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Scholarships for graphics design are aimed at defraying the expenses associated with obtaining a college degree. Individuals enrolled in programs related to fine arts, motion graphics, web design, print design, or graphic design may qualify for these scholarships.

Beyond financial assistance, graphic design scholarships may include additional benefits. These could entail opportunities for internships or access to complimentary design software. Providers of these scholarships typically request documentation such as FAFSA forms, transcripts, and standardized test scores.

Applicants are often required to present a portfolio showcasing their artistic work. It’s important to note that the selection committee may retain copies of the submitted work. For instance, a graphic design portfolio submission might involve creating fresh graphics for a social media profile or illustrating how attending college aligns with one’s aspirations.

Transform your artistic flair and dedication to art into financial aid for your education by exploring the diverse array of scholarships tailored for graphic design students. As the demand for graphic designers continues to rise in various industries, numerous professional bodies and companies are stepping up to assist aspiring designers in funding their studies.

With the continuous evolution of graphic technology, the career landscape for graphic designers has broadened significantly, encompassing fields such as web design, branding, marketing, logo creation, manufacturing, film production, art direction, illustration, and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for graphic designers are projected to surge by 35% within the computer systems design sector.

What Are The Reasons For Seeking A Scholarship For Graphics Design?

Scholarships for graphics design, being a monetary award, doesn’t require repayment as long as you adhere to the conditions. Consequently, obtaining such a scholarship can assist in preparing for a career with less student debt.

Prospective graphic designers typically need a bachelor’s degree to enter the field, utilizing a diverse skill set encompassing areas like printing, technical illustration, and computer graphics.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for graphic designers was $53,380 in 2020. Many graduates secure positions in publishing, branding, advertising, PR, and specialized design services.

Moreover, the average cost of a graphic design degree at a public college was approximately $6,533, with private institutions charging an average of $29,880.

Scholarships For Graphics Design

Scholarship In Honor Of Andy And Julie Plata

Administered by the Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation (EDSF), the Andy and Julie Plata Honorary Scholarship awards $2,000 annually to undergraduate students enrolled in graphic design, graphic communications, or a related visual arts program.

Eligible applicants should demonstrate entrepreneurial qualities, be enrolled at an accredited U.S. college or university, have achieved junior status, and exhibit a strong commitment to pursuing a career in graphic design.

To apply, students must submit a cover letter, respond to two essay prompts, provide a current resume detailing their work and extracurricular activities, secure at least two recommendation letters, and furnish official college transcripts.

Scholarship For Graphic Arts In Memory Of Ann Arbor

Since its establishment in 1981, the Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation has awarded scholarships of at least $2,500 to individuals, both young men and women, who are pursuing either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in graphic design with the aim of entering the printing and publishing field.

Qualified candidates must have graduated from high school, be residents of Michigan, enrolled full-time in an accredited two or four-year college, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0, and demonstrate a commitment to a career in printing.

Selection of recipients will be based on various criteria including academic performance, involvement in community activities, career goals, recommendations, relevant work experience, and academic achievements.

Scholarship Offered by Announcement Converters

Announcement Converters Inc., a graphic design company offering a variety of stationery products, has established the Graphic Design Scholarship. This scholarship awards $1,000 annually to driven students pursuing studies in graphic design, graphic arts, or related fields.

To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited college in the United States or Canada and demonstrate financial need. To apply, students are required to submit a brief 500-word essay outlining their vision for the role of specialty paper in the future of the graphic arts industry.

Scholarship for Visual Arts Supported by CBC Spouses

The CBC Foundation administers the Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship, offering up to $3,000 annually to a maximum of 10 African American students pursuing higher education in various visual arts disciplines such as graphic design, drawing, illustration, painting, photography, ceramics, architecture, and more.

To qualify, applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, be enrolled full-time in an accredited U.S. institution for their first undergraduate degree, demonstrate exceptional artistic abilities, and show leadership through community service. The application requires two letters of recommendation, a current resume, a personal statement of 1,000 words, and submission of photos showcasing five original artworks.

Scholarship For Graphic Design By DAZ 3D

The DAZ 3D Graphic Design Scholarship awards $1,000 each year to exceptional college students pursuing graphic design. This scholarship assists in covering various educational expenses such as tuition, books, and supplies. Eligible candidates must be at least 18 years old, U.S. residents, enrolled full-time at an accredited university, and maintaining satisfactory academic progress. To apply, students need to download the DAZ Studio software for free and utilize it to craft an original 3D graphic design piece on a topic of their preference.

