Radiography Scholarships For International Students

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Obtaining a medical degree in radiography can be expensive, but there are radiography scholarships for international students available to alleviate the financial burden.

These scholarships often have broad eligibility criteria, encompassing various degree and certification programs.

They can be used to cover expenses such as textbooks, clinical rotations, and licensing fees. For those aspiring to a career in radiologic sciences, here are some top radiography scholarships for international students.

Radiography Scholarships For International Students

Scholarship For Radiography In Memory Of Sam Kotonias


  • Presently enrolled college students
  • Residing in the Hibbing/Chisholm region of Minnesota
  • Pursuing studies in diagnostic imaging

The Sam Kotonias Memorial X-Ray Scholarship is designated for students specializing in diagnostic imaging within Minnesota. Established by the relatives of an X-ray technician from Hibbing General Hospital, priority will be given to applicants residing in the Hibbing/Chisholm vicinity, though individuals from other areas are encouraged to apply.

Application requirements include transcripts, essay responses, and two letters of recommendation. The scholarship amount is $1,000.

Scholarship Offered By Intermountain Medical Imaging


  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0.
  • Must have graduated from a high school in Idaho.
  • Show interest in pursuing a healthcare-related career.
  • Either a current high school senior or college freshman.

Sponsored by Intermountain Medical Imaging, a healthcare facility specializing in outpatient imaging in Idaho, this scholarship supports local students aspiring to enter the medical field. Despite its title, applicants need not exclusively aim to become X-ray technicians; careers such as doctors, nurses, physician assistants, or radiology technologists also qualify.

To apply for the $1,000 scholarship, candidates must complete an application and submit a personal essay.

Scholarship For Medical Imaging At Murray

Qualification Criteria:

Enrolled as a first- or second-year student in a medical imaging degree program.

  • Completed clinical placement in a rural area.
  • Demonstrates financial need.

The Murray Medical Imaging Scholarship targets students in Australia or New Zealand. It imposes specific conditions, including an income cap and enrollment in a medical imaging degree program. However, it offers a $1,500 award that can be utilized for educational expenses. Priority is given to candidates intending to pursue careers in remote or rural regions post-graduation.

Scholarship Offered By Virginia Medical


  • Maintain a GPA of at least 2.75.
  • Be currently enrolled in the Mary Washington Hospital School of Radiologic Technology.

The Virginia Medical Imaging Scholarship, administered by the Mary Washington Hospital (MWH) network in Virginia, supports students pursuing careers as X-ray or radiological imaging technicians. Applicants must provide a letter of recommendation, a two-page personal essay, and transcripts along with financial aid documents.

The Healthcare Foundation Scholarship


  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0
  • Currently attending college
  • Resident of La Porte, Indiana

Administered by the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, this scholarship targets students pursuing associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. Eligible programs include Radiologic Technology (A.S.S.) or Medical Imaging Technology (B.S.). Additionally, the foundation provides two other scholarships for La Porte residents studying healthcare disciplines.

Scholarship By Bob Cassling


  • Individuals who are members of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.
  • Present practitioners in the field of radiology.

Administered by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, the Bob Cassling Memorial Scholarship targets professionals in medical imaging aiming to advance their education or career. Two recipients will be granted $4,000 each.

Priority will be granted to candidates employed in rural regions or those demonstrating a commitment to assisting these communities.

Radiography Scholarships For International Students

The Parsons Scholarship Program


  • Currently enrolled in college.

Supported by grants and contributions from ASRT members, the Parsons Degree Achievement Scholarship targets students pursuing either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in radiology imaging. The scholarship provides $2,000 to eight recipients annually.

Selection is conducted by a committee evaluating applicants’ academic records, professional accomplishments, essay quality, financial situation, and letters of recommendation.

Scholarship For Professional Advancement


  • Currently enrolled in college
  • Possess an unrestricted state license

The Professional Advancement Scholarship sets higher standards compared to others listed, yet it presents a valuable opportunity for X-ray technician students. It awards $2,500 annually to six students and $1,200 annually to one student.

Priority is given to candidates with existing licensure and active involvement in the radiology field. If you’re a working professional aiming to complete your degree and could benefit from financial assistance, this scholarship is tailored for you.

The Siemens Clinical Advancement Scholarship


  • Must be pursuing a certificate or degree in radiologic sciences.

