Scholarships For Journalism Students In Europe

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When aiming for a media or journalism degree, securing top scholarships for journalism students in Europe  offer a valuable means to finance your education.

These scholarships are tailored to assist aspiring media professionals, with some covering tuition and fees, while others can be applied to various expenses like computers or accommodation.

By qualifying for such scholarships, you can alleviate financial burdens and approach post-graduation entry-level positions in reporting or writing with greater assurance.

Scholarships For Journalism Students In Europe

Scholarships Based On Academic Achievement


  • Enrolled in a recognized university
  • Maintaining a GPA of 3.4 or above

If you aspire to become a travel journalist, the Academic Merit Scholarships could significantly support your financial needs. Administered by the American Bus Association, this scholarship provides $5,000 towards your educational expenses. To apply, you must register for an ABA account and complete the online application. The deadline for submissions is April

Scholarships Offered By The ACES Education Fund


  • Presently registered as a third-year, fourth-year, or postgraduate student.
  • Have not previously been awarded an ACES scholarship

Every year, the American Copy Editors Society presents six prestigious journalism scholarships, with amounts ranging from $1,500 to $3,500.

The Bill Walsh Scholarship, named in tribute to a former Washington Post copy editor, additionally covers expenses for recipients to attend the ACES national conference.

When reviewing applications, the committee evaluates candidates’ dedication to editing, whether within the news sector or the broader publishing industry

Scholarship By Against The Grain Artistic

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Individuals of at least 25% Asian American and/or Pacific Islander heritage
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Current high school senior or college student
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0

The Against The Grain Artistic Scholarship offers a $1,000 award to assist with tuition and fees. Administered by Against the Grain Productions, this scholarship supports students pursuing studies in journalism, mass communications, performing arts, or visual arts. To apply, candidates must submit either an essay or an artistic portfolio.

The selection committee evaluates applicants based on their leadership qualities, academic achievements, and interview performance. Winners are also required to produce a one-minute “thank you” video for publication on Against the Grain’s social media platforms.

Free Spirit And Journalism Conference Al Neuharth

Operated by the Freedom Forum Institute, this distinctive initiative provides two advantages: covering the expenses for awardees to participate in the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference and granting them a $1,000 college scholarship.

This enables recipients to gain exposure to the field of journalism prior to commencing their higher education. Aspiring candidates should anticipate submitting essays along with media samples, which could be sourced from academic projects or publications. The application period closes on February 1st.

Austin’s AWM Scholarship


  • Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior in college
  • Enrolled in a school located within a 40-mile radius of Austin
  • Studying media or a related subject
  • Keeping a GPA of 3.25 or above

If you’re a student attending a university or college in the Austin area, you’re eligible to apply for this scholarship offered by the Alliance for Women in Media Austin Affiliate. The award amount is $5,000 annually and can be applied toward tuition fees.

The funds will be disbursed directly to the recipient’s school’s financial aid office. It’s important to note that the recipient is required to attend the Trailblazer Awards Gala. Deadline for applications is March 2nd, and winners will be announced by March 31st.

Scholarships Provided By Bethesda In Support Of Auxiliary Programs


  • Must be an engaged member of a Lutheran congregation.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Currently a junior or senior at a recognized institution.

Bethesda Lutheran Communities and the Bethesda Auxiliary annually provide numerous scholarships for students. The scholarships are divided into two categories: five for undergraduates and five for post-graduate students or seminarians, with each recipient awarded $3,000.

While there are no specific requirements regarding your field of study, it is essential that your educational pursuits contribute to or engage with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Deadline for applications is May 15th.

Scholarship For Internship Radio Broadcasting


  • Presently registered as a full-time student at college.
  • Pursuing studies leading to a degree in radio broadcasting.

This opportunity offers aspiring radio broadcasting students the chance to secure an internship within the industry. Successful applicants may select from 15 diverse markets nationwide for their internship placement.

The program duration ranges from four to six weeks, during which interns receive compensation. Applications must be submitted by April 15th to be considered for the program.

