Scholarships In Aviation Studies

Scholarships In Aviation Studies

Scholarships in aviation studies may come from various sources such as universities offering flight training programs, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and aviation groups. Additionally, government entities like the Federal Aviation Administration offer awards and grants.

These scholarships can assist with the expenses of flight school and pilot training. Some scholarships cater to degrees relevant to aviation careers, like aircraft maintenance, airport management, and avionics.

Who Qualifies For  Scholarships In Aviation Studies?

If the provider is an organization, membership might be required. However, demonstrating employment in business aviation may also be necessary, covering roles like pilots, maintenance staff, schedulers, dispatchers, flight attendants, and flight technicians.

Moreover, numerous scholarships cater to high school and college students pursuing degrees in fields like aviation maintenance, aeronautical science, aerospace engineering, air traffic management, and aviation business administration. Meeting academic performance standards is typically expected, alongside potential considerations for financial circumstances and the clarity of your goals as articulated in an essay.

What Makes Aviation Scholarships A Favored Option?

Why are aviation scholarships so popular among those aiming to become pilots? To pursue a career as an airline pilot, a bachelor’s degree in any field is typically required, alongside a commercial pilot’s license and an ATP certificate from the FAA.

Scholarships and grants serve as a means to alleviate the financial burden of tuition, books, and flight training expenses. The average cost of attending aviation school is $5,861 for in-state students and $28,746 for out-of-state students.

While the upfront costs may seem daunting, the industry is experiencing gradual growth, with a projected 4% increase in job opportunities by 2026, as pilots retire annually. Moreover, those who secure employment in the field often enjoy lucrative salaries, with the average annual income for airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers reaching $140,340.

Scholarships In Aviation Studies

Aviation Scholarship By Robert Wilkos

The Robert Wilkos Aviation Scholarship, providing a $1000 grant, aims to assist undergraduate and graduate students who exhibit a dedication to education, particularly those interested in the private aviation industry. Embodying Robert’s commitment to fostering future talent, this scholarship encourages applicants to engage in introspective essay writing.

Beyond financial aid, this initiative resonates with Robert’s mission to inspire the next generation in aviation. Application for the scholarship does not entail any specific requirements.

Additional Information:

Award Amount: Recipients will receive $1,000. Total scholarship fund: $1,000.

Scholarship By Averett University

Averett University, situated in Danville, Virginia, USA, is a private Baptist institution established in 1859 initially as a women’s college. Over time, it has transformed into a coeducational university offering diverse undergraduate and graduate programs rooted in liberal arts education. Averett University’s core mission is to equip students to become effective leaders and agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

This goal is realized through a nurturing, collaborative, and interdisciplinary academic environment that promotes intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and continuous learning.

The Averett University Aviation Scholarship has no specific application requirements. The selected recipient will be awarded $10,000, with the total scholarship fund amounting to $10,000.

Scholarship In Memory Of Dan L. Meisinger, Sr.

This scholarship is aimed at college sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are currently enrolled in an aviation program and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Priority is given to those residing in Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois.

To apply for the Dan L. Meisinger, Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship, applicants need to submit an application form, a personal statement, and a recommendation letter. Preference is given to candidates from Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois. Selection for semifinalists is based on academic performance, potential for success, leadership qualities, involvement in school and community activities, and relevant work experience.

While applicants must be endorsed by an aviation professional, they can apply directly. Successful recipients will be notified in writing, with all other applicants informed by mid-April. The scholarship, totaling $2,500 annually and non-renewable, is earmarked for initial or primary flight training.

It will be distributed in two equal installments of $1,250 each, made payable jointly to the recipient and the participating flight school, and mailed to the recipient’s home address of record. Both parties must endorse the checks.

Scholarship In Memory Of John R. Sandberg

The John R. Sandberg Memorial Scholarship is open to U.S. residents pursuing careers in aviation-related fields or actively engaged in their local aviation community. To apply, candidates must submit an application form, a personal statement, and two recommendations. This scholarship honors the memory of John R. Sandberg, a Minneapolis native and aircraft mechanic/engineer known for his commitment to assisting others.

Eligible applicants include traditional students, older learners, and retired individuals who have contributed to the local aviation scene.

The EAA Aviation Foundation Scholarship Program aims to promote excellence among those studying aviation technologies and skills. Successful candidates should demonstrate involvement in both academic and community activities, along with a strong academic record indicating their ability to complete their chosen educational pursuits. The scholarship amount is $5000 per year and is non-renewable, with a total award of $5000.

