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If you’re interested in pursuing higher education in Kansas, there are numerous scholarships in Kansas available for you to explore.

These scholarships are typically accessible to high school and college students who either attend a Kansas-based public or private university or are residents of the state. With over 80 colleges, universities, and technical schools in Kansas, there’s a wide array of educational institutions to choose from.

In recent years, Kansas universities have conferred approximately 54,000 degrees, with a notable emphasis on agricultural studies, owing to Kansas’s status as home to one of the earliest land grant universities, Kansas State University.

However, students also have the option to pursue degrees in various other fields such as liberal arts and sciences, nursing assistant programs, business, and more.

To assist students in financing their education, there are scholarships specifically tailored for Kansas residents. Unlike loans, scholarship funds do not require repayment. Typically, these scholarships cover tuition and fees and may be one-time awards or renewable based on meeting certain criteria.

The cost of attending college in Kansas can vary depending on factors like residency status and the chosen institution. In-state students typically pay less than out-of-state students, with the average cost of attending a public two-year college being $4,087 for in-state students compared to $7,937 for out-of-state students. Similarly, tuition costs for four-year public colleges are more affordable for Kansas residents, averaging at $6,545, compared to $17,808 for out-of-state students. Private colleges generally have higher tuition fees, averaging around $26,300.

What Are The Requirements For Me To Be Eligible For Scholarships In Kansas?

To be eligible for scholarships in Kansas, meeting certain criteria is the initial step. Some scholarships may be exclusive to Kansas residents, while others are open to out-of-state students. These opportunities cater to high school seniors and college students.

Regardless of your academic level, additional requirements must be fulfilled, such as maintaining a satisfactory GPA, demonstrating financial need, or showcasing specific talents like athletics, which could lead to securing a state athletic scholarship.

Providers typically outline the academic benchmarks and deadlines, sometimes requiring the submission of a FAFSA application by a specified date.

Once eligibility is confirmed, completing the application form and attaching relevant supporting documents is necessary. These documents may include references, test scores, and transcripts. Subsequently, the complete package must be submitted before the deadline.

Which Colleges In Kansas Provide Scholarships Covering Full Tuition?

Certain colleges in Kansas provide comprehensive scholarships that cover all expenses associated with attending college, known as full ride scholarships. These scholarships encompass tuition, fees, housing, textbooks, supplies, and sometimes even living expenses such as transportation.

To be eligible for such scholarships, typically, students must demonstrate outstanding academic performance. While criteria may vary, most institutions consider SAT/ACT scores and GPA during the evaluation process.

Full ride scholarships are esteemed honors, exemplified by the Presidential Scholarship at Kansas State University (KSU). Annually, this scholarship awards $80,000 to two exceptional students.

To be considered, applicants must achieve ACT scores of 32+ or SAT scores of 1450+, along with a minimum high school GPA of 3.85 and evidence of leadership qualities. High school seniors admitted to Kansas State University are eligible to apply.

Which Scholarships Are Available For Students To Seek?

One option to explore is the Heritage Scholarship provided by KSU for non-Kansas residents, valued at $48,000. Eligibility criteria include being a graduating senior from out of state with a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher, and having a parent or grandparent (biological or adopted) who graduated from K-State.

Scholarships In Kansas

K–12 Scholarship Fund In Honor Of Harley And Geneva Anderson

Students from the Kansas City region who wish to study abroad in a Scandinavian country or students from Scandinavian countries who wish to study in the Greater Kansas City metro area can apply for the Harley and Geneva Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund, K–12.
The following are the prerequisites for applying to the K–12 Harley and Geneva Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund:

Essay application form

Further Details: Every year, students from the Kansas City area who intend to study in a Scandinavian country as well as those from Scandinavian countries who plan to study in the Greater Kansas City metro area are awarded the Harley and Geneva Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund, K–12. Candidates must have an average grade point score of 3.0 or above and be in excellent standing in school.

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, a local nonprofit organization that was established in 1978 with the goal of supporting decentralized charitable causes and contributions, is in charge of managing and administering this award.

Prize Money:

The amount of awards varies based on funds availability and the need for financial assistance of the chosen recipients. Every beneficiary will receive at least $1,000. The funds, which can be used for educational costs like tuition, lodging and board, textbooks, and other academic fees, will be distributed in equal installments between the autumn and spring semesters. There will be $1,000 given out in total for this scholarship.

William R. Kimel, P.E. Scholarship for Engineering

This scholarship is given to juniors in college who are permanent citizens of Kansas or Missouri and who are enrolled in an approved college or university in those states to pursue an engineering degree.
The following are the prerequisites for applying to the William R. Kimel, P.E. Engineering Scholarship:

Application document Official Transcript Letter of Recommendation (2)
Essay Synopsis
Extra Details: When choosing a scholarship recipient, the following factors will be taken into consideration: the essay, activities, work experience, average of grades, recommendations from teachers, honors, scholarships, and awards.
$2,500 in award money; non-renewable. This scholarship will be awarded for a total of $2,500.

Scholarship By Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs

Seniors in high school and college students in the Kansas and/or Missouri areas who have shown entrepreneurial initiative are eligible to apply for the Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship. Additionally, candidates must fulfill the academic prerequisites, which call for a grade point average of 3.3 or above.
The following are the prerequisites for applying to the Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship:
Form of application (3) Individual declaration

Extra Details: The scholarship program was established by Tortoise Capital Advisors with the goal of fostering future entrepreneurs and upholding Tortoise’s entrepreneurial culture. Students will be judged based on their capacity to exhibit four key elements: 1) past entrepreneurial success; 2) future entrepreneurial potential; 3) a solid academic record; and 4) extracurricular activity participation.

Kansas Scholarship For Ethnic Minorities

Minority undergraduate students in Kansas who intend to enroll in a Kansas college or university are eligible for this scholarship. In addition to proving their financial need, students must identify as members of one of the following racial or ethnic groups: Asian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic, American Indian or Alaskan Native, or African American. Consideration is given to first-year students and qualifying renewal applicants.

The following are the prerequisites to apply for the Kansas Ethnically Minority Scholarship:
The FAFSA application

Extra Details: Financially needy, intellectually gifted students who identify as members of any of the following racial or ethnic groups—African American, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, or Hispanic—will receive support from the Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship program. Priority is offered to first-year students and qualifying renewal applicants.


As a non-resident, receiving a scholarship could offset the expenses to match in-state tuition fees. A full tuition scholarship in Kansas typically covers only tuition but may encompass additional fees.

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