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These scholarships in Georgia for international students cover bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral studies across a range of academic disciplines such as law, nursing, engineering, business, marketing, and more.

Applications are now open for the Georgian Scholarships 2024-2025, offered at all state universities in the country. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to pursue their studies in Georgia without any financial burden.

If you’re contemplating studying abroad and seeking a blend of scenic beauty and a conducive environment for your ambitions, consider Georgia. Here, you can pursue your education worry-free, as I present the top five Georgian scholarships tailored to your needs.

Scholarships In Georgia For International Students

Scholarships Offered By Oglethorpe University

Oglethorpe University may have a selective admissions process, but it boasts a unique global reputation. Recognized as one of the “Top 20 best buy colleges” due to its affordable tuition, Oglethorpe stands out with its distinctive curriculum known as “the core,” designed to enhance critical thinking skills and curiosity.

This education equips students with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the world. To apply, simply indicate your student status (first-year, transfer, or international) and choose the appropriate application method before submitting your materials for review.

You’ll need to submit your high school transcript, a letter of reference, a study plan, a research project, and, if you choose, either your SAT or ACT scores. Additionally, include a resume, and you may also opt for either an interview or a visual submission.

Scholarships At Georgia State University

Georgia State University is situated in a prime location and is widely recognized as a hub for international students. Education here encompasses an exploration of diverse global cultures.

To apply, complete the application form, gather all necessary documents, review the application, and digitally submit it to the university.

Required documents comprise evidence of English proficiency, SAT or ACT scores, transcripts, and a personal statement.

The Augusta University scholarships

Augusta University has played a pivotal role in enriching my academic journey and personal growth. Their primary commitment lies in offering a myriad of educational prospects to ensure students’ future success.

To apply for the scholarship provided by Augusta University, you can refer to the official guide for detailed instructions on the following:

  • Official transcripts
  • A resume or CV
  • Official test scores (SAT or ACT)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A statement of purpose
  • An intent statement
  • A scholarship essay

The Baumgartner Law Firm Scholarship

This scholarship offers financial support to law students, enabling them to pursue their studies further. Successful applicants will receive a $3,000 award to cover various expenses associated with their legal education, such as textbooks, tuition fees, and other related costs.

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must be currently enrolled in a law program at an accredited institution. The necessary documentation includes personal and financial information or high school transcripts.

Scholarships Offered By Western Colorado University

Students at this school receive financial aid covering 80% of their expenses. Apart from academic pursuits, they can participate in diverse programs to gain valuable experience, enhancing their skills and knowledge. The institution offers a wide array of programs and departments to cater to students’ career aspirations. Any undergraduate student, present or prospective, is welcome to apply for this grant.

The Fullbright Scholarship

This scholarship initiative is renowned and esteemed for exclusively recognizing individuals who have attained exceptional success in their respective fields.

If you were to be granted a Fulbright scholarship and opt to pursue your international education in Georgia, rest assured that you will receive ample support as long as you stay true to your academic goals.

To qualify for a Fullbright scholarship, possessing crucial language skills is a prerequisite, although other areas of study are permissible if they possess a societal or worldwide impact.

If granted a Fullbright scholarship, you can typically expect funding for tuition, travel, and living expenses, along with monthly stipends throughout the duration of the scholarship. The criteria for Fullbright scholarship funding can vary significantly.

The David L. Boren Scholarship

The NSEP program has devised a strategy aimed at enabling gifted students to attain global prominence, aligning with the demands of the contemporary world.

Individuals pursuing bachelor’s degrees and higher in administrative disciplines, supported by the National Security Agency, are eligible to seek assistance through this initiative.

Several developing nations, including Georgia, hold significant importance for the U.S. government, prompting the allocation of funds for language and cultural initiatives, as well as other academic pursuits.

Most recipients of the Boren Awards demonstrate a keen interest in global security, international relations, and diplomacy.

Successful applicants attending academic sessions can receive up to $25,000 from this scholarship to cover tuition and living expenses.

Other Scholarships In Georgia For International Students

The Denning Chair Scholarship

The Denning Chair emergency fund mirrors the Anne Robinson fund in its structure. It offers a one-time assistance to international students, strictly for critical emergencies. However, this fund cannot be utilized for covering tuition fees or any other college-related costs. The fund ranges from $200 to $400 and is subject to specific eligibility criteria:

  • Holders of F-1 student visas are eligible.
  • Applicants must have been enrolled full-time at the institution for at least two semesters before applying.
  • Only international undergraduate and graduate students are eligible.
  • Applicants cannot have received this fund in the past.

Karishma Babu And Vijay Balasubramaniyan Scholarship

This scholarship, exclusively for Indian graduate students at Georgia Tech, aims to assist those encountering unexpected financial crises. Priority is typically given to international students, particularly females or those studying engineering, science, or computing. However, Indian students on post-completion OPT are ineligible. The fund amounts to $900 and is a one-time award. Eligibility requires F-1 visa status, Indian citizenship, and enrollment in a graduate program at Georgia Tech.

The Tution Waiver Fund

International students facing significant financial challenges have the option to request a waiver for tuition fees through Georgia Tech’s Office of International Education. However, the institution only grants fee waivers to a limited number of international students for a brief period.

It’s important to note that these waivers are granted on a semester-by-semester basis, and each student can apply for a maximum of three waivers throughout their program.

Eligibility criteria include having a strong academic record, demonstrating leadership qualities, contributing to community development, experiencing unforeseen financial need, completing at least two semesters of a full-time program at the institute, maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5, and actively participating in community service and volunteering activities at the university.


International students must provide evidence of adequate financial resources in their bank account when applying for a visa or admission to Georgia Tech. It’s advisable to secure funds for four years in advance, as scholarships in Georgia for international students for undergraduate programs at Georgia Tech are scarce for international students. While there are some scholarships in Georgia for international students options available, most of them do not cover tuition fees or other essential academic costs. The institute does have a roster of endowment funds reserved for international students facing financial emergencies.

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