Photography Scholarships for international students

Photography Scholarships for international students


Are you a present or future college student keen on pursuing a photography degree? Numerous scholarships are accessible to support you in covering your tuition fees. These photography scholarships for international students are grants offered by various organizations, businesses, as well as colleges and universities.

They play a vital role in assisting students in financing their education and achieving their academic and career aspirations. Given the increasing costs of college tuition globally, exploring and securing scholarships tailored for photography students is highly advisable.

Although it might initially appear to be a time-intensive endeavor, the effort invested will yield significant dividends in the future.

To kick start your search, the following list provides a brief overview of some photography scholarships for international students.

Photography Scholarships for international students

The Inge Morath Scholarship

The Inge Morath Award was established by the Magnum Photos members and has been supported by various photographers over time. Its aim is to aid young female photographers, aged under 30, in realizing their documentary projects.

The selection process involves assessment by Magnum Photos’ photographer members and a Morath Estate representative. Following evaluation of submissions, one winner and several finalists will be chosen for the award.

The YoungArts Scholarship

The YoungArts competition welcomes artists from diverse backgrounds, including photographers, who are currently enrolled in grades 8-12. Beyond monetary rewards, winners receive invaluable benefits such as professional growth opportunities, residency programs, chances for exhibitions and performances.

Not only do they secure financial support, but they also join an exclusive community of past winners and supporters. This network serves as a lifelong resource, offering assistance and connections throughout the artist’s career journey.

Scholarship By Janie Moore Greene

The Janie Moore Greene Scholarship Grant is bestowed upon a single student annually through the NANPA Foundation. Established by Janie Moore Greene, a accomplished photographer and author, this scholarship supports current college students pursuing or accepted into photography programs, whether at a two-year, four-year, or graduate institution. The recipient of this grant will be awarded $1,000 towards their tuition fees.

The NANPA Scholarship

The NANPA Summit College Photography Scholarship Program, initiated by the NANPA Foundation, offers college students the opportunity to engage in a hands-on storytelling initiative. This scholarship entails undertaking a field-based project that integrates nature photography, marketing, and videography. A total of twelve students are chosen to partake in this endeavor. During the project, participants will spend a week capturing images, filming videos, and editing content.

The culmination of their efforts will result in a marketing piece suitable for utilization by a nature center or program. Eligible applicants must be at least 19 years old and enrolled in either an undergraduate or graduate program, irrespective of their major.

The Anchell Document Photography Scholarship

Anchell Photography, Inc. presents the Anchell International Documentary Photography Scholarship, aiming to encourage involvement in societal concerns. The goal is to endorse the development of socially aware documentary photography. Applications are open to undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines.

Entries must narrate the subject being captured, depicting a clear portrayal of a place, event, group, individual, or environmental concern. Emphasis is placed on conveying the photographer’s emotions through the visual narrative. The scholarship award amounts to $1,000.

The Workshop by the Dow Jones News Scholarship

Since 1968, the Dow Jones News Fund has been hosting an annual summer workshop with the aim of motivating and supporting high school students, particularly those with a passion for journalism, to pursue their aspirations.

Recognizing the obstacles aspiring journalists face, DJNF established this workshop to provide financial support. Participants in the workshop will engage in writing and reporting on topics related to health and wellness, as well as gaining experience in photography, videography, and editing.

Scholarship By Lan Parry

The Ian Parry Scholarship was established to commemorate the late photojournalist Ian Parry, who tragically passed away in 1989 while on assignment for The Sunday Times. Conceived by Parry’s picture editor, Aidan Sullivan, in collaboration with friends and family, the scholarship comprises an international photography competition aimed at individuals pursuing full-time photography studies or aged under 24.

The competition is segmented into two categories: the Sunday Times Award of Achievement and the Canon Award for Potential. Both categories have identical criteria.

Entrants are evaluated based on the quality of their portfolios and the proposed project they would undertake if awarded the scholarship. Each winner receives a grant of $3,500 to support their project.

Scholarship By James Alan Cox

Every year, The James Alan Cox Foundation offers a scholarship aimed at supporting student photojournalists and photographers facing financial constraints. This opportunity is open to gifted student photographers or those deeply interested in photography.

Eligible candidates should either be high school students preparing for college or currently enrolled in a college or technical school. The selection process considers the applicant’s financial need as a primary factor in awarding the scholarship.

