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Numerous poetry scholarships for international students cater to students passionate about poetry and creative writing. These opportunities not only support budding poets but also motivate them to pursue further education.

They serve as platforms for students to exhibit their poetic expressions and perspectives. Successful applicants stand to gain financial aid and the possibility of having their work published.

Many of these scholarships pay homage to renowned poets and their distinctive styles, while still allowing applicants the freedom to showcase their unique talents. Requirements may include submitting original pieces adhering to specific formats.

Some scholarships may have thematic or stylistic constraints; for instance, the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award focuses on the Jewish Experience but is open to all applicants regardless of their background.

How To Assess A Poem?

  • Assessing a poem involves considering various factors such as:
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Use of imagery
  • Artistic merit
  • Proficiency in poetic expression
  • Adherence to theme or style guidelines

Who Provides Poetry Scholarships For International Students?

Poetry scholarships are offered by colleges, poetry publications, charitable foundations, community groups, and private benefactors. Eligibility typically requires U.S. citizenship, with some scholarships also specifying age criteria. For instance, the Amy Lowell Travelling Poetry Scholarship necessitates a willingness to travel.

Many scholarships are awarded through competitions open to talented young poets, though some may entail submission fees to cover judging and administrative costs. However, alternatives like the Scholarship Poetry Contest, hosted by the Live Poets Society of New Jersey, offer free entry and cash prizes ranging from $100 to $500.

Is It Possible To Study Poetry In College?

Yes, colleges offer opportunities to study poetry, often through scholarships available to both prospective and current students. These scholarships are commonly awarded to individuals pursuing degrees in creative writing, such as English or a Master of Fine Arts (MFA). Some scholarships may require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to assess financial need.

What Are The Reasons To Contemplate Poetry Scholarships?

Receiving a scholarship for your poetry serves as a valuable financial aid, as it doesn’t require repayment. This opportunity can be particularly beneficial for funding your college education. According to recent statistics, a substantial number of students, totaling 42,795, graduate with bachelor’s degrees in English language and literature.

While many individuals engage in writing as a personal passion, some pursue it as a professional career. Professional writers and authors typically earn annual salaries ranging from $31,700 to $121,670. For those aspiring to such a profession, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is often the starting point. Gaining relevant experience along the way can significantly enhance prospects of securing employment in the field.

Poetry Scholarships For International Students

Grants For Poetry Offered By Ruth Lily And Dorothy Sargent

The Poetry Foundation and Poetry Magazine provide the annual Ruth Lily and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships, which stand as one of the most significant grants for young poets in the US. These fellowships aim to inspire continued exploration and creation in poetry. For more information and to apply, visit the link provided.

To apply for the Ruth Lily and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships, you’ll need to submit an application form along with your poems. Additionally, note that the Poetry Foundation, which publishes Poetry Magazine, administers the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize annually.

This esteemed award, established in 1986 by Ruth Lilly, recognizes the lifetime achievements of an American poet.

The fellowship includes a $25,800 prize, open to poets aged 21 to 31, encouraging their ongoing dedication to poetry.

Scholarship For Poetry Travel In Honor Of Amy Lowell

The poet Amy Lowell passed away in 1925, leaving behind a legacy that includes an annual scholarship designed to assist talented American poets in traveling abroad. Administered by the Trustees at the law firm of Choate, Hall & Stewart in Boston, Massachusetts, this scholarship aims to support poets in exploring new horizons.

Eligible applicants must be American-born poets willing to spend a year outside of North America. There are no age restrictions or requirements for enrollment in educational programs. While many past recipients have been published poets, previous publication is not a prerequisite.

The scholarship offers up to two awards of $30,250 each or one award of $60,500, with a total of $30,250 allocated for this scholarship.

Scholarship By Anna Davidson Rosenberg

The Anna Davidson Rosenberg Awards for Poetry reflecting the Jewish experience were founded in 1987 by Nedda Fratkin, Marvin Rosenberg, and Violet Ginsburg in memory of their mother, Anna Rosenberg (formerly Davidson). The 2020 edition of this annual poetry contest is backed by Poetica Magazine and Contemporary Jewish Writing.

