8 Partial Scholarships For International Students In Europe

Partial Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships provide a simple solution for alleviating the financial challenges associated with pursuing education. When considering studying abroad, the preparation process extends beyond selecting universities and gathering admission materials. Effective planning and management of educational funding are crucial aspects for applicants pursuing overseas education. With numerous scholarships accessible to international students, the task of selecting the most suitable option can be daunting and challenging. In this blog, we offer guidance on partial scholarships for international students and outline their distinctions from fully funded scholarships. To gain further insights, keep reading.

How Do Partial Scholarships Work?

A partial scholarship can either fully cover your tuition expenses or only cover a portion of it. However, it usually does not provide any financial support for living expenses or travel costs. Nevertheless, certain partial scholarships may cover everyday expenses, while students themselves are responsible for educational costs. On the other hand, a full scholarship covers all expenses associated with attendance.

The specific coverage provided by a scholarship can vary significantly. Generally, scholarships typically include tuition fees, accommodation and meals, academic materials, and various school-related activities and programs in some capacity.

8 Partial Scholarships For International Students:

Scholarship For Outstanding Masters Study At Central European University In Hungary:

The Master’s Excellence Scholarship provided by the Central European University in Hungary is regarded as one of the most outstanding scholarships in Europe. The university is currently accepting applications for this scholarship opportunity. However, individuals who are permanent residents of Budapest are ineligible for CEU housing.

Master Scholarships At IDEX University Grenoble Alpes For Foreign Students In France:

The Université Grenoble Alpes, through its “Initiative excellence” (IDEX) program, is currently accepting applications for the Master Scholarship program. Foreign students applying to the Master’s program at Grenoble are eligible to apply. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of 8000 euros per academic year for Master 1 and 5000 euros for Master 2.

Postgraduate Courses Scholarships From The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD):

DAAD, which stands for the German Academic Exchange Service, is a highly regarded scholarship program in Europe. It provides funding for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses Scholarships, which are open to international students. The scholarships cover various fields of study and are specifically designed for foreign applicants who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in Germany. The benefits of the DAAD scholarship include a monthly stipend of €750 for undergraduate students and €1,000 for doctoral students, as well as coverage of round-trip airfare.

Dutch Masters Students’ Study Fund At Radboud University Medical Center:

The Radboud University in the Netherlands is welcoming international applicants to apply for the Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund. This fund provides a scholarship opportunity for exceptional students who wish to pursue the Master’s program in Biomedical Sciences or Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. It is important to note that the scholarship is highly competitive and only a limited number of students will be selected.

Theology Masters Scholarship For Female International Students In The Netherlands:

The Radboud University, specifically the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies, is accepting applications for the Scholarship for exceptional female students from Asia or Africa who aspire to pursue a Master’s program in Theology. This scholarship opportunity is open to international students and aims to support their studies for the three-year Master’s program, commencing on September 1st.

Master’s Scholarships From The Commonwealth For Developing Nations:

Applications are now being accepted for the Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships, which are available to individuals from developing nations and low to middle-income countries within the Commonwealth. These scholarships provide opportunities for pursuing full-time Master’s programs at universities in the United Kingdom.

International Students Can Apply For LSE Graduate Scholarships:

The LSE, also known as the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, is accepting applications for the Graduate Support Scheme scholarships intended for international students. Each year, approximately £2.6 million is allocated to the Graduate Support Scheme (GSS) as financial assistance. This program aims to provide support to students who lack sufficient funds to cover all their study expenses.

EURECOM EIT Digital Master Scholarship For International Students In Cyber Security:

EURECOM provides the EIT Digital Master Scholarship in Cyber Security for international students during the 2019 academic session. This program allows students to spend one year at a starting university and another year at a concluding university, both located in prominent EIT Digital locations across Europe.

Partial Scholarships’ Benefits:

During each award cycle, partial scholarships tend to attract a smaller pool of applicants. This increases your chances of being accepted as you have fewer competitors to contend with. Moreover, the advantage lies in the fact that students can submit multiple scholarship applications simultaneously. By applying for multiple partial scholarships and securing several modest awards, you can accumulate a significant amount of financial aid.

Comparison Of Partial And Fully Funded Scholarships

Scholarships are commonly categorized into two main types based on their coverage: fully funded and partially funded scholarships. To prevent having unrealistic expectations, it is important to understand the specific expenses that a scholarship will or will not cover when applying. Prospective scholars also require knowledge in order to effectively manage their finances and select the appropriate scholarship programs they wish to apply for.

Scholarships With Full Funding

The purpose of these scholarships is to assist students with their financial requirements during their educational journey, typically addressing their tuition fees and potentially extending to cover living expenses, travel and moving costs, health insurance, purchasing academic materials, and in certain cases, even aiding the relocation of the student’s family.

Partially Funded Scholarships:

Unlike fully funded scholarships, which cover all expenses, partial scholarships only cover a portion of the total cost of attendance. The extent of coverage differs depending on the organization providing the scholarship. These scholarships may be awarded to reduce the tuition amount that a student has to pay, such as 50% tuition-reduction scholarships. Alternatively, they may only cover living expenses or, in certain instances, both living and educational costs. In such cases, students are responsible for securing additional funding or seeking alternative sources to cover the expenses not included in the scholarship.

Process For Applying For Partial Scholarships

To apply for a scholarship, students can follow these simple steps:

  • Choose the scholarship that suits your needs and interests.
  • Fill out the Financial Declaration form accurately.
  • When applying, ensure you provide the precise amount of funding you have arranged for your studies.
  • Only include financing in your Declaration of Finances that you have already secured or are certain you will obtain.

Note that if you receive a tuition waiver, you may need to provide appropriate documentation of your financial situation.

Complete the Scholarship section of the online application carefully, selecting the appropriate option based on whether you are applying for a fully funded or partial scholarship.


Europe provides numerous benefits and opportunities for students in all fields of education, including Master’s, Ph.D., and undergraduate programs, surpassing other continents in terms of study options and plans.

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