Social Work Scholarships In The US

Community Service Scholarships For International Students

Social work scholarships in the US are increasingly pivotal in enhancing communities and individuals’ well-being. They are prominent providers of mental healthcare nationwide, with the field projected to expand by over 7.4% by 2032.

If you aspire to join this sought-after profession, your initial focus should be on obtaining the appropriate education. While some entry-level roles may only necessitate a bachelor’s degree, most clinical positions mandate a master’s degree for licensure.

Given the escalating cost of higher education, many prospective social workers are exploring alternative funding avenues beyond traditional student loans.

Fortunately, numerous scholarships and fellowships cater to social work students and those entering service-oriented sectors.

To aid your quest, we’ve compiled a list of such opportunities, with many more available through local institutions, state associations, and similar avenues.

Social Work Scholarships In The US

Scholarships For Social Work Undergraduates

No matter what your aspirations are in the field of social work, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is the initial step.

This qualification can equip you for starting positions like mental health assistant or case management aide, although many individuals aiming to become social workers pursue further education by obtaining a master’s degree.

Scholarships Offered By The National Institutes Of Health

Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program focusing on behavioral or social health-related research, with a GPA of at least 3.3, and verified by the NIH for significant financial need are eligible. Successful applicants commit to a 10-week paid summer research program each year they receive the scholarship.

Post-graduation, recipients are obligated to work full-time in an NIH research lab for a minimum of 1 year for every year they were awarded funding.

The scholarship offers between 15 and 20 awards annually, with each award ranging up to $20,000. While initially awarded for a single year, scholarships can be renewed for up to 4 years.

Application entails submission of an application form, resume, transcript, personal statement, three letters of recommendation, and an Exceptional Financial Need Form. Semifinalists will undergo phone interviews in mid-July.

Scholarships Awarded By The Phi Alpha Honor Society

Members of the Phi Alpha Honor Society who are actively pursuing their undergraduate degrees and have showcased exemplary service and leadership in social work within their respective chapters.

Scholarship Amount: Each year, scholarships of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 are awarded. Additionally, the top recipient receives an all-inclusive trip to present their achievements at the Student Session of the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors conference in the spring.

The Pilot International Scholarships

Undergraduates pursuing studies in service-oriented fields with aspirations to work in youth development, aiding families in need, or in brain safety and fitness are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be registered for a minimum of 12 semester hours for the upcoming term, maintain a GPA of at least 3.0, and demonstrate financial need.

Scholarships totaling up to $1,500 each are available annually, with five recipients selected. The scholarship is initially granted for one year but can be extended for an additional three years.

To apply, candidates must submit an application package including a resume, transcript, financial documentation, two letters of recommendation, and an essay outlining their career objectives via email.

Scholarships, Grants, And Fellowships For Graduates

Obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree in social work can significantly expand your career options and boost your income prospects. However, it necessitates an additional investment of at least two years in education beyond your bachelor’s degree.

Fortunately, individuals pursuing these degrees may have access to various funding opportunities, such as fellowships and grants, to support their education costs.

Scholarship By Eileen Blackey

Doctoral students engaged in research on welfare policy and practice, particularly those emphasizing diversity, are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. Applicants must hold membership in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

The scholarship offers financial support ranging from $4,000 to $6,500, part of which is designated for conference attendance and professional growth opportunities.

To apply, candidates must furnish an application form and a concise three-page synopsis outlining the aims and methodology of their dissertation.

Additionally, submission of academic transcripts, a letter from the doctoral dissertation advisor confirming candidacy, and supplementary materials is required. Recipients of the award are anticipated to present their work at the NASW National Conference and deliver their final dissertation to the foundation.

The HEALS Scholarship Program

Doctoral candidates focusing on healthcare practice, policy, or education are eligible for Social Work HEALS (Healthcare, Education, and Leadership Scholars) fellowships.

To apply, candidates must be members of both the National Association of Social Workers and the Council on Social Work Education.

Each year, four fellowships are awarded, each totaling $17,900, with an additional $2,400 earmarked for conference attendance and professional development expenses.

Applicants are required to submit an application along with a three-page dissertation summary. The summary should outline the research methodology, objectives, and how the study addresses healthcare diversity or inequity issues.

