Top Scholarships In Greece For International Students

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Regardless of your background, these top scholarships in Greece for international students are open to all. In this economy downtime era, where unemployment rates are high and many struggle to make ends meet, Greece extends a warm welcome to seize this remarkable opportunity to turn your aspirations into tangible achievements.

Are you interested in pursuing your studies in Europe through scholarships? Greece offers a promising pathway for undergraduates, master’s, and Ph.D. candidates to embark on a credible journey towards success.

We encourage passionate, diligent, intellectually-driven, and highly qualified individuals to become part of our scholarship program as we usher in the New Year, a time when many set resolutions for their future endeavors.

Greece beckons as a destination worth experiencing, and the opportunity of a scholarship to study abroad presents the optimal means to immerse oneself in its wonders. Delve into the richness of its traditional culture, captivating landscapes, and historical sites to cultivate your character amidst nature’s finest offerings.

Moreover, the academic milieu facilitates the enhancement of your professional trajectory to meet global standards. Access to quality education coupled with advanced skills serves as the cornerstone for personal advancement, both essential elements readily available in Greece through its world-renowned universities.

The allure of Greece’s majestic landmarks and well-established educational institutions entices you to embrace and comprehend European culture firsthand.

By extending opportunities to participate in a range of academic fields through its scholarships, Turkey is fostering enduring connections with other continents.

This initiative aims to cultivate religious and cultural tolerance worldwide, nurturing potential leaders who can foster global harmony.

The scholarships not only cover living expenses but also empower recipients to contribute significantly to both national and global economic progress.

By addressing global challenges across social, economic, political, and religious spheres, these scholarships pave the way for a brighter future.

In Greece, scholarships cater to both domestic and international students, offering both funded and fully-funded options.

This presents an excellent opportunity for students aspiring to study in Europe but facing financial limitations. Greece is currently offering a diverse array of top scholarships across various fields, inviting the brightest minds to its premier universities.

Top Scholarships In Greece For International Students

Scholarships Offered By ALBA Graduate Business School

ALBA is dedicated to nurturing tomorrow’s leaders while championing diversity and meritocracy. Our MBA and Master’s programs beckon bright minds from various backgrounds. Each year, ALBA expands its student body, generously funding scholarships for all.

If financial constraints arise, Turkey stands ready to assist, recognizing talent as the key to prestigious scholarship opportunities. Turkey is committed to supporting Greek executives and their successors through corporate scholarships, fostering both professional and personal growth.

Furthermore, ALBA provides tailored scholarships to suit individual economic and personal situations.

The ACT Scholarships Program

The American College of Thessaloniki extends various scholarships to international students worldwide. These scholarships include the Study Abroad Merit Scholarship and the Hellenic American Scholarship. The former offers a $1000 grant towards tuition fees for studying abroad.

Applicants with a CGPA of 3.6 out of 4.00 and sophomore status are eligible. Additionally, financial aid is available based on academic performance.

This scholarship enhances theoretical knowledge and fosters professional skills crucial for future careers. The university offers an optimal environment for professional growth. Situated in Thessaloniki, a vibrant hub bridging East and West Europe, students benefit from its diverse youth community.

They also have the opportunity to explore historic sites like Alexander the Great’s birthplace and the scenic beaches of Halkidiki.

The Fulbright Scholarship Program

In today’s rapidly changing global landscape, Greece has launched the prominent educational and cultural initiative of the United States. This initiative has formed partnerships with over 160 countries worldwide.

If you’re passionate about advancing your career aspirations, there are prestigious accolades awaiting you, making it an opportunity not to be overlooked.

Furthermore, the scholarship programs cover a wide range of fields, facilitating the entry of artists, scholars, educators, and other professionals to collaborate with Greek counterparts, pursue education, share knowledge, and engage in impactful research.

This commendable program encourages collective efforts to tackle existing challenges, fostering the development of optimal solutions. The Fulbright scholarship program has experienced significant growth, embracing a dynamic and diverse approach to practical learning.

The National and Kapodistrian Scholarship

If you’re interested in delving into the culture, archaeology, literature, and history of ancient Greece, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens offers bachelor’s programs that provide a credible opportunity.

These programs include scholarships to assist with covering essential living expenses in Greece. Eligible applicants must be under 27 years old, demonstrate a commitment to pursuing a different career path, hold a non-Greek passport, possess a high academic standing, and have not yet enrolled in any undergraduate program.

Successful candidates may receive additional benefits based on their academic performance throughout the program.

