Scholarships In Finland For International Students

Below, we’ve compiled an inclusive catalog of scholarships in Finland for international students.

Finland extends a warm invitation to international students, presenting a diverse array of study programs within its universities.

Both Finnish universities and governmental bodies provide various scholarship opportunities for international students obligated to pay tuition fees. Applicants can conveniently seek scholarships from their chosen universities concurrently with their admission applications.

Several scholarship programs in Finland provide either full or partial funding. These opportunities cater to various academic levels such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and Fellowships. The funding primarily comes from Finnish universities and the government. Below are the leading scholarships available for international students pursuing studies in Finland.

What Are The Reasons To Pursue Education In Finland In 2024?

In the realm of preferred study destinations such as Canada, Australia, the USA, and Finland, Finland has become notably appealing to international students in 2024.

Its allure stems from a blend of lucrative scholarships, globally esteemed universities, and an inviting, forward-thinking atmosphere, giving Finland a competitive advantage.

Beyond offering an affordable and top-notch education, Finland is renowned for its post-graduation job prospects, particularly in burgeoning sectors like technology and research.

This amalgamation of academic distinction, financial feasibility, and promising career pathways positions Finland as a premier selection for students in pursuit of a fulfilling global study endeavor.

Scholarships In Finland For International Students

Delving into the array of Finnish scholarships in 2024 unveils abundant prospects for global students. Initially, it’s crucial to grasp the categories of scholarships accessible to international students in Finland in 2024:

Different Kinds Of Scholarships In Finland For International Students

Government Scholarships:

Typically aimed at postgraduate studies and research, these grants are extended by the Finnish government.

University Scholarships:

Finnish universities commonly grant scholarships for undergraduate and graduate programs, encompassing both tuition fees and living costs.

Private and Foundation Scholarships:

Scholarships from diverse organizations and foundations are available, awarded based on academic excellence, research interests, or nationality.

Funding Opportunities Provided By The Finnish Government

Perfect for individuals engaged in doctoral or postdoctoral studies, these scholarships encompass complete tuition coverage along with a monthly living allowance. Applications are accepted from September 1 to November 31, 2024.

Scholarship By The University Of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki extends various scholarships to assist international students, with a focus on Master’s and doctoral programs. The Finland Scholarships for International Students 2024 grant full waivers for tuition fees along with an annual stipend of 5000 Euros, aimed at non-EU/EEA students.

Moreover, scholarships covering 50% to 100% of tuition fees are available, contingent on the academic excellence of the student. The application process for these scholarships is seamlessly integrated into the Master’s program application, streamlining the process for applicants.

Tuition fees at the University of Helsinki differ across programs, typically ranging from 13,000 to 18,000 euros. However, certain categories such as PhD students, exchange program participants, and EU/EEA citizens are exempt from these fees.

Scholarships Offered By Aalto University

Aalto University extends a variety of scholarships aimed at assisting gifted international students. The Aalto University Scholarship Programme grants full or partial tuition waivers to non-EU/EEA Master’s students, contingent upon their academic achievements.

Additionally, for individuals keen on joint degree programs, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarships, funded by the EU, encompass tuition fees, living expenses, and travel allowances.

Moreover, Aalto University offers support to students through diverse national, university-specific, and private scholarship avenues. As an alternative, prospective applicants can explore opportunities within the university’s summer student program.

The University of Turku Scholarship

The University of Turku provides a range of scholarships aimed at international students. Among these, the Finland Scholarship, funded by the Finnish government, is available for outstanding non-EU/EEA Master’s applicants, offering complete tuition coverage and a relocation grant. Moreover, the University of Turku Scholarship extends support to a portion of non-EU/EEA Bachelor’s and Master’s students, granting waivers for up to 30% of tuition fees.

These Finnish scholarships are supplemented by alternatives like the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarships. For further details, please refer to the University of Turku Scholarships page.

The LUT University Scholarship

LUT University provides scholarships aimed at international students seeking admission to its Master’s programs. These scholarships are intended to assist students who exhibit outstanding academic performance. The application for these scholarships is typically merged with the Master’s program application, streamlining the process for potential students.

LUT University’s scholarships encompass a wide array of fields such as technology, business, social, and communication sciences, catering to students from diverse academic disciplines. To learn more about the scholarships and how to apply, please refer to LUT University’s official website for comprehensive details.

Scholarships In Finland For International Students

The University of Tampere Scholarship

The University of Tampere extends scholarships to international students pursuing a Master’s degree in English at their campus. Additionally, numerous scholarships are accessible for exceptionally skilled fee-paying international students, categorized into two types:

University of Tampere Tuition Fee Scholarships: This program covers either 100% or 50% of the tuition fees.

University of Tampere Global Student Award for Academic Excellence Scholarships: This initiative covers 100% of the tuition fees and provides an annual stipend of 7,000 EUR to support the student’s living expenses.

Scholarship By CIMO

CIMO offers Doctoral and Double Doctoral Fellowships to international students enrolled in Finnish universities.

Each fellowship is valued at 1500 EUR monthly and can last between 3 to 12 months.

This scholarship opportunity is available to students from all nationalities and aims to assist with living costs rather than tuition and travel expenses. Prospective applicants are advised to apply at least 5 months before their program commences. Decisions regarding the scholarships will typically be reached within approximately 3 months following the submission of applications.

The University Of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa extends scholarships to international students aiming to assist them in financing their education in Finland. These scholarships are accessible for application alongside university admissions. The first type is bestowed upon students with outstanding academic achievements during their first year of study, while the second type is allocated to full-time students for their second year, entailing a 50% reduction in tuition fees.


Whether you’re considering enrolling in a degree program or delving into research, Finland offers a rich variety of academic options to suit your needs. What’s more, many of these scholarships in Finland for international students allow you to apply without the need for an IELTS score, making them accessible to students from different linguistic backgrounds. This not only provides an opportunity to study in a country renowned for its innovation and stunning landscapes but also ensures flexibility for aspiring scholars.

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