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This article compiles various options for studying in New Zealand without the need for IELTS, from alternative scholarships in New Zealand without IELTS exams to universities that accept them.

New Zealand offers diverse landscapes and thrilling experiences, attracting students globally. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty and modern infrastructure, the country has become a top choice for international students.

With numerous universities consistently ranking high in global standings, New Zealand’s education system is highly regarded. Additionally, its effective management of the Covid-19 pandemic has enhanced its appeal. If you’re considering studying in New Zealand but haven’t taken traditional English proficiency tests like IELTS, there are alternative pathways available.

Can One Secure Scholarships In New Zealand Without IELTS?

Certainly! An international student can pursue studies in New Zealand even without taking the IELTS exam, provided they meet specific alternative criteria for admission.

New Zealand universities employ various measures to evaluate the English proficiency of applicants, with IELTS being just one option among them.

While IELTS remains a popular choice, students can still gain admission by demonstrating their qualifications and meeting any of the alternative language proficiency standards required.

How Can One Pursue Studies In New Zealand Without Needing To Take The IELTS Exam?

New Zealand presents various pathways for students who don’t present IELTS scores. Eligibility for university admission in New Zealand extends beyond IELTS scores, contingent upon meeting specific language requirements and criteria. These include:

  • Demonstrating attendance at an English medium school from grades 8 to 12, with documentation indicating English as the language of instruction, regardless of the educational board or country of study.
  • Providing evidence of five years of English medium education at the primary level or three years at the secondary level.
  • As part of the New Zealand study visa application process, students without IELTS may undergo a tailored interview conducted by the New Zealand Immigration authority.
  • Alternatively, admission to any university may be secured by submitting scores from other recognized English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or PTE.

Documents Needed For Scholarships In New Zealand Without IELTS

Review the list of documents required for applying to a university in New Zealand if you don’t have IELTS scores:

  • Academic records demonstrating completion of primary, secondary, and senior secondary education with English as the language of instruction.
  • Academic transcripts indicating study from Grade VIII to XII conducted in English.
  • A confirmation letter from your school verifying your participation in exams conducted in English throughout your academic tenure.

Scholarships In New Zealand Without IELTS

The New Zealand Scholarships

This scholarship from New Zealand provides comprehensive support to students from various regions worldwide, such as Latin America, the Commonwealth, Africa, the Pacific, and Asia. It encompasses tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and travel costs between your home country and New Zealand.

Scholarships Available For First-Year Students At The University Of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and intend to enroll in undergraduate programs at the University of Canterbury. This scholarship may encompass various developmental courses, including the Bachelor in Forestry Science.

The University of Auckland’s ADB Scholarships

The ADB Auckland scholarship, backed by the Asian Development Bank, offers financial support to qualified students from the Bank’s member nations. It facilitates postgraduate studies at select institutions in the Pacific and Asian areas, including the University of Auckland.

This scholarship covers all expenses, encompassing tuition, living costs, and insurance. Additionally, explore the Master’s degree scholarships available through the Faculty of Arts.

The University of Otago’s International Research Master’s Award

The scholarship from the University of Otago provides financial support for international students enrolled in thesis-based Master’s programs at the university. Additionally, the University of Otago provides various scholarships for doctoral degrees.

Victoria University’s international Scholarships

The launch of the Victoria University Scholarship aims to promote postgraduate research endeavors at VU by providing support to full-time students pursuing research-focused Master’s programs. The scholarship endeavors to enhance the research landscape at Victoria University by fostering the academic pursuits of its recipients. Additionally, Victoria University extends various scholarships for doctoral programs as well.

University Of Waikato’s International Excellence Award

The scholarship from the University of Waikato is specifically designated for international students who excel academically at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Additionally, candidates should demonstrate the potential and leadership attributes necessary to serve as ambassadors for the university on a global scale. Furthermore, the University of Waikato provides various scholarships tailored for doctoral programs.

Advice For Study Visa Interview In The Absence Of IELTS Scores

To bypass the need for IELTS or similar scores, you’ll need to provide an alternative proof of English proficiency and undergo a separate visa interview with New Zealand immigration authorities. Here are key tips to excel in this interview and realize your goal of studying in New Zealand without IELTS:

  • Ensure your chosen university is listed in Category-I for IELTS exemption.
  • Expect a thorough evaluation of your English language skills and communication during the interview.
  • Have all alternative documents, such as academic transcripts, ready for verification.
  • In case of failure, you can attempt the interview again. Success means you’re a step closer to obtaining your New Zealand student visa!


Is IELTS Mandatory For New Zealand?

For those intending to pursue studies in New Zealand, IELTS isn’t obligatory. Alternatives such as demonstrating completion of education from grades 8 to 12 with English as the medium of instruction or presenting scores from other language proficiency tests like TOEFL, PTE, CAE, ESOL, etc., suffice. However, if seeking employment opportunities, IELTS might be necessary, varying based on the visa category.

Is A Score Of 5.5 Bands Acceptable For NZ?

For undergraduate programs in New Zealand, a minimum score of 6.0 overall with no band lower than 5.5 is required, while for postgraduate studies at NZ universities, a score of 6.5 overall with no section below 6.0 is necessary.

Is IELTS Mandatory For New Zealand Immigration?

Although IELTS is crucial for obtaining a student visa in New Zealand, the country’s immigration department also offers a separate visa pathway for international students unable to furnish IELTS scores.


This blog offers valuable insights into pursuing education in New Zealand without the need for IELTS through scholarships in New Zealand without IELTS, presenting top alternatives to keep in mind when preparing for your academic venture in the Kiwi nation!

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