Requirements for applying to the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award include filling out an application form.

Additional details specify that winning poems will be published electronically, with winners being notified via email. The award comprises scholarships valued at $1,000 each, with a total scholarship fund of $3,000.

Scholarship Slam by Power Poetry

The Power Poetry Scholarship Slam is open to aspiring poets residing in the United States who can submit an original poem on the designated scholarship slam theme. Power Poetry, an online poetry platform, operates under the conviction that words and poems possess the potential to enact change. For more details and to participate in one of our poetry programs, click here!

Application prerequisites for the Power Poetry Scholarship Slam include:

Submission of a poem

Additional Information: Power Poetry is an online poetry community built on the belief that words and poems hold transformative power. Applicants are permitted to apply for only one ongoing scholarship slam; applying to both will result in disqualification.

Award: $1,000 annually, with no renewal option. The total scholarship amount available is $1,000.

The Kurt Brown Scholarship

The Kurt Brown Prizes offer opportunities for individuals interested in participating in writers’ conferences, centers, retreats, festivals, or residencies. Annually, AWP presents three scholarships worth $500 each to up-and-coming writers aiming to join such events. To apply for the Kurt Brown Prizes, applicants must submit an application form.

Additionally, the scholarship honors Kurt Brown, who established WC&C in 1990, a coalition supporting writers’ conferences and festivals. Brown’s vision was to foster collaboration among these groups. A poet, editor, memoirist, essayist, teacher, and administrator, Brown mentored numerous writers. WC&C, now integral to the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, boasts over 120 member programs.

Each award is valued at $500 and is applied toward fees for attending one of AWP’s Directory of Conferences & Centers member programs, with a total scholarship fund of $500.

Poetry Scholarships For International Students

Scholarship Fund by 1-800-Wheelchair

The 1-800-Wheelchair Scholarship Fund is open to both international and U.S. undergraduate students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and are at least 16 years old. Each year, one to two awards of $500 each are granted, with a preference for applicants with mobility disabilities.

To apply, students must submit an essay, an official transcript, and ensure they’re in good academic standing. Recipients may reapply, but the scholarship is non-renewable. The total scholarship fund amounts to $1,000.

Poetry Contest for High School Students

High school students from the United States are invited to participate in this poetry competition. Entrants are required to submit a poem of 20 lines or fewer on a subject of their choosing. All winning entries will be featured in a publication. Those who prefer not to have their work published should refrain from entering. To find out more and apply, click the link today!

The application requirements for the National High School Poetry Contest include submitting a poem. It’s worth noting that all winning poems will be published; however, to safeguard entrants’ work, the publications will be copyrighted as an anthology by LPS Publishing and/or The Live Poets Society.

Nonetheless, neither LPS Publishing nor The Live Poets Society will claim ownership rights to the poetry, which will always remain with the poet. Entries will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, imagery, artistic quality, and the adeptness of poetic expression. There are no restrictions regarding theme or style.

As for awards, a $500 college scholarship will be granted to the American High School Poets’ “Poet of the Year.” Additionally, there will be four “Best of Issue” winners, each receiving a $500 scholarship prize (one selected per quarter), and four Editor’s Choice Selections, each receiving a $100 scholarship prize. The total scholarship amount awarded for this contest is $2,400.

Scholarship By Eleanor Wegg

This scholarship, called the Eleanor Wegg Poetry Scholarship, offers three annual awards. Two of these awards are valued at $500 each, while the third is valued at $1000. Eligible applicants are rising junior or senior undergraduates at any University of Michigan campus, majoring or minoring in English.

To apply, candidates must submit an application form along with an original written piece. Managed by Eleanor’s granddaughter, Michele Tucci, a proud third-generation Wolverine from the class of 1983, this scholarship totals $2,000 in awards.


With poetry scholarships for international students, international students with dreams of studying abroad can pursue their education with free money provided by the government, legacy foundations and private organizations. To secure a scholarship to study poetry, students are advised to check out scholarship websites for eligibility criteria and requirements.

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