The Bob Lynn Scholarship

The Bob Lynn Grant, established by the National Press Photographers Foundation, aims to support aspiring and seasoned photojournalists in their endeavors to enact positive change through projects. Emphasizing the Foundation’s dedication to aiding impactful initiatives, applicants are tasked with crafting narratives that shed light on societal challenges within the United States, be they local or nationwide.

The overarching objective is to utilize photography and storytelling to drive meaningful societal shifts. The selected recipient will be awarded a $4,000 grant.

Photography Scholarships For International Students

The Bodie McDowell Scholarship

The Bodie McDowell Scholarship, provided by the Outdoor Writers Association of America, requires applicants to furnish letters of recommendation and samples of their work. Moreover, they must articulate clear objectives within the realm of outdoor communications.

This scholarship is exclusively available to students pursuing studies in outdoor communication disciplines such as photography, film, print, art, and broadcasting. Typically, three recipients are chosen for this scholarship, with the monetary award fluctuating depending on the quality of submissions, generally falling within the range of $1,000 to $5,000.

Scholarship by Quill & Scroll

Quill & Scroll provides several scholarships that are accessible to its members as well as the victors of the International Writing, Photography, and Multimedia Contest, alongside participants of the Yearbook Excellence Contest and Blogging Competition. Eligible candidates must be freshmen in college, studying journalism or a related discipline.

The scholarship funds can be utilized for tuition or accommodation expenses at any college, with the exact amount awarded dependent on the individual’s merits, typically falling between $500 and $1,500. Recipients will receive their awards in two installments.

The Project Launch Grant

The Center, an organization committed to promoting the photographic arts, introduced the Project Launch Grant. This grant supports outstanding photographers undertaking documentary projects or fine art series.

A cash prize is provided to grant recipients to aid in project completion. The grant will be awarded to one winner and two runners-up. The winner will receive $5,000, while each of the two runners-up will be granted $1,000. Priority will be given to individuals who have either finished their projects or are close to finishing them.

The Ivan Burnham Scholarship

The Vermont Professional Photographers Association introduced the Ivan Burnham Scholarship exclusively for its professional members. Eligibility for the scholarship requires active membership in good standing, with all dues paid up. Recipients are expected to detail their intended utilization of the scholarship within a year and utilize it within 18 months of receiving the award.

Scholarship For Inclusion Offered By Getty Images

Getty Images presents the Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship, designed to foster diversity and inclusivity within the realms of photography and photojournalism. Teaming up with minority journalism and photography organizations globally, Getty Images aims to provide a distinctive scholarship opportunity.

The primary objective is to empower budding talents from minority backgrounds by granting financial assistance for their educational pursuits, thereby paving the way for prosperous careers in the industry. Four recipients will be selected, each receiving a $10,000 grant towards their college tuition.

The Alexia Grant

The Alexia Foundation organizes the Alexia Grant Competition, designed for visual storytellers aiming to shed light on enduring social injustices. Both student and professional photographers are encouraged to participate. Successful applicants receive funding to develop projects geared towards driving positive change.

The competition specifically welcomes students from the University of Syracuse, offering a prize package covering tuition and fees for three courses at the Newhouse School. Winners also receive a $1,000 stipend and the opportunity to work as a paid research assistant to the Alexia Chair.

Scholarship By KODAK

Columbia College Chicago has introduced the Kodak Professional Photography Endowed Scholarship to support undergraduate photography majors financially. To qualify, applicants need to have finished a minimum of one year of college and have at least another full year remaining.

Additionally, they must maintain a GPA of 3.0 and submit a portfolio consisting of 15 to 20 photographs along with a statement of work elucidating the submitted photos. The selected recipient of the scholarship will be granted $5,400 to offset their college tuition fees, with half disbursed in the fall semester and the other half in the spring semester.

The NPPF Scholarship

The National Press Photographers Foundation provides numerous grants and scholarships catering to various photographers. While certain scholarships target undergraduate students, others are accessible to a broader spectrum of photographers.

You may find several of these opportunities intriguing, with aims ranging from highlighting environmental concerns to advancing humanity in general. Although most scholarships offer approximately $2,000, grants can reach up to $15,000. However, the competition for grants, being open to professional photographers, is expected to be intense.


Attending college might appear financially daunting, especially for aspiring visual artists. However, visual arts scholarships offer a valuable solution to this challenge. Numerous scholarships cater to various stages of education:


  • High school students
  • Currently enrolled college students
  • Graduate students focusing on photography

By conducting thorough research and applying for multiple photography scholarships for international students annually, you increase your chances of receiving financial assistance. This support can enable you to pursue your passion and ultimately establish yourself as a professional photographer.

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