Scholarship Tips And Tricks: A Complete Guide

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In this post on the application process for scholarships, we’ll guide you through expert scholarship tips and tricks to follow before and during the scholarship application season.

Undoubtedly, scholarships represent the most favorable type of financial assistance, providing free funds to cover your college expenses. Despite the discouragement some may feel about applying due to the intense competition, where only a select few can emerge victorious, you need not resign yourself to this mindset.

There’s no reason why you can’t be among those successful applicants, and we firmly believe in your potential to do so! Moreover, there are proactive steps you can take to improve your chances of securing a scholarship.

However, before delving into these tips, we’ll address two commonly asked questions about scholarships.

What Is The Optimal Moment To Commence The Process Of Applying For Scholarships?

The optimal moment to initiate scholarship applications is essentially at your earliest convenience. Whether it’s today, yesterday, or tomorrow, any of these times is suitable. This suggestion stems from the fact that scholarship deadlines are spread throughout the year.

Therefore, the ideal period to commence the scholarship application process is whenever you find the time, and it’s advisable to do so before the deadlines associated with the scholarships you aspire to secure.

This might entail starting the process prior to the onset of your senior year in high school for some students, after completing college applications for others, and during the college years for everyone else.

The key message is that it’s never too late to begin the scholarship application journey.

Who Qualifies For Scholarships In College?

You and the majority, if not all, of your peers have the opportunity to apply for scholarships! This is because there are scholarships available for virtually every type of student.

We’ll provide more information on this later. At this moment, it’s important to emphasize that you don’t have to be an exceptional student with straight A’s or the captain of your high school football team to be eligible for scholarships. You simply need to be yourself.

However, it’s crucial to understand how to identify the scholarships that align with your profile and to learn the skills necessary for crafting a compelling application. So, let’s delve into our expert tips now!

Scholarship Tips And Tricks: A Complete Guide

Now that we’ve addressed those frequently asked questions, let’s delve into our key recommendations for the scholarship application process!

Build A Catalog Of Your Distinctive Characteristics:

Were you aware that there are scholarships tailored for almost every aspect of your identity? Scholarships are up for grabs based on factors such as your nationality, personal hobbies, GPA, language proficiency, involvement in extracurricular activities, and more. Whether you’re a swimmer, pianist, fantasy football enthusiast, or someone who has faced specific challenges, there are scholarships tailored just for you.

The key to securing substantial scholarship funds lies in not applying to every available scholarship but in strategically selecting those that align with your unique qualities. Successful applicants target scholarships that resonate with their individual profile, enabling them to present applications that paint them as ideal candidates.

To navigate this process effectively, we recommend starting by compiling a comprehensive list of your distinctive traits. You may be pleasantly surprised by the numerous scholarships that align with your specific skills and qualities, so leave no aspect of yourself unexplored!

If you’re uncertain about where to initiate this process, consider registering on Scholly and responding to our scholarship-matching questions. We’ll assist you in identifying your unique traits and discovering scholarships that perfectly match your profile!

Begin by jotting down details about:

  • Personal interests and passions
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Challenges you or your family have faced (such as illness, parental loss, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Career aspirations or goals
  • Academic achievements
  • Heritage and community ties
  • Gender identity or sex
  • Personality traits (such as strong leadership skills or a great sense of humor)
  • The university you are currently attending or the ones you plan to apply to

Discover Scholarships Based On These Characteristics

Once you’ve identified your distinct qualities, you can initiate your quest for scholarships. There are countless college scholarships available, ranging from well-known, highly competitive ones like the Gates Millennium Scholars Program and the Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship to more specialized ones with lower competition.

Locating specialized scholarships and those with less competition can be challenging, so thorough research is crucial. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from teachers, counselors, and current college students to enhance your search.

Additionally, make use of helpful tools for your scholarship search. These tools can streamline the process and help you identify scholarships that align with your unique traits, even those with limited competition.

Create a prioritized list of scholarship opportunities as you navigate through your search. Consider factors such as the scholarship deadlines, your unique suitability for each opportunity, and the potential monetary rewards. Each individual’s list may vary, but the ultimate aim is to apply for the most promising scholarships in a timely fashion.

When prioritizing, don’t rule out seemingly too-good-to-be-true opportunities, as taking bold steps can be rewarding. For instance, platforms like Scholly regularly provide substantial scholarship and student loan payoff chances that are simple to apply for. While high-value scholarships, like the Coca-Cola scholarship, may be competitive, it’s worth trying since there are always successful applicants.

Simultaneously, don’t overlook smaller college scholarships, typically ranging from $500 to $2,000. While these amounts may seem modest, every dollar matters, and accumulating multiple smaller scholarships can make a significant impact on your overall funding.

Establishing A Scholarship Routine:

It may seem evident, but it’s crucial to maximize your chances by applying for numerous scholarships—don’t cut corners.