Supporting documentation, such as proof of doctoral candidacy and academic transcripts, must also be provided.

The Jane B. Aron Doctoral Fellowship Scholarship

Similar to the HEALS Fellowships, this program targets doctoral candidates engaged in healthcare policy or practice research for their dissertations. Eligible applicants must be affiliated with the National Association of Social Workers and the Council on Social Work Education.

The fellowship offers $17,900 annually to one recipient, with an additional $2,400 designated for professional development and conference participation.

To apply, candidates must submit an application accompanied by a three-page proposal outlining their dissertation’s methodology, objectives, and its approach to addressing diversity in health and healthcare. Supporting documents such as proof of doctoral candidacy and academic transcripts are also required. Recipients are expected to present their work at the NASW National Conference.

Scholarships For MSW Students Offered By The Phi Alpha Honor Society

Social work students enrolled in undergraduate or master’s programs, who are members of Phi Alpha, exhibit strong academic performance, and demonstrate noteworthy leadership and service in social work within their school and chapter, are eligible for these scholarships.

The scholarship amounts to three tiers: $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 annually. Additionally, the top recipient receives an all-expenses-covered trip to present their work at the Phi Alpha Executive Meeting in the autumn.

Scholarships Provided By The Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society

Graduate students in their first or second year, focusing on social sciences like social work, psychology, or criminal justice, are eligible. They should have been inducted into Pi Gamma Mu within the last four years.

The scholarship offers ten awards annually, each valued at either $1,000 or $2,000. No more than three scholarships are granted in any specific area of study.

To apply, submit a completed application form with a resume, academic transcripts, three recommendation letters, and a personal statement outlining academic and career achievements and aspirations via mail.

Social work scholarships In The US  For Minority Students

Scholarships aimed at minority students not only foster educational access for those traditionally underrepresented but also contribute to enhancing diversity within the field, amplifying the potential impact of social work overall.

While certain scholarships are inclusive of all minority groups, others are tailored to support specific communities.

The Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund Scholarship

Social work students in their last year of undergraduate or graduate programs, particularly those from minority backgrounds, are encouraged to apply for these scholarships. Eligible applicants should maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and show a strong dedication to social justice.

Each fall, two scholarships worth $500 each are granted, aiming to assist recipients with purchasing books and essential supplies.

Scholarship Offered By The Council On Social Work Education

Minority students studying for advanced degrees, specializing in mental health or substance abuse services for marginalized communities, are eligible for financial support. Doctoral candidates need a prior master’s in social work, while master’s students should either be in their final year or have advanced standing.

Funding amounts vary; recent master’s recipients received around $6,500 for a year, while doctoral candidates typically get approximately $2,000 per month for three years.

The number of doctoral fellowships offered each year varies. To apply, submit transcripts and an essay outlining career aspirations.

Scholarship focused on Native Hawaiian health offered by HRSA

Native Hawaiians aspiring to careers in behavioral health, including those in social work, have an opportunity to receive support. Eligible individuals must either be enrolled in or applying to an accredited Master of Social Work program.

They are expected to commit to at least two years of employment in a healthcare facility that serves Native Hawaiians, as well as other underserved and rural communities in the state. Additionally, certain HRSA programs offer tuition repayment for specific types of work.

The award comprises tuition coverage for ten recipients, along with a monthly stipend of approximately $1,300, spanning from one to four years.

To apply, candidates must complete an online application, provide transcripts, submit letters of recommendation, and furnish three narrative statements detailing their dedication to and enthusiasm for working with the Native Hawaiian community. An interview is also part of the application process.

Scholarship For Social Work Offered By The Pride Foundation

LGBTQ individuals pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies are eligible for scholarships. They must reside in or have recently resided in the Northwestern states (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington), demonstrate community leadership, and show financial need.

Scholarship amounts vary, with the Pride Foundation offering 60 scholarships on average totaling just over $4,000 per recipient.

To apply, candidates need to complete an online application, provide recent transcripts, FAFSA information, and respond to short essay prompts.

The same application covers all scholarships offered by the foundation, enabling applicants to apply for multiple scholarships at once.


Scholarships in social work in the US presents an awesome career fulfilling opportunity breaking the bank. These resources can be very helpful and insightful if followed through thoroughly. You can also check out ScholarshipVillage for more other scholarships for international students.




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