The Siemens Clinical Advancement Scholarship, overseen by Siemens Healthcare, a German medical technology company, provides multiple scholarships to American students studying radiology and clinical pathology.

Specifically aimed at students enrolled in radiology programs, this grant awards $5,000 to four recipients annually. It’s a collaborative effort between Siemens Healthcare and the ASRT.

Scholarship For Minority Students By Royce Osborn


  • Belonging to a racial minority
  • Enrolled in a basic healthcare program

The Royce Osborn Minority Student Scholarship aims to level the playing field for marginalized students. It is awarded to individuals from racial minority backgrounds who are undertaking studies in radiology, sonography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, or magnetic resonance.

Candidates must be enrolled in an introductory degree or certification program rather than an advanced one. Five recipients will be granted a single payment of $4,000.

How To Find Radiographer Scholarship For International Students

Enumerate Your Distinctive Characteristics:

Scholarships are available based on a variety of criteria, such as personal interests, nationality, GPA, extracurricular activities, languages spoken, LGBTQ status, athletic abilities, musical talents, overcoming hardships, and more.

Therefore, it’s crucial to create a list of your unique traits to identify the scholarships that best match your profile.

Before applying, make a list of your strengths, starting with your personal interests and favorite extracurricular activities.

Consider your academic achievements, personal qualities, cultural background, gender, and past challenges you’ve faced. Then, apply for scholarships that align with these characteristics.

Grasp the Requirements Of The Application:

Once you’ve identified scholarships you’re interested in, it’s crucial to understand their specific requirements. Each scholarship may necessitate different documents or completion of various tasks. Common requirements include completing an application form or writing an essay.

Additionally, some scholarships might request letters of recommendation from professional or personal contacts. If this is required, it’s wise to ask for these letters from professors, teachers, counselors, or other sources several weeks in advance to allow ample time for their preparation.

Transcripts and diplomas may also be required, even for scholarships that are not merit-based. Some applications may ask for SAT or ACT scores.

For need-based scholarships, financial information such as parents’ income and tax details, along with a completed FAFSA form, may be necessary. Some scholarships may also request a resume or portfolio.

Submit Your Scholarship Applications In Advance:

Beginning the scholarship application process early is crucial, as overlooking deadlines can be detrimental. Maximizing your chances of success involves applying for numerous scholarships. Initiating the process sooner rather than later allows for better organization, potentially enabling you to establish a schedule for submission.

For example, you might aim to complete 10 applications monthly, equating to two or three per week. While many applications may be relatively brief, around 15 minutes each, it’s essential not to rush or compromise quality.

Rather, invest adequate time and attention into each application to present yourself as a strong candidate. Prioritize understanding the requirements, researching the sponsoring organization, and meticulously proofreading your materials to ensure your application reflects your dedication and thoughtfulness.

Compose An Exceptional Essay:

Not all scholarships will require an essay, but it’s common for most to do so. When an essay is required, it presents an opportunity to showcase aspects of yourself beyond test scores and GPA. To excel, carefully read and adhere to the application instructions.

If there’s a word count, stick to it. Also, don’t overlook requirements for supplementary materials like videos or photos.

Answer the essay prompt clearly and directly. For instance, if asked to discuss achievements despite setbacks, focus on that topic. Avoid clichés and generic statements when describing how the scholarship will impact your life. Instead, be specific about your aspirations and goals, providing a clear picture of how financial assistance will change your circumstances.

When writing, aim to reveal new dimensions of yourself beyond what’s in your resume. After completing your essay, proofread it thoroughly. Consider having someone else, such as a friend, parent, or teacher, review it as well to catch any errors you might have missed.

Continuously Monitor The Status Of Your Scholarship:

After you’ve completed scholarship applications and submitted all necessary materials, it’s important to regularly check their status. While waiting for feedback, maintain a positive outlook, as most organizations will inform you of their decision timeline.

Keep a detailed list of the scholarships you’ve applied for and update it with each new result. Remember to check your spam folder regularly to ensure you don’t miss any important notifications.


Radiography scholarships for international students have proven immensely beneficial, utilized by approximately 58% of families in 2020 to cover college expenses. However, securing a scholarship is a challenging endeavor, with just 1 out of 8 students expected to succeed. Therefore, when pursuing scholarships, it’s crucial to excel in the application process.

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