Scholarships For Journalism Students In Europe

The BWI Scholarship

To qualify for the BWI Scholarship from Boating Writers International, you must be enrolled at an accredited college or university and have a clear interest in boating media. Preference is given to candidates with experience in the boating lifestyle. Applicants should be prepared to discuss

The Cameron Impact Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:

Commit to full-time enrollment in an undergraduate program

Secure funding for a four-year college education through the Cameron Impact Scholarship offered annually by the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation. This scholarship covers full tuition for outstanding students.

The selection committee evaluates various criteria such as academic achievements, leadership qualities, participation in extracurricular activities, and community involvement. The early application deadline is May 22nd, with the regular deadline being September 11th. As only the first 3,000 applications are considered, it is advisable to apply early.

The NDPRB Scholarships


  • Currently enrolled in a program focusing on dairy
  • Pursuing a major in an approved field of study

If you’re aiming for a journalism career centered on the dairy sector, the NDPRB Scholarships can assist with educational expenses. Administered by the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board in collaboration with Dairy Management Inc., these scholarships grant 11 awards annually, each valued at $2,500. Applicants are automatically considered for the James H. Loper Jr. Memorial Scholarship, which awards $3,500 to the most outstanding candidate. To be eligible, applicants must have completed dairy-related courses and demonstrate a clear dedication to pursuing a career in this field. The application deadline is May 22nd.

The Open Society Fellowships Scholarship

The fellowship supports projects that enhance public awareness of various challenges and encourage in-depth discussions within the Open Society Foundations and globally. Projects may highlight unrecognized issues, propose innovative policies for known problems, or suggest new advocacy approaches.

They should address themes spanning at least two areas of interest: human rights, government transparency, access to information and justice, and the advancement of civil society and social inclusion. Proposals are accepted from any location worldwide, with stipends ranging from $80,000 to $100,000.

Scholarship In Memory Of Jim Borden

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25.
  • Enrolled in or planning to attend an accredited four-year institution.

This scholarship, in memory of former Tribune-Review managing editor Jim Borden and awarded by Trib Total Media, offers up to $30,000 for a four-year program. It also includes guaranteed post-college employment.

The recipient must be studying communication, English writing, or journalism. Additionally, the scholarship provides a summer internship at Trib Total Media and a full-time job opportunity with the company upon graduation. Application deadline is February 29th.

The Lee Thornton Scholarship

The Lee Thornton Scholarship, managed by the Radio Television Digital News Association, offers a $2,000 educational grant along with an opportunity to participate in the Excellence in Journalism Conference for networking.

To apply, candidates must submit up to five of their top work samples. Preference is given to applicants from the University of Maryland and Howard University. The application deadline is January 15th.

The APC Co. NorthStar Scholarship

Qualification Criteria:

  • Prospective or current college students
  • Admission to a communications program at a U.S. college

Receive $5,000 towards your education through the APC Co. NorthStar Scholarship. This scholarship is distributed over two semesters and can be renewed annually with a GPA upkeep of 3.0 or higher. Offered by the brand communications group APC Co., the NorthStar scholarship aims to assist aspiring content creators. Recipients may also qualify for paid internships and additional prospects. Submit your application by the week of May 4th.

Scholarship For Journalism Targeting Minority Groups


  • Must belong to African American, American Indian, Hispanic, or Asian American communities.
  • Must be a senior student attending a high school in Ohio.

The Minority Journalism Scholarship offers $1,250 to individuals pursuing majors related to communications. You are not required to specialize in journalism; majors in marketing, advertising, and communications are also eligible. Along with the application form, you must provide two letters of recommendation, an official transcript, and an autobiography. The application deadline is May 15th


Scholarships for  journalism students in Europe provide journalists with the means to delve into significant stories or gain practical knowledge in their profession, often in different locales. Here, you’ll find an array of journalism fellowships across Europe catering to broadcast, print, radio, and digital media practitioners. Additionally, opportunities exist for recent graduates and students pursuing journalism.








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