology, or its public teaching and research institutions.

Furthermore, the extensive perks of the scholarship—which include a monthly stipend, tuition price waivers, health insurance, travel, and housing allowance—highlight Switzerland’s commitment to promoting the overall wellbeing of its students. A simplified and effective selection process is further ensured by the emphasis on adhering to application deadlines.

Essentially, the Swiss Excellence Scholarship represents Switzerland’s dedication to promoting a worldwide community of academics, expanding knowledge, and enhancing the country’s dynamic intellectual scene in addition to making academic and research endeavors easier.

As the chosen candidates begin their academic careers, they continue the tradition of excellence by influencing future global collaboration in the fields of research and teaching.

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