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Seeking scholarships in Belgium for international students? Look no further! Belgium provides an exceptional study environment, boasting a rich multicultural atmosphere that is ideal for international students. Renowned for its superb quality of life, healthcare, and education, Belgium consistently ranks among the safest and most peaceful destinations globally.

Given Belgium’s exceptional education system, pursuing further studies there is an obvious choice. However, if financial constraints pose a challenge, fear not! Belgium offers scholarships for international students, potentially enabling you to study there tuition-free. So, as you’re determined to relocate to Belgium, let’s explore how you can economize during your stay.

Could I Qualify For A Scholarship In Belgium?

Certainly! If you’ve excelled in your previous academic pursuits, you stand a strong chance of securing a scholarship at one of Belgium’s universities. In addition to academic achievement, eligibility for Belgian scholarships often considers factors such as your country of origin, work experience, and personal drive.

What Types Of Scholarships Are Available For International Students In Belgium?

There are primarily two types of financial assistance options for studying in Belgium: government-funded scholarships for foreign students and scholarships provided by individual universities. These scholarships vary in terms of coverage, ranging from partial tuition fee waivers to fully-funded support.

Is It Possible For Me To Pursue My Studies In Belgium Without Incurring Any Costs?

In brief, if you qualify for one of the fully-funded scholarships, then yes, you can study in Belgium without paying tuition fees. However, these scholarships are mainly for outstanding students from developing nations, and available slots are limited.

If you receive only a partial scholarship, there are alternative ways to fund your studies, such as finding work at your institution, securing a part-time job in your locality, or obtaining a paid internship.

If you don’t receive any financial assistance but come from one of the least developed countries, you might consider studying at a university in Wallonia or Brussels. Tuition fees for students from these countries are reduced from €4,175 per year to €835, the same as what EU students pay.

Scholarship In Belgium For International Students

The ARES Scholarship Program

Students from developing nations seeking to pursue either a one-year advanced bachelor’s or master’s degree or a training course lasting from two to six months in the field of community development in Wallonia or Brussels can apply.

The Belgian government will fully fund this scholarship, covering international travel expenses, living costs, tuition fees, and insurance throughout the study period.

To be eligible for the ARES scholarship in Belgium, applicants must demonstrate a dedication to development, such as aiding marginalized social groups, and be under 40 years old for degree programs or under 45 for training courses.

They must also complete the application in the language of their chosen course and possess proficient written and spoken skills in that language.

They should be citizens, residing, and working in one of the specified developing countries and have at least two years of relevant professional experience in one of those countries.

The VLIR-UOS Scholarship Program

Prospective students hailing from Africa, Asia, and Latin America seeking enrollment in a training or master’s program at a Flemish university can avail themselves of this opportunity.

The fully-funded Belgian scholarship caters to individuals from developing countries, covering expenses such as tuition fees, travel, insurance, and living costs throughout the entirety of the master’s program, which typically spans 12 to 24 months.

Eligibility criteria for the VLIR-UOS scholarship include being a national and residing in one of the specified developing countries listed, being under the age of 35 for a master’s course or under 45 for an advanced master’s, and having previous experience or an interest in fields related to higher education, government, or civil society.

To apply, candidates should select one of the designated master’s courses and proceed to apply for both the program and the scholarship directly through the website of the respective Belgian university hosting the program.

The Global Minds Scholarship

Students from developing nations aiming to pursue a 4-year doctoral research program and earn their PhD from KU Leuven have the opportunity to benefit from a Belgian scholarship initiative. This program entails two distinct phases: the first two years are funded by the student’s home country, while the subsequent two years are supported by KU Leuven in Belgium.

The scholarship covers tuition fees, flight expenses, and insurance, and also provides a supervision allowance of €300 per month along with a monthly stipend. The monthly living allowance varies depending on whether the student is based in their home country or in Belgium, estimated at €2,199 for doctoral students and €1,500 for pre-doctoral students in Belgium according to KU Leuven.

