Scholarships In Software Engineering

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Scholarships in software engineering offer a valuable means for college students to fund their education focused on software design, development, and maintenance.

Sitting at the intersection of computer science and programming, software engineering concentrates on creating efficient software systems.

In our modern digital landscape, software engineers are the masterminds behind the computer programs we use daily. As the demand for new software, mobile apps, and computer systems grows, those with software engineering degrees are entering a thriving job market expected to expand by 22% by 2030.

For those eager to dive into the technically advanced realm of software engineering, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 scholarships to help financially support your journey.

What You Should Know About Scholarships In Software Engineering

In the modern era dominated by technology, pursuing a career in software engineering stands out as a rewarding path, offering fulfillment, job stability, and lucrative salaries. Whether you opt for a traditional bachelor’s degree program or a coding boot camp to kick start your journey as a software engineer, securing a scholarship can significantly alleviate the financial burden of education.

From esteemed academic institutions to innovative companies, numerous scholarships are tailored to support aspiring software engineers. In this article, we present a curated selection of premier software engineering scholarships, considering their renown, popularity, financial support, and additional benefits. Our coverage encompasses scholarships designed for university tuition fees as well as those offered by coding boot camps.

Numerous scholarships cater to aspiring software engineers, ranging from renowned companies like Microsoft to local foundations like the Georgia Engineering Foundation. These scholarships aim to support individuals with a passion for coding and software design. Here, we present the top ten scholarships based on their popularity, reputation, and awarded funds.

Scholarships In Software Engineering

Scholarship Program Known As Amazon Future Engineer

This extensive scholarship initiative by Amazon targets students in computer science and related disciplines, offering $10,000 annually for those pursuing degrees in engineering or computer science. Successful applicants may also receive invitations for summer internships at the leading online retailer. The scholarship is open to high school seniors who demonstrate financial need and maintain a GPA of 2.3 or higher.

Scholarship Offered By Google

The Google Lime Scholarship, provided by the prominent online search company, seeks to encourage upcoming leaders in computer and technology fields by enhancing accessibility. It’s open to students who identify as having a disability, regardless of its visibility, offering a $10,000 scholarship. Eligibility criteria include being enrolled in a computer science or related program and maintaining a solid academic performance.

Scholarship For Tuition From Microsoft

Microsoft offers tuition and conference scholarships to encourage students to pursue computer science and STEM careers. Recipients are awarded $1,000 to assist with tuition costs. However, the scholarship funds are designated exclusively for tuition and cannot be used for other expenses like room and board. To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time in a bachelor’s degree program and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Scholarship Program By Palantir

Inaugurated in 2016, this program aims to bolster the growth of individuals belonging to demographics historically less represented in STEM fields. Beneficiaries will participate in workshops geared towards enhancing their professional skills, facilitating the commencement of their careers. Additionally, they’ll be eligible to interview for internships and permanent positions with competitive salaries.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Enrolled in a computer science or related academic program
  • Self-identify as part of an ethnic or racial group traditionally underrepresented in STEM

Scholarship Opportunity Provided By Microsoft

This software engineering scholarship is a one-time grant that may be renewable for up to four years. Applicants are required to showcase their leadership abilities in their submissions. The funds can cover tuition, accommodation, and course expenses. Selection criteria include financial need, academic performance, and enthusiasm for the field.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Must be a graduating high school senior
  • Female identification required
  • Intending to enroll in a 2 or 4-year STEAM college program
  • GPA of 3.0 or above

Scholarships In Software Engineering

Scholarship By The Buildium Women in Technology Scholarship

To qualify for this software engineering scholarship offered by Buildium, an essay reflecting on a female tech leader who serves as your inspiration is required. Additionally, you’ll need to create a video outlining how this scholarship would impact your educational journey.

Eligibility entails being enrolled as an undergraduate or master’s student in a computer science or related field, and self-identifying as female with a solid academic performance.

The Ferguson Family Scholarship

This scholarship offers funding for four years at Wenatchee Valley College, a public community college in Wenatchee, Washington. However, it’s exclusively available to computer science students residing in Chelan or Douglas County. Since the scholarship is distributed annually, applicants must provide yearly updates on their academic advancement.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a graduating senior, current college attendee, or non-traditional student
  • Residency in Chelan or Douglas County, Washington State, is required
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above

Scholarship Offered By The Georgia Engineering Foundation

The Georgia Engineering Foundation presents this scholarship to students showcasing outstanding academic performance, financial necessity, and active participation in both school and community affairs. Candidates are also expected to exhibit a deep passion for their chosen field of study. Each year, between 50 and 90 scholarships are granted.

Criteria for the Scholarship:

  • Residency in Georgia
  • Enrollment in an ABET-accredited program

Suggestions For Obtaining A Scholarship In Software Engineering

Thoroughly Research Opportunities

Take the time to thoroughly investigate various scholarships in software engineering, including both general and specialized ones. Before submitting your application, ensure you understand the specific criteria and preferences of each scholarship provider. This will enable you to tailor your application materials accordingly. Stay organized by keeping track of application deadlines and creating a schedule to manage your submissions effectively.

Demonstrate Your Passion

In your application materials, emphasize your enthusiasm for software engineering to persuade the selection committee of your worthiness for the scholarship. Share personal stories and experiences that showcase your dedication to the field, such as participation in coding challenges, hackathons, or tech-related clubs.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Provide tangible evidence of your achievements in software engineering, including details of projects you’ve undertaken, proficiency in programming languages, and contributions to open-source communities. Emphasize the impact of any internships or industry projects you’ve been involved in, as well as the skills you’ve gained from these experiences.

Craft Compelling Essays

While not all applications may require an essay, for those that do, such as the Buildium Women in Technology Scholarship, seize the opportunity to present a comprehensive narrative of your journey in software engineering. Describe pivotal moments that sparked your interest, challenges you’ve overcome, and how you’ve grown through both failures and successes. Clearly articulate how receiving the scholarship will enhance your education and advance your career goals.

Choose Referees Wisely

For applications that require recommendations, carefully select individuals who can attest to your dedication and abilities in software engineering. Suitable referees may include professors who have taught you programming courses, supervisors from coding-related internships, or mentors from coding clubs who can provide insights into your technical skills and work ethic.


Software engineering presents an ever-evolving landscape that draws in people in pursuit of fulfillment, stability in employment, and competitive pay. Numerous entities ranging from industry behemoths like Amazon and Google to educational platforms like Thinkful or General Assembly extend scholarships aimed at democratizing access to this profession.

Whether you’re inclined towards a conventional university education or an immersive coding bootcamp experience, these scholarships in software engineering serve to alleviate the financial strain, allowing you to concentrate on refining your skills.

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