Scholarships For Graphics Design

Scholarship Initiative By Design Sponge

Annually, the Design Sponge Scholarship Program partners with O’More College of Design to grant nine scholarships ranging from $250 to $2,500. These awards support graduating high school seniors, current undergraduates, or graduate students engaged in creative pursuits within various design fields.

Eligible disciplines encompass graphic design, fashion design, fine arts, studio design, interior design, web design, landscape design, theatre design, and related areas. Payments are disbursed directly to the recipients’ accredited U.S. educational institution, provided they are enrolled full-time and in good academic standing.

Scholarship By Frame My Future

Church Hill Classics sponsors the Frame My Future Scholarship Contest, offering $1,000 awards to five motivated individuals who showcase their future aspirations through original digital creations.

Open to full-time college or university students residing in the U.S., regardless of major, the contest accepts entries in various forms, including photographs, collages, graphic designs, poems, drawings, paintings, or short typed essays. Finalists will proceed to a one-month phase where the public will vote for their preferred submissions.

Scholarship Initiative for GCSF Students

Each year, the Graphic Communications and Career Advancement Foundation presents the GCSF Student Scholarship Program, targeting high school seniors or college students aspiring to careers in graphic design, printing, and publishing.

Eligible applicants must be residents of New York City’s five boroughs or specific counties including Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Union. Prospective graphic designers must furnish evidence of enrollment in a two or four-year college, official academic records, SAT/ACT scores, three letters of recommendation, and a portfolio showcasing original artwork.

Scholarship For Creativity In Graphic Design At Degree Hub

Twice yearly, Graphic Design Degree Hub presents the Creativity Scholarship, offering $1,500 to undergraduates or graduates pursuing majors in graphic design, animation, game design, multimedia design, or related artistic fields.

Eligible candidates, who must be U.S. citizens attending accredited colleges or universities with a minimum GPA of 3.0, are invited to apply by submitting a scholarship application and proof of citizenship before the deadline. Successful applicants demonstrate a fervor for the creative arts. Finalists might undergo a brief phone interview to delve deeper into their graphic design aspirations.

Scholarship In Honor Of Henry Dunlap

The Henry Dunlap Memorial Scholarship, administered by the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) since 1980, grants an annual award of $2,000 in tribute to the Dunlap Printing Company.

Established on the recommendation of the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia, this scholarship is available to eligible candidates pursuing an undergraduate degree in graphic design or graphic communications at a recognized U.S. institution.

Applicants must reside in the Philadelphia area, maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, demonstrate a commitment to a career in the printing industry, provide two reference letters, and have experienced either orphanhood or being raised in a single-parent household.

Scholarship By Madeline Gegenheimer McClure

The Madeline Gegenheimer McClure Scholarship, overseen by the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF), has granted $2,000 annually since 1978. It commemorates Madeline Gegenheimer McClure, a former board member of Baldwin Technology Corporation, known for her significant contributions to graphic arts education.

To qualify, applicants must pursue a graphic arts career, attend a four-year accredited U.S. university, maintain strong academic performance, engage in graphic arts research, and demonstrate financial need. Priority is given to children of Baldwin employees, though all aspiring graphic artists and designers are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship By MVP Visuals Design

The MVP Visuals Design Scholarship awards $500 annually to assist high school seniors or current undergraduates who are studying graphic arts, graphic design, or applied arts at a higher education institution.

Eligible candidates must intend to enroll in a recognized U.S. university in the upcoming fall semester, maintain a satisfactory academic record, and demonstrate the creative flair essential for success in graphic arts. To apply, students need to create an original digital visual design promoting the university they plan to attend, drawing inspiration from elements such as the logo, mascot, location, or mission statement, along with a 300-word explanation.


Even if you intend to pursue freelance or part-time graphic design gigs while studying, you might still face financial gaps due to increasing tuition fees. To make affording your graphic design degree easier, supplement your financial aid with various funding avenues such as scholarships and grants. Explore these excellent scholarships for graphics design to enhance your financial support while nurturing your artistic skills in higher education.


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