Eligibility for the Global Minds PhD Scholarship at KU Leuven requires candidates to meet specific criteria:

  • Citizenship in one of the listed developing countries.
  • Submission of a high-quality research proposal addressing a development-oriented topic, endorsed by a KU Leuven professor with expertise in the relevant field.
  • To apply, candidates must first secure approval for their research proposal from a KU Leuven professor and then proceed to apply for a PhD program at the university.
  • The scholarship application is facilitated by the supervisor after the student’s admission to the program.

Scholarship In Belgium For International Students

The Master Mind Scholarship

Outstanding international students interested in pursuing a master’s degree program in Flanders can benefit from this opportunity. The scholarship offers a grant of €8,400 per academic year along with a waiver for tuition fees.

To be eligible for this Belgian government scholarship, candidates need to be accepted by one of the partner universities in Flanders. They will be assessed based on their academic performance (requiring a minimum GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0), motivation, attitude, proficiency in English, and relevant work experience.

To apply, candidates should first apply for their desired master’s program at one of the participating universities.

During the application process, they should express their interest in the Master Mind Scholarship and elaborate in their motivational letter on why they should be chosen. Each year, Flemish universities nominate a maximum of 20 candidates per institution, and the Flemish Government makes the final selection based on these nominations.

Scholarship By Eramus Mundus

Top-performing international students aiming to pursue a master’s program across at least two different countries are eligible for this opportunity. The scholarship, funded by the EU, encompasses all participation expenses including tuition fees and library charges (capped at €3,000 for a 10-month period), insurance coverage, round-trip airfare, and a monthly stipend of €1,000 to support living expenses.

Selection is based on academic excellence, motivation, professional background, and recommendation letters.

To apply, interested individuals should select up to three programs from the Erasmus Mundus catalogue and directly contact the program coordinators for further guidance on studying in Belgium with this scholarship.

The Belgian American Scholarship

To be eligible for the BAEF fellowship in Belgium, you need to be a US citizen or permanent resident, hold a master’s degree or equivalent, or be pursuing a PhD or equivalent. Proficiency in one of Belgium’s national languages and being under 30 years old are advantageous.

To apply, submit the application form along with your academic transcripts, a short autobiography, a statement outlining your purpose, and three recommendation letters.

Remember, you are responsible for arranging affiliation with a Belgian university or research institution.

The Ghent University Scholarship

Prospective students from less developed nations aiming to pursue a master’s or master-after-master’s degree at Ghent University in English can benefit from a university scholarship. This scholarship covers insurance expenses and offers a monthly stipend of €1,000. Irrespective of nationality, students pay the same tuition fee as EEA students.

To be eligible for this grant, applicants must hail from a country listed on the OESO-DAC country roster, with preference given to those from the first three columns. Additionally, candidates must hold a relevant bachelor’s degree for master’s program applications and a master’s degree for master-after-master courses.

There is no designated application process for this scholarship; instead, the program coordinator selects the top three master applicants for consideration. However, applicants can highlight their need for the grant to their course coordinator.

These Belgian scholarships for international students aim to alleviate some of the financial challenges associated with studying abroad, providing opportunities beyond this particular option.

Scholarships For Doctoral Studies At Ghent University

Supported by its “Special Research Fund” (BOF), Ghent University aims to assist university research groups or centers in developing nations to evolve into distinguished research hubs by enhancing the capabilities of local academic staff. These grants, known as “sandwich” scholarships, provide financial support. Application deadline is March 6th. The number of recipients is unspecified.

The scholarship’s worth at Ghent University varies depending on the researcher’s family circumstances. The duration of the scholarship is structured as a “sandwich” scholarship, where the recipient is awarded funding for a maximum of 24 months.

During this period, the candidate alternates between working on their PhD at Ghent University (“North”) and at the partner university or research center in a developing country (“South”), within a span of 48 months.


We trust that this guide featuring the top scholarships in Belgium for international students proved beneficial. Don’t forget to explore the various programs available across Europe as well!














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