Incorporating scholarship search and application into your regular college preparation routine is essential, similar to preparing for standardized tests. Allocate dedicated time for scholarship applications, and consider creating a structured scholarship schedule.

For instance, designate an hour every Monday to explore available scholarships and compile a list of the most promising ones. Then, on Wednesdays, spend an hour applying for a scholarship from your list. Choose a schedule that suits you and adhere to it. Despite our busy lives, allocating time for scholarship applications will pay off in the long run!

We strongly recommend aiming for 10 scholarship applications per month to significantly enhance your chances of success. If this seems daunting, break it down—it’s just 2-3 applications per week. The more you apply for, the higher the likelihood of winning.

It’s worth noting that there are numerous scholarships with straightforward application processes. Some applications take as little as 15 minutes! When planning your schedule, try to mix shorter and longer application processes for a balanced approach.

Scholarship Tips And Tricks: A Complete Guide

Create A Scholarship “Toolkit” (And Save Time Down The Road)

Ever wondered what a scholarship toolkit entails? Essentially, it’s a comprehensive collection of resources and insights essential for navigating the scholarship application process successfully!

By preemptively assembling all potentially required items and information for scholarship applications, you can expedite the application process.

The essential components for your toolkit encompass:

  • Personal details (name, address, email, parents’/guardians’ details, employers, etc.)
  • School information (name, address, graduation year, 6-digit high school code, etc.)
  • Latest transcripts (high school and/or college)
  • 1-2 letters of recommendation from teachers
  • Previously written scholarship essays
  • Parents’ most recent federal tax return
  • Completed FAFSA and SAR report (generated post-FAFSA completion)
  • Information on your student loan lender (if applicable)

Recent, clear photo of yourself (headshot style, shoulders up, without friends in the frame)

Will you require ALL of this for each scholarship? Probably not. However, the aim is to compile these resources and documents in advance, ensuring that if needed, you won’t waste time searching for them.

Take Your Time When Applying For Scholarships

Ensure that each application receives the attention it deserves, showcasing your capacity for careful consideration and diligence. To effectively apply for scholarships, dedicate ample time to:

  • Thoroughly reading all instructions, including fine print.
  • Getting acquainted with the entities providing the scholarships.
  • Reflecting thoughtfully on any essay prompts.
  • Crafting a compelling scholarship essay, if required (more details on this will follow).

Monitor Your Scholarship Applications

Being well-organized is crucial, especially when applying for numerous scholarships, as we strongly suggest. Whether you choose Search tools to bookmark upcoming scholarships, stay informed about due dates, and manage your application history (including successful ones), or opt for a spreadsheet, the key is to stay organized.

Regardless of your chosen method, maintaining a comprehensive record of scholarships and monitoring their progress guarantees that you won’t overlook valuable opportunities. This practice also aids in college budgeting, allowing you to track your earnings and assess the remaining expenses.

Adhere Strictly To The Instructions Provided:

Are you obligated to furnish your GPA, submit letters of recommendation, include a facial photograph, and write a 250-word essay detailing your community organization involvement? If so, ensure you follow each directive meticulously. Avoid straying from the scholarship’s guidelines, as deviating could lead to disqualification for trivial reasons.

While it may seem apparent, it is crucial to verify that you have submitted all required documents and demonstrated your eligibility. Prior to submitting each scholarship application, meticulously review the specified requirements to guarantee compliance.

Make sure to complete any “optional” tasks, even though the idea of taking on more work may not be appealing. Whether it’s an essay, a letter of recommendation, or even something unconventional like a joke, treat these additional requirements as “mandatory.” Taking on the extra effort demonstrates your initiative and determination, setting your application apart from others that may lack these supplementary materials. Aim to exceed expectations!

Craft Your Essay As A Story

Craft your essay as a narrative, incorporating a structure similar to the conventional introduction-body-conclusion model often encountered in academic writing. However, don’t feel constrained by excessive formality.

Maintain a professional tone throughout, steering clear of profanity, “text speak,” or controversial viewpoints. Strive to captivate your audience by vividly illustrating your experiences rather than merely stating facts.

When addressing common prompts like how a scholarship could positively impact your future, avoid overused expressions such as “it would mean the world to me” or “winning would be a game-changer.” Assume that the essay readers are familiar with these clichés.

Instead, provide specific details about how the financial support would reshape your life. For example, elucidate how the scholarship might enable you to undertake an unpaid internship at a local veterinary clinic, allowing you to contribute to the well-being of sick and injured animals. Emphasize the importance of such an opportunity in propelling you towards your ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian.

In essence, be meticulous and explicit, offering the readers a well-defined portrayal of your passions and aspirations.


When dealing with college expenses, scholarships stand out as the most beneficial type of financial assistance. Essentially, they provide free funds, and almost everyone qualifies for at least one scholarship! However, it’s crucial to understand essential scholarship tips and tricks on how to locate the ones that suit you best and those where you have a genuine chance of securing.


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