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If you’ve always felt at ease in front of a camera, scholarships for media studies majors can pave the way for you to excel on television, radio, or any other media platform.

By pursuing a degree related to broadcasting and film, students acquire the skills necessary to craft reports and deliver noteworthy information to the public. Degrees focused on media also provide students with hands-on experience through internships, enabling them to establish connections in the journalism field.

Despite a projected decline of two percent in broadcaster employment over the next decade due to downsizing in news agencies, the growing demand for online news and digital media is expected to counterbalance this decrease.

Prepare to vie for your spot in the limelight by exploring these excellent scholarships for media studies opportunities.

Scholarships For Media Studies

Scholarship By Allison E. Fisher

The Allison E. Fisher Scholarship, named after a talented broadcast journalist who tragically passed away from breast cancer at the age of 28, is awarded each year by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).

This scholarship provides $2,500 to African American students who are studying journalism, broadcasting, mass communications, or a related field.

Eligible applicants must be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program in the United States, hold a minimum GPA of 3.0, demonstrate a commitment to community service, and submit five examples of their work.

Scholarships Offered By The American Advertising Federation In New Mexico

The Albuquerque Foundation awards the American Advertising-NM Scholarships annually, providing $1,500 each to two full-time junior or senior college students at non-profit New Mexico higher learning institutions.

Eligible majors include journalism, broadcasting, communications, marketing, advertising, digital media, or public relations. Applicants must have at least one year left in their bachelor’s program, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, and submit an essay detailing their career aspirations in advertising.

Scholarship Offered By The Ann Liguori Foundation

The Ann Liguori Foundation Scholarship, sponsored by New York Women in Communications (NYWICI), is awarded annually to exceptional undergraduate students in communication fields who aspire to a career in sports broadcasting, reporting, or programming. Recipients receive $2,500 and must be female, at least rising juniors, attending an accredited U.S. institution, residing in the Tri-State area, committed to sports media, and interested in interning with CBS Radio Sports Network.

The BEA Founders Award Scholarship

Each year, the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) presents the Founders Award, which grants $1,500 to two exceptional undergraduate students. Eligible recipients are either currently enrolled in a two-year BEA member institution or are graduates of these programs transitioning to a four-year university.

To qualify, students must be pursuing a major in broadcasting or electronic media, maintain full-time enrollment, demonstrate outstanding academic performance, exhibit strong integrity, show a dedication to a career in radio or television, and display the potential to become exceptional media professionals.

Scholarship By Carole Simpson

The Carole Simpson Scholarship is a yearly award of $2,000 offered by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) to sophomores, juniors, and seniors from minority backgrounds who are studying broadcast or digital journalism full-time at an accredited U.S. institution. To be eligible, candidates must provide a cover letter, an updated resume, a letter of recommendation, and links to three to five work samples.

Scholarships By Dr. John R. Bittner

The Dr. John R. Bittner Scholarships are awarded each year in memory of the former executive director of the Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas (RTDNAC). These scholarships, valued at $1,500 each, are given to two current junior or senior students studying broadcast or electronic journalism.

To qualify, applicants must be enrolled in an accredited four-year university in North Carolina or South Carolina, maintain a strong academic record, demonstrate financial need, and participate in the RTDNAC student workshop.

Scholarship In Memory Of Frank del Olmo

The Frank del Olmo Memorial Scholarship, awarded annually by the California Chicago News Media Association (CCNMA), recognizes the 33-year career of Frank del Olmo at the Los Angeles Times and KNBC-TV. The scholarship, valued at $1,000, supports Latino students pursuing a future in broadcast journalism.

To qualify, applicants must live in California, attend a full-time program at an approved in-state institution, major in communications, demonstrate community involvement, display financial need, and show dedication to academic success.

Scholarship In Memory Of Glenn Kummerow

The Glenn Kummerow Memorial Scholarship, managed by the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB), grants $5,000 annually to a college junior, senior, or graduate student in an agricultural communications program.

Eligible applicants must intend to pursue careers in broadcast or digital media, be enrolled at a U.S. accredited college, maintain good academic standing, provide three letters of reference, and submit a two-minute audio demonstration showcasing their electronic communication abilities.

