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Nursing stands as an esteemed vocation requiring immense effort, commitment, and fervor. Yet, for international students, embarking on a nursing education can pose significant financial challenges. Fortunately, numerous scholarships cater to aspiring nursing professionals worldwide. This article delves into the top 10 scholarships for nursing studies in China tailored for international students pursuing nursing careers.

These scholarships encompass various educational costs such as tuition, housing, and related expenses. Certain scholarships target students in particular countries, while others welcome applicants worldwide.

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate aspiring to undertake an undergraduate nursing program or a practicing nurse aiming to enhance your expertise with a master’s or doctoral degree, there’s a scholarship tailored to support your educational journey. Let’s delve into the top 10 scholarship for nursing studies in China accessible to international students.

Scholarship For Nursing Studies In China

Scholarships For Global Health Nursing Offered By Johnson & Johnson

The Johnson & Johnson Global Health Nurse Scholarships offer a valuable opportunity for nursing students worldwide seeking to advance their education. Administered by Johnson & Johnson, this scholarship is available to both undergraduate and graduate nursing students enrolled at accredited institutions.

It provides financial support for tuition, books, and related educational costs, alleviating the financial strain on students and enabling them to concentrate on their academic pursuits.

Eligibility for the Johnson & Johnson Global Health Nurse Scholarships requires a strong academic record and a dedication to enhancing health outcomes within one’s community. Preference is given to applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds or those who have encountered obstacles in accessing education. Successful candidates receive a scholarship covering all educational expenses.

In return, recipients commit to serving underserved communities post-graduation, contributing to the enhancement of healthcare accessibility worldwide.

The AACN Scholarship                                     

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is committed to promoting nursing education and research, offering various scholarship options for undergraduate and graduate nursing students. These scholarships are open to both domestic and international students enrolled in AACN member institutions.

Applicants undergo a rigorous selection process based on academic performance, leadership qualities, and dedication to enhancing nursing practice. Scholarship amounts vary and typically contribute towards tuition fees and related educational expenses.

Additionally, certain scholarships target students specializing in specific nursing areas like pediatrics or critical care. In essence, AACN scholarships present a valuable opportunity for nursing students to advance their education and professional endeavors in the field.

The STTI Scholarship

The Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (STTI) is committed to fostering excellence in nursing practice, education, and research. As part of this commitment, STTI offers various scholarship opportunities to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral nursing students who are members of the organization, regardless of their nationality.

These scholarships are highly sought after and are awarded based on academic performance, leadership qualities, and dedication to enhancing nursing practice. They typically cover a portion of tuition fees and other educational expenses, with some specifically tailored to students specializing in areas like maternal-child health or psychiatric nursing.

STTI scholarships not only support students in advancing their education and careers in nursing but also connect them with a global community of nursing professionals dedicated to upholding excellence in the field.


The Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program, a prestigious scholarship initiative overseen by the US Department of State, offers financial support to international students seeking graduate-level education, including nursing, in the US. This competitive program covers tuition, travel, and living expenses throughout the duration of the study. Applicants are rigorously assessed on academic excellence, leadership qualities, and dedication to fostering intercultural exchange.

Eligibility for the Fulbright Foreign Student Program requires citizenship in a participating country and completion of an undergraduate degree. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate a strong academic background and leadership potential in their chosen field.

Selection criteria prioritize candidates’ capacity to advance their field and enhance global understanding. For nursing students worldwide, the Fulbright program presents a unique opportunity to advance their education and gain invaluable experience studying in the United States.

Scholarship For Nursing Studies In China

Scholarship By Margaret Parkinson

The Margaret Parkinson Scholarship supports international students pursuing an undergraduate nursing degree at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. Named in honor of Margaret Parkinson, a revered nursing leader in New Brunswick, the scholarship covers tuition fees and related expenses, easing the financial burden for recipients.

Eligibility for the scholarship requires enrollment in the University of New Brunswick’s Bachelor of Nursing program, international student status, strong academic achievement, and demonstrated financial need.

