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MBBS stands as one of the most sought-after undergraduate degrees in China, particularly among students hailing from various corners of the globe. The majority of medical institutions in China provide a 6-year MBBS program.

Following five years of rigorous academic training, students establish a strong medical groundwork before embarking on a medical internship. However, the pursuit of an MBBS degree can be financially burdensome worldwide due to its academic prestige and level. Financial assistance for studying MBBS in China can alleviate such financial strains.

This article will explore different scholarships in China for MBBS, along with a compilation of medical universities in China offering scholarships for the MBBS program.

Top Scholarships In China For MBBS

Numerous fully-funded scholarships are available for pursuing an MBBS degree in China, each offering unique advantages and criteria. Here, we’ll examine the most sought-after scholarships to determine the ideal option for Indian students keen on studying medicine in China. Below are the premier scholarships in China for MBBS available for international students to explore:

Scholarship Offered By Shandong University

The Shandong University Award is a fully funded scholarship designed for international students, aimed at facilitating their studies at Shandong University. This scholarship covers all tuition fees and provides a monthly stipend of $100.

To be eligible, applicants must be under 25 years old, have completed high school or its equivalent, demonstrate a strong scientific background and high academic performance, and must not concurrently receive any other Chinese government-funded scholarship.

Additionally, candidates applying for bachelor’s programs must attain an HSK 4 score of 210 or higher, and proficiency in English and Chinese is required. The scholarship is open to applicants from all countries except China.

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Scholarship Provided By Xinjiang Medical University

Xinjiang Medical University is among the 279 institutions eligible for the Chinese Government Scholarship program. Prospective students aiming for financial support to pursue studies at Xinjiang Medical University can apply for this scholarship. It covers various expenses including study materials, registration, on-campus accommodation, living stipend, and tuition.

Additionally, it offers reimbursement for intercity travel, comprehensive medical insurance, internship and laboratory fees. Moreover, recipients receive a one-time settlement subsidy of 210 USD and a monthly living allowance of 195 USD. Eligibility criteria include enrolling in Chinese language classes for one year if the candidate doesn’t speak Chinese, and being 25 years old or younger.

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Scholarship Offered By Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University introduced the “Nanjing Medical University International Students Scholarship” to support qualified international students seeking a bachelor’s degree at the university. The scholarship includes coverage of the tuition fee, amounting to 1,186 USD (INR 97,756). Eligibility requirements for the scholarship are as follows:

  • Applicants must not hold Chinese citizenship.
  • They should be under the age of 35.
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations of the Chinese government is mandatory.
  • Meeting the academic standards set by NMU is necessary.
  • Candidates should not have received the Jiangsu Jasmine Government Scholarship or the Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship.

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Scholarship Offered By The Government Of Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University offers 262 programs along with four prominent degree options, all of which come with scholarship opportunities. Among the most sought-after programs are the Bachelor of Clinical Medicine (MBBS) and the Bachelor of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation.

The scholarships cover various expenses such as study materials, registration fees, on-campus accommodation, living allowances, and tuition fees. Additionally, students receive reimbursement for intercity travel, medical insurance, internship and laboratory fees, as well as outpatient medical services.

A one-time settlement subsidy of 210 USD (INR 17,309) is provided, along with a monthly living allowance of 195 USD (INR 16,072). Eligibility for the scholarships includes requirements such as enrollment in Chinese language classes for non-Chinese speakers for one year prior to commencing major studies, and applicants must be 25 years old or younger.

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Chinese University Program At Wenzhou Medical University

This scholarship program targets designated Chinese universities and provincial offices in particular regions, aiming to attract foreign students for graduate studies in China. It provides financial support for tuition, housing, and living expenses. The eligibility requirements include not being a Chinese citizen, being under 28 years old, and adhering to the laws and regulations set by the Chinese government.

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Cost Of Studying MBBS In China

Even though studying abroad can come with a hefty price tag, Indian students have the opportunity to apply for fully funded scholarships for MBBS programs in China, helping them manage their expenses effectively.

Compared to many other countries, China offers a plethora of medical schools with comparatively lower tuition fees for international students.

The typical expenses for an MBBS program in China range from approximately 3,000 to 7,000 USD per year, depending on the chosen university. On average, a full five-year MBBS program in China amounts to around 20,000 USD.

However, beyond tuition, students must budget for various other living expenses such as accommodation, meals, utilities, daily necessities, transportation, and miscellaneous costs. The average monthly living cost in China is estimated at around 200 USD. Opting for a scholarship in China for MBBS can significantly alleviate financial burdens, providing students with additional benefits and support throughout their studies.

What Is The Reason Behind The Provision Of Scholarships In China?

Every nation extends scholarships to global students as a means to foster cross-cultural understanding. These initiatives underscore the country’s commitment to international collaboration across various domains like politics, culture, education, and commerce. The overarching aim is to propagate peace through educational opportunities.

The Chinese government offers a diverse array of scholarships catering to students worldwide. These scholarships primarily target international students, educators, and scholars, with additional provisions for those engaged in research visits.

China is swiftly emerging as a destination for top-tier medical education, exemplified by institutions like MBBS University. This burgeoning sector offers students unparalleled exposure to world-class medical education at a fraction of the cost found elsewhere.

Opting to pursue an MBBS degree in China represents a strategic investment in one’s future, promising not only high-quality education but also rich cultural experiences and a globally recognized medical qualification.


This was all about the scholarships for MBBS in China. If you are someone planning to study abroad and are confused about which universities or countries to apply to, then leverage the free resources provided in this article to get started. You can also check out our other blog posts for scholarships for African students.





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