Scholarship By Michael Blume

The Michael Blume Scholarship is available to U.S. students enrolled or accepted at a four-year college or university, aiming for a degree in aviation. To qualify, students need a recommendation from a current EAA member or should themselves be EAA members. Application materials include a form, personal statement, and recommendation letter.

The scholarship specifically targets students from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin pursuing aerospace engineering. Administered by the EAA Scholarship Program, it supports excellence among members studying aviation technologies. The scholarship, awarded annually, aids exceptional students with financial need in reaching their educational goals. It’s sponsored by individuals committed to fostering future leaders in aviation.

Applicants should demonstrate well-roundedness through participation in school, community, and aviation activities. Academic performance should reflect the ability to succeed in their chosen educational pursuits.

Recipients receive a one-time award of $5,000, with no option for renewal. The total scholarship fund amounts to $5,000.

Scholarships In Aviation Studies

Scholarship by the LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation

This scholarship is open to U.S. students aged between 16 and 23 who aspire to become professional pilots in the field of aviation. The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation Flight Training Scholarship requires applicants to submit an application form, two recommendation letters, three essays, and an official transcript.

It’s important to note that this scholarship is specifically for obtaining a private pilot license and does not cover instrument ratings or other aspects of flight training. It’s also not intended for those already enrolled in university-based flight programs that include private pilot certification.

Additionally, applicants must meet certain criteria, including proficiency in English to FAA standards, the ability to obtain an FAA third-class medical certificate (which is only required upon selection), and access to transportation and time to complete training at the nearest Cessna Pilot Training Center.

Only the chosen recipient will be notified, typically through registered mail or telephone. The scholarship covers all expenses associated with the private pilot course, totaling $9,000.

Scholarship For Advanced Ratings By AOPA

The AOPA Advanced Rating Scholarship is designed to assist AOPA members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents in obtaining ratings or certificates. This scholarship, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, supports individuals pursuing Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, and MEI Instructor certifications.

To apply, candidates need to submit a recommendation letter, an application form, and a copy of their Pilot License.

The AOPA Foundation offers various flight training scholarships, with the Advanced Rating Scholarship specifically targeting promising pilots with career ambitions. Applicants must maintain AOPA membership during both the application process and when the scholarship is granted. The scholarship amount can be up to $10,000, with a total fund of $10,000 available for this initiative.

Scholarship In Honor Of Joshua Esch Mitchell

The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship is open to undergraduate students from Kent County, Michigan, in the United States. Eligible applicants must hold a valid pilot’s license, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75, and be enrolled in a program leading to a career in aviation or a related field.

To apply, candidates need to submit an application form, a personal statement, a recommendation letter, transcripts, a financial statement, and a copy of their pilot’s certificate. Additionally, a letter of recommendation from a professional in the aviation industry is required.

Administered by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, this scholarship is part of their annual offerings, predominantly supporting Kent County students either enrolled in college or pursuing technical careers. The award, honoring Joshua Esch Mitchell, is granted yearly to a Kent County resident with a pilot’s license who is studying aviation, aviation safety, or aviation management. Selection criteria include academic achievement and financial need.

The scholarship amount varies, ranging from $500 to $5,000, determined by the student’s unmet financial need and the availability of funds. On average, recipients receive around $1,000 annually, and the scholarship is non-renewable. The total funds allocated for this scholarship amount to $1,000.

Scholarship By The Reno High Sierra Chapter Of The Ninety-Nines

Female student aviators who have completed a solo flight before the application deadline may seek candidacy for this grant. Requirements for applying to the Reno High Sierra Chapter Ninety-Nines Private Pilot License Scholarship include submitting:

  • Completed application form
  • Student pilot and medical certificates
  • Logbook endorsement and the last two pages of the logbook
  • Nine essays

Additional Note: Previous recipients cannot reapply for the scholarship in the following year.

The scholarship offers a one-time award of $2,000 per annum, totaling $2,000 in funds.


The aviation industry encompasses various fields like Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Management, Aviation Safety, Cabin Crew, Civil Aviation, Flight Instruction, Helicopter Training, Pilot Training, and Transport Aviation.

Graduates in aviation enjoy promising career prospects due to the high demand for their expertise and the lucrative salaries they can command. However, entering this field often necessitates significant financial investment. Tuition fees at leading aviation schools can range from $30,000 to $130,000 annually, not including additional expenses like flying lessons.

Therefore, securing scholarships in aviation studies can alleviate the financial burden and enable aspiring professionals to pursue their dreams with fewer financial obstacles.

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