Recipients are selected based on both merit and financial circumstances by a designated committee.

Scholarship Offered By The University Of Glasgow For Nursing Studies

The aim of the University of Glasgow Nursing Scholarship is to provide financial support to international students who are studying nursing programs at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

This scholarship covers the entire tuition fee for a one-year postgraduate nursing degree at the university. It is open to non-European Union students who have received an admission offer to study nursing at the University of Glasgow.

Eligibility for the scholarship requires applicants to be international students who have secured a place in the nursing program at the university.

Additionally, applicants need to demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and a strong dedication to their nursing education. Recipients are chosen based on their academic excellence by a panel of evaluators.

The University of Glasgow Nursing Scholarship presents a remarkable opportunity for international students to pursue their nursing education at one of the world’s leading universities while gaining valuable experience in Scotland.

Scholarship Offered By The Nursing Memorial Foundation

The Nursing Memorial Foundation Scholarship is designed to support Canadian nursing students financially as they pursue their education in Canada. Established in remembrance of Canadian nurses who served and perished during wartime, this scholarship is available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents enrolled in either undergraduate or graduate nursing programs at accredited Canadian educational institutions.

Covering various expenses such as tuition fees and books, the scholarship aims to assist deserving students in their academic journey.

Eligibility for the Nursing Memorial Foundation Scholarship requires applicants to be Canadian citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a nursing program at a Canadian university or college. Additionally, candidates must exhibit academic excellence, financial need, and a dedication to the nursing field. Recipients are chosen based on merit by a panel of judges.

This scholarship presents an invaluable opportunity for nursing students to pursue their education while honoring the legacy of Canadian nurses who have made significant contributions to their profession.

Scholarship For Nursing Studies In China

Scholarship By Louise Darling

The Louise Darling Nursing Scholarship is designed for international students enrolled in nursing programs in the United States, established to commemorate the legacy of Louise Darling, a revered figure in nursing and education. This scholarship supports both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing nursing degrees at accredited institutions in the US.

Eligibility criteria include enrollment in a nursing program, academic proficiency, financial need, and a dedication to the nursing field. Recipients are chosen based on merit and financial requirements by a panel of judges.

Beyond financial aid, the scholarship facilitates professional growth and networking opportunities. Awardees have access to conferences and events, fostering connections with fellow professionals and staying updated on industry advancements. This scholarship not only assists international students in their US nursing studies but also pays tribute to Louise Darling’s pioneering contributions to nursing.

Scholarships Offered By The Florence Nightingale Foundation

The Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarships offer nursing professionals in the UK a chance to advance their education and professional growth. This scholarship program, dedicated to honoring Florence Nightingale’s legacy, supports individuals seeking postgraduate studies in nursing, midwifery, or healthcare leadership at UK universities.

Eligible candidates must be UK-based nursing professionals with at least two years of experience, showcasing a dedication to advancing the nursing field and explaining how their studies will contribute. Selection criteria include merit and financial need, determined by a panel of judges.

These scholarships represent a valuable opportunity for UK nursing professionals to enhance their expertise and knowledge.

Recipients gain access to top-tier universities and renowned experts in nursing, alongside financial assistance. Moreover, the program offers mentorship and leadership development, empowering nurses for future leadership roles.

 Scholarship By Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Scholarship is available to women studying medicine or dentistry in the UK. It honors Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first UK woman to qualify as a physician and surgeon. The scholarship aids female students in these fields at UK universities, considering their academic performance, financial situation, and dedication to their profession.

Recipients are chosen by a judging panel based on merit and financial need. The scholarship supports women in pursuing medical or dental degrees, acknowledging Anderson’s groundbreaking contributions to these fields. It offers the chance to study at leading UK universities, learn from experts, and provides mentorship and networking to prepare for future leadership roles.


China is recognized as an excellent destination for nursing studies due to its substantially lower tuition fees compared to Australia and Canada. Despite the affordability, students can anticipate receiving top-notch education in modern learning environments. We have also provided you with the best scholarships for nursing studies in China to help your dream of studying in China come true.



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