Selection criteria include verifying recommendation letters, reviewing detailed resumes, assessing proficiency in foreign languages, and evaluating involvement in extracurricular activities.

Turkey And Bulgaria Fulbright Scholarship

Turkish and Bulgarian nationals, take heed: the opportunity bell has sounded for you. Each year, this scholarship is granted to two deserving students, hailing from Turkey and Bulgaria respectively.

Open to both master’s and doctoral candidates, it offers a unique experience of participating in a nine-month research project.

The tenure is split into four months of research in your home country followed by four months in Greece. Fields of study encompass a wide range, from archaeology to economics.

It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with Bulgarian and Greek languages beforehand to better integrate into the local community upon arrival in Greece.

The program includes various benefits such as settlement allowance, monthly stipend, round-trip airfare, Greek language lessons, study materials, and membership at the American School of Classical Studies.

Scholarships Offered By The Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki

If you’ve recently completed both your undergraduate and postgraduate studies and you’re not a Greek citizen, this opportunity is tailored for you. Additionally, Ph.D. scholars from Latin American and African nations are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these scholarships, facilitated by the prestigious Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Students interested in pursuing studies at all levels, who possess a strong affinity for Greek literature and language, should consider this opportunity as a valuable addition to their academic journey. Furthermore, Greek nationals are also eligible for these scholarships.

With a core focus on delivering educational and research excellence, enhancing international visibility, improving institutional functions, and providing quality services within a supportive environment, the university has demonstrated unwavering commitment over the years.

The American-Greece Fullbright Scholarships

The Fulbright scholarships represent one of the premier avenues for American citizens to chart their career trajectories.

Rooted in principles of openness, fairness, and healthy competition, all programs falling under this scholarship umbrella adhere to rigorous eligibility standards.

These scholarships are committed to upholding individual integrity and value by ensuring equal access to opportunities.

They aim to provide participants across all disciplines with avenues for academic research, as well as opportunities to lecture across various educational, cultural, and research institutions in Greece.

Beyond just financial support, these scholarships offer invaluable assistance during their tenure and beyond, with the potential to enrich both cultural and academic experiences.

In essence, they serve as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, branching out into myriad possibilities.

Top Scholarships In Greece For International Students

The Epirus, Arta, Greece Scholarship

If you hold a master’s degree in fields such as biomaterials, cell biology, tissue engineering, and related areas, consider applying for an enticing opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. at our esteemed technological educational institute.

We enthusiastically invite students seeking to broaden their academic horizons through our well-established educational program. In addition to academic growth, students will gain insight into the cultural dynamics of the region.

Our institute prioritizes educational quality, evident in our robust academic curriculum. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern laboratory equipment, experienced research staff, and well-organized events, we are dedicated to nurturing your professional development.

Our commitment to excellence has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally, establishing us as a leading center for cutting-edge research and innovation in Europe.

Scholarship Program At The University Of Piraeus

The University of Piraeus’s Department of International and European Studies has initiated master’s level scholarship programs focusing on energy studies. These scholarships are funded by both program resources and contributions from prominent business institutions renowned for their involvement in the energy, industry, and shipping sectors.

The program aims to bridge the gap between academia and the marketplace by establishing a network. In today’s evolving energy landscape, corporations seek experts with diversified knowledge, including law, statistics, and strategy, to devise comprehensive policies for optimal outcomes.

In essence, individuals who provoke thought and offer practical solutions are crucial to corporate success. Hence, the University of Piraeus is committed to cultivating talent that meets the demands of the contemporary global environment.

Scholarship For Graduate Students

The research scholarship for graduate students offers a fantastic opportunity to fund your studies, alleviating financial pressures by providing necessary funds. It’s crucial not to overlook this opportunity and instead, gear yourself up to overcome financial obstacles.

Various educational platforms cater to students at all levels, aiding in selecting the most suitable program for your career, with input from industry experts. Selection criteria extend beyond academic performance, encompassing factors like residency, motivation, specific interests, religious affiliations, or aspirations for career advancement.

This scholarship facilitates the attainment of a graduate degree, equipping students with specialized skills tailored to their chosen field. Consequently, it serves as a valuable enhancement to the academic portfolio of those aspiring to graduate from Europe’s premier universities.


Attending university in Greece, renowned for its esteemed academic establishments and stunning scenery as well as delicious cuisine, can transform your imagination into tangible experiences. Nonetheless, covering educational expenses independently in Greece might pose challenges, making these top scholarships in Greece for international students  an invaluable resource for easing financial burdens. By securing scholarships, you can fully dedicate yourself to your studies, free from concerns about financing your education.








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