Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students

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Scholarships in Switzerland for international students in 2024, presenting a favorable chance to pursue Master’s and PhD degrees at Swiss universities.

These scholarships are accessible to applicants from all around the globe, reflecting Switzerland’s international educational environment, where approximately 40% of students come from abroad. The European scholarships cater to a diverse range of programs.

Switzerland boasts one of the world’s finest education systems, offering quality education at a more affordable rate compared to the USA. This affordability, coupled with Switzerland’s renowned educational standards, contributes to its popularity among international students.

Switzerland is renowned for its commitment to long-term sustainable innovation, research, and education, further enhancing its appeal to prospective scholars.

The scholarships offered for international students in Switzerland provide attractive benefits, drawing considerable interest.

These fully-funded scholarships cover a wide array of fields, including Computer and IT, Business Management, Films and Media, Engineering, Management Science and Technology, Animation, and Science and Technology, for both Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

If you’re considering studying in Switzerland on a scholarship, it’s crucial to find the most suitable international program aligned with your field of interest. Switzerland not only boasts stunning landscapes but also offers a top-tier education system, making it an ideal choice for many.

With its practical and innovative programs, abundant scholarships, and modern teaching methods, Switzerland stands out as one of Europe’s premier study destinations.

Even if you don’t secure a full scholarship, partial scholarships starting from as low as $1,500 annually can still make studying in Switzerland an attractive option. Whether you’re seeking a scholarship or aiming for an affordable education in Europe, Switzerland presents a compelling opportunity. However, it’s worth noting that living costs in Switzerland are relatively higher compared to other European countries, especially when it comes to accommodation expenses, which can be quite substantial. Therefore, international students are encouraged to pursue scholarships to alleviate financial strains.

Studying in Switzerland offers more than just academic benefits; it provides a platform for students to immerse themselves in diverse languages and cultures while benefiting from a robust healthcare system.

For those considering studying in Switzerland for the academic year 2024, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of available scholarships for international students.

Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students

Scholarship By The Swiss Government

The Swiss Government is offering fully-funded scholarships for international students in 2023. These scholarships, known as Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, aim to foster global cooperation in research.

Students from countries with diplomatic ties to Switzerland can apply, and if selected, they will receive full coverage for their stay in Switzerland, including a monthly allowance, accommodation, and tuition fees (which may vary).

The scholarships are available for PhD, Postdoc, and research degree programs, making them one of the most prestigious scholarships in Europe for international students.

The EPFL Scholarship

The EPFL Excellence Scholarship 2024 offers fully funded master’s fellowships for both local and international students. Regarded as one of Switzerland’s premier scholarships for international students, it is facilitated by EPFL University, renowned for its academic standing.

These scholarships cater to individuals with outstanding academic achievements, regardless of nationality. EPFL collaborates extensively with secondary schools, universities, institutes of technology, industries, economies, and colleges to make a tangible societal impact. The scholarships cover tuition fees and accommodation, although these details may be subject to change.

Scholarship For A Master’s Degree At UNIL

The UNIL Master Degree Scholarship 2024 presents a promising chance for international students seeking to pursue their master’s studies at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

Tailored for individuals with a strong academic background and a Bachelor’s degree from a foreign university, this scholarship aims to cultivate a diverse academic community dedicated to fostering advancements across various disciplines.

Each year, approximately ten students are chosen to undertake their studies in Switzerland under this program. While the UNIL master’s scholarship is not fully funded, it offers financial support of CHF 1,600 per month.

Scholarship By ETH Zurich


The ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarship is designed to support non-EU students pursuing a master’s program at ETH Zurich. The application process begins in November 2023 for the intake in 2024. This prestigious scholarship fully covers tuition fees and living expenses throughout the duration of the master’s degree program. It’s an unmissable opportunity for students aspiring to study at a top university.

Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students

The IMD Scholarship programs

IMD MBA Scholarships are available for exceptional international students with stellar academic achievements, aiming to offer financial assistance. If you possess the capacity to make a positive impact globally, seize this chance. These scholarships in Switzerland target aspiring individuals from non-EU nations, fostering excellence in fiercely competitive arenas.

They actively encourage eligible candidates, particularly women, to apply and seize the opportunity to pursue higher education abroad.

The University of Geneva Scholarship

Prospective students aspiring to study in Europe now have the chance to pursue advanced education in leading European nations. Specifically, the University of Geneva in Switzerland is presenting an excellence fellowship tailored for individuals pursuing a master’s degree.

The university seeks candidates with outstanding academic achievements and a drive to address global sustainability challenges. This international fellowship presents significant benefits for students from around the world, making it a valuable opportunity. To learn more about this opportunity, visit the provided link.

Scholarship Provided By The University Of Basel

The University of Basel Scholarships in Switzerland offer a chance for students seeking financial assistance for their education. The university assists and encourages students in meeting their financial needs.

Scholarships are awarded at the end of the year and per semester, potentially covering essential expenses. Additionally, there are specific awards for medical and biology students, as well as grants for international study opportunities. It’s essential to review the criteria and conditions for each award, as they differ.


Here are the top scholarships in Switzerland for international students to apply to. Additionally, students can explore fully funded scholarship opportunities across abroad, such as those in the Belgium and the scholarships in Denmark.

Moreover, there are also short-term paid internships available at CERN in Switzerland, offering a stipend of 1,516 Swiss francs. These internships last from one to six months. Various other scholarships for international students are available throughout Europe, which you can find on Opportunities.

Don’t hesitate; review the details, prepare your application, and apply for the scholarship to study in Switzerland. Ensure to choose the scholarship that aligns with your program choice, and apply only if you meet the eligibility criteria and requirements.





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