Scholarships For Media Studies

Scholarship Fund by Guy P. Gannett

The Guy P. Gannett Scholarship Fund, a component of the Maine Community Foundation, was established in 2000. It offers $1,000 annual undergraduate scholarships in broadcasting or digital media to graduates of Maine public and private high schools.

Eligible candidates must be enrolled full-time at an accredited American post-secondary institution, majoring in broadcast journalism, maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0, demonstrating financial need, and having relevant journalism work experience either on or off-campus.

Scholarship Fund In Honor of Harry Barfield

Each year, the Kentucky Broadcasters Association (KBA) offers the Harry Barfield Scholarship, providing $2,500 to college students in Kentucky enrolled in in-state institutions pursuing degrees in broadcasting, journalism, communications, digital media, or related fields.

Applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, actively participate in relevant extracurricular activities, be at least rising juniors, obtain faculty recommendations, and aspire to a career in broadcasting.

Scholarship Awarded by IBNA

Established by the Iowa Broadcast News Association (IBNA) to honor the former news director of WMT Radio/TV, the Grant Price Scholarship is awarded for $1,000 yearly to early career professionals who have declared a major in broadcast journalism or communications.

Accepted candidates must be registered at a two or four-year college in Iowa, be freshmen or sophomores, achieve satisfactory academic standing, submit three news writing samples, and write a one-page statement on their electronic media goals.

The Jack Shelley Scholarships

Every year, the Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association (MBJA) sponsors the Jack Shelley Scholarship Program, which awards $1,250 to a single, fortunate full-time college student who has exceptional promise in the broadcasting industry. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements must be enrolled in an approved Midwestern university, have one more year of coursework left, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, have worked in broadcast journalism, and submit three letters of recommendation from professionals.

Scholarship By James J. Wychor

The James J. Wychor Scholarship, one of ten digital media awards given out by the Minnesota Broadcasters Association (MBA) each year, is available to residents of the state who pursue degrees in broadcasting, journalism, marketing, publicity, news reporting, or communications for a fee of $1,500.

Candidates must be dedicated to a profession in electronic media, demonstrate promise with an average grade point average of 2.5, be enrolled in a Minnesota post-secondary institution that has earned accreditation, and upload one writing sample in order to be considered.

Scholarship By Jim McKay Memorial Award

The HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX networks established the Jim McKay Memorial prize by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to honor the renowned sportscaster with a $10,000 broadcasting prize each year. College-bound candidates who meet the requirements must declare broadcast journalism as their major, have an interest in sports media, aspire to work within the television industry, enroll in an American university, engage in media-related activities, and submit a creative essay.

Scholarships In Honor Of Ken R. Greenwood

College students who have focused in broadcasting at an in-state university are eligible to apply for the $1,000 Ken R. Greenwood Student Scholarships, which are awarded yearly by the Texas Association of Broadcasters (OAB) Education Foundation.

Applications are open to students who will be completing their second or senior year, have a substantial unmet financial need, maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, enroll in at least 12 hours of coursework each term, and intend to pursue a career in broadcasting after graduation.

Scholarship By Linda Simmons

The Alaska Broadcasters Association (ABA) established the Linda Simmons Memorial Scholarship in 2001 after she lost her fight with cancer. The scholarship awards $2,000 to students majoring in communications arts, which includes the media, news reporting, media relations, communication relations, broadcast engineering, or advertising.

In order to be eligible, applicants must have lived in Alaska, be enrolled in any authorized institution in the United States, be pursuing a bachelor’s degree, exhibit academic distinction, and provide three letters of recommendation.

The Mark Holtz Memorial Scholarship

The Dallas Mavericks Foundation established the $2,000 Mark Holtz Memorial Scholarship in 2006 to honor the team’s first radio broadcaster. The recipient is a high-achieving student who intends to major in broadcasting at an approved two- or four-year college. In order to be eligible, high school seniors who are graduating must live within 75 miles of Dallas, want to attend college in the fall, want to work in the sports media industry, and submit a performance for an audio or video broadcast.


For outgoing people who want to inform the public about interesting issues, a career in television and digital media can be rewarding and financially rewarding, but it requires at least a bachelor’s degree. Financial support in the sort of broadcasting scholarships is crucial in light of today’s rising tuition rates in order to guarantee that your loan burden won’t impede your ability to find employment after graduation. These are just some of the top scholarships for media studies available to assist future bright stars like you succeed professionally as broadcaster and digital media students.

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