Scholarships For Event Management

Scholarships For Event Management

In summary, scholarships for event management, including those with partial funding, are vital tools that help students access education and reduce financial burdens. They enable individuals from various backgrounds to pursue academic goals, promoting inclusivity and fairness in higher education.

To navigate the scholarship application process effectively, students should research thoroughly, tailor their applications, and follow instructions closely.

Applicants can improve their chances by highlighting achievements, securing strong endorsements, and, when applicable, demonstrating financial need. Additionally, meticulous proofreading, seeking feedback, and perseverance are crucial for achieving scholarship objectives.

As a result, scholarships provide not just financial aid but also recognition, support, and motivation for students to excel academically and work confidently toward their educational aspirations.

In the field of hospitality, there’s a plethora of career pathways ranging from entry-level positions to advanced professional roles, which you can pursue and advance in within a relatively short time frame. Various sectors within the industry offer diverse job opportunities, allowing you to explore different areas of interest.

Once you’ve identified potential career paths, you can explore the study abroad scholarships in hospitality listed below to further enhance your opportunities

Scholarships For Event Management

Scholarship By University Of Technology

The University of Technology Sydney, commonly referred to as UTS, provides a Master’s program in Event Management for students from both domestic and international backgrounds. This program offers valuable insights into the event management sector, covering various aspects such as event planning, assessment, workshops, and internships from both local and global perspectives.

Studying in Australia can be financially challenging, especially for demanding courses like event management that blend theory with hands-on experience. Nonetheless, UTS extends scholarships for international students pursuing a Master’s in Event Management abroad.

Scholarship For Postgraduate Academic Achievement

As stated previously, UTS offers scholarships for postgraduate students interested in studying event management abroad. This scholarship extends beyond event management to encompass various other courses as well. Successful applicants will enjoy a 25% reduction in their tuition fees at UTS.

Who qualifies?

  • To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates must fulfill the following conditions:
  • Maintain international student status throughout the scholarship period.
  • Fulfill all admission requirements for the chosen Master by coursework program.
  • Begin full-time, on-campus studies at UTS.
  • Not have prior study experience in Australia.

Scholarship By University Of Florida

The College of Health and Human Performance at the University of Florida provides a course focused on event management aimed at improving your organizational and managerial abilities. The curriculum covers topics such as conference and special event planning, promotion, sponsorship, financial management, and production.

Scholarships are available through the University of Florida for students studying abroad in event management. The scholarship amounts range from $500 to $2,000 per award and are based on your academic performance during your first semester at the university. Eligibility for this scholarship begins after completing your first semester.


These scholarships, designed for event management studies abroad, are based on merit. You qualify to apply if:

  • Your major falls under the College of Health and Human Performance (which includes event management at UoF).
  • You have completed at least one semester successfully at the university at the time of application.

The MRU Scholarship

With MRU’s event management program, you’ll acquire hands-on skills and expert knowledge to effectively plan, advertise, and carry out various events.

Mount Royal University in Canada offers scholarships to high-achieving students with exceptional academic records who wish to study abroad in event management. To be eligible, you must apply for these scholarships after applying to the university. Successful applicants can receive up to CAD 6,000 each. You can apply for this scholarship using a single awards application form.

To be eligible for this scholarship:

  • You are attending Mount Royal for the first time and will be starting a degree, university transfer, or diploma program in the upcoming fall semester.
  • You have already graduated from a Mount Royal program and are beginning a new program at Mount Royal, or you are a current student entering a new program in the upcoming fall semester.

Scholarships For Event Management

Chevening Scholarship At London Metropolitan University

Consider enrolling in the Master’s degree program in event management if you’re considering studying this field in the UK. This course equips you with extensive expertise in all facets of event management, providing thorough preparation for a successful career.

Spanning one year, the program also offers opportunities for international engagement. While scholarships specifically for event management studies abroad aren’t available at the university, you can explore opportunities like the Chevening scholarships to support your studies there.

Online Program For Event Management

The International College of Hotel Management extends a scholarship opportunity to aspiring master’s students in hotel and event management who wish to study abroad. While there’s no specified deadline for this online scholarship, it’s open to all international applicants. Originally tailored for on-campus studies and practical experiences, the program has transitioned to online learning for 2023 and 2024 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


To qualify for this scholarship, candidates must be international students aiming for a Master’s degree in tourism management. Additionally, they must commit to distance learning rather than attending classes in person. Despite the shift to digital courses, the international student experience remains robust, ensuring continued global competitiveness and enhancing the recipient’s resume. The scholarship covers tuition for hotel management courses abroad and is awarded based on merit, requiring strong academic performance and evidence of both academic and professional accomplishments.


Recipients of this scholarship receive a 20% reduction in tuition fees for the semester of their studies at the university.

Frequently Asked Questions: Scholarships For Event Management

What is the extent of the event planning sector?

The event planning sector is incredibly diverse and expansive, offering opportunities to coordinate numerous events across various fields of interest.

Do you need an MBA for event management?

Although some students opt for an integrated MBA program for wider exposure and industry insights, it’s possible to kick start your career without one. While not a strict requirement, having an MBA can enhance your industry impact and value.


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