Partial Funded Scholarships For International Students


Partial funded scholarships for international students play a vital role in removing financial obstacles to education, enabling learners from diverse backgrounds to pursue their academic goals.

They serve as a valuable resource for financially challenged students, offering assistance with a portion of their educational expenses. Understanding the concept and significance of partial scholarships empowers students to make informed decisions about seizing such opportunities.

Proficiency in navigating higher education finance, gained through grasping the importance of partial scholarships, enhances access and success.

This article will explore the top partial funded scholarships for international students in 2024.

What Exactly Do Partial Funded Scholarships Entail?

A partial funded scholarship can either pay for all or part of your tuition fees. Usually, it doesn’t include funding for living expenses or travel costs. However, some partial scholarships may assist with daily expenses, leaving educational costs to students. Partial scholarships contribute to certain expenses associated with schooling, while full scholarships cover all costs. The specific coverage of a scholarship varies widely, but typically includes tuition, accommodation, academic materials, and school-related activities.

Benefits Of Partial funded Scholarships For International Students

Financial Aid

Partial scholarships play a crucial role in alleviating the financial strain of education for students. These scholarships assist in covering expenses such as tuition fees, textbooks, and accommodation, thus relieving the financial stress experienced by students and their families. For many learners, the availability of partially funded scholarships makes pursuing higher education feasible, providing them with essential support to pursue their academic aspirations without financial concerns.

Increasing Accessibility

Partially funded scholarships are fostering greater access to education for students from diverse backgrounds. By offering assistance with various educational expenses, these scholarships eliminate financial barriers that could otherwise hinder students from pursuing higher education. Consequently, individuals from low-income backgrounds, including those from disadvantaged families, can access quality education and unlock their potential, ensuring social mobility and equity in education.

Acknowledgment and Assistance

Partial scholarships not only offer financial aid but also acknowledge and support deserving students. Receiving a scholarship boosts students’ morale by recognizing their academic achievements, inspiring them to excel further. Additionally, scholarship recipients often gain access to mentors, networking opportunities, and academic resources, which provide valuable guidance and assistance throughout their studies.

Encouraging Academic Excellence

Scholarships serve as powerful incentives for students striving for academic and extracurricular success. The prospect of securing full or partial sponsorship motivates students to set high academic goals and actively participate in activities that enhance their learning experience.

Scholarships cultivate a culture of achievement and meritocracy, fostering healthy competition among students and encouraging them to surpass their academic limits. Moreover, the prestige associated with receiving scholarships encourages students to remain focused on achieving excellence in their chosen fields of study.

Varieties Of Partially Funded Scholarships For International Students

Merit-based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements, as well as involvement in extracurricular activities or holding leadership positions. These awards recognize students who have excelled academically and in other areas. Applicants typically need to meet specific requirements, such as minimum GPA scores and SAT/ACT/TOEFL marks. Merit-based scholarships help reduce economic disparities and open up opportunities for further education, fostering talent across various fields.

Need-based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are awarded based on the financial situation of the student’s family, considering their income and assets relative to household size. These scholarships assist students whose families cannot afford college tuition, covering part or all of the fees, and sometimes providing additional support for books or living expenses. By addressing major costs like tuition and textbooks, need-based scholarships significantly contribute to higher school completion rates among economically disadvantaged children, helping to remove financial barriers to education.

Diversity Scholarships

Diversity scholarships aim to promote inclusivity by supporting individuals from underrepresented groups within institutions or regions. These programs encourage diversity by facilitating access to universities and other educational institutions for individuals of various ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds. Scholarships may target minority populations, including Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, LGBTQ community members, among others, fostering inclusivity and enabling individuals with disabilities to pursue their academic and career goals.

Subject-specific Scholarships

Subject-specific scholarships are awarded based on the student’s chosen field of study, academic discipline, or desired career path. These scholarships support individuals pursuing careers or higher education in specialized areas such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), humanities, business studies, health sciences, and the arts. Some scholarships are sponsored by universities, while others are supported by businesses or foundations interested in specific fields. By supporting students in their academic pursuits, subject-specific scholarships enable talented individuals to pursue their passions, leading to progress and innovation in various fields.

Partial Funded Scholarships For International Students

Scholarship for Global Excellence at VU Brisbane

The VU Brisbane Global Excellence Scholarships, among the top 5 partial funding opportunities, are available for international students pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degrees at Victoria University in Australia. These scholarships cover studies in diverse fields including Business, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Business Analytics, Marketing, and Information Systems. For more information about this fantastic scholarship program

Scholarship By The Hubei Provincial Government In China

The Hubei Government China Scholarships provide partial financial aid for international students who wish to pursue undergraduate, master’s, or PhD degrees at universities in China. These scholarships cover a wide range of subjects, offering students the chance to enhance their knowledge in one of the world’s most dynamic academic settings. Below is a summary of the Hubei Government China Scholarships:

  • Sponsor: Hubei Government, China
  • Financial Coverage: Partial Funding
  • Eligibility: Open to International Students
  • Fields of Study: All Subjects
  • Location: Universities in Hubei Province, China

Bremen University’s Scholarship for Constructors

Formerly known as Jacobs University Bremen, Constructor University Bremen offers scholarships for international students pursuing Master’s degrees in select programs. These scholarships, supporting fields such as Data Science, Supply Chain Management, and Data Engineering, provide financial assistance of up to 10,000 euros per year. Here’s a summary of the Constructor University Bremen Germany Scholarships:

  • Type: Partial Funding
  • Award: Up to €10,000 per year
  • Eligibility: Open to international students
  • Degree Level: Master’s
  • Location: Bremen, Germany
  • Deadline: June 1, 2024

Scholarships by the Neufert Foundation in Germany

The Neufert Foundation in Germany offers partial funding opportunities for international students pursuing Master’s degrees in Architecture/Urban Development or Landscaping at German universities. These scholarships, designed to promote excellence and nurture talent, are invaluable resources that help students shape their future education. Here is a comprehensive overview of the Neufert Foundation Germany Scholarships:

  • Provider: Neufert Foundation
  • Type: Partial Funding
  • Eligibility: Open to international students
  • Degree Level: Master’s
  • Location: Universities in Germany
  • Deadline: May 15th, 2024

Student Research Fellowships At ICFO In Spain

Student Research Fellowships, partially funded by ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, are available through ICFO in Spain. These fellowships support international scholars conducting photonics research at ICFO. Details regarding the ICFO Spain Student Research Fellowships include:

  • Provider: ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences
  • Funding: Partially funded
  • Type: Student Research Fellowships
  • Eligibility: International students only
  • Location: Spain

Application Process Partial Funded Scholarships For International Students


To initiate the application process for partially funded scholarships, students should conduct thorough research to identify suitable opportunities. This involves checking scholarship databases, college financial aid websites, and reaching out to academic institutions or organizations for information on available scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

It’s crucial to understand the common eligibility requirements for partially funded scholarships, which may include academic achievements, financial need, community engagement, leadership roles, or specific demographic criteria. Students should carefully review the eligibility criteria before applying to determine if they qualify for the scholarship.

Application Materials

The application materials for partially funded scholarships typically include various documents such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements/essays, financial aid forms, and proof of extracurricular activities/achievements. Students must ensure they collect all required documents, prepare them accurately, and submit them following the guidelines provided by the scholarship provider.


Adhering strictly to deadlines set by schools is crucial when applying for partially funded scholarships. Failure to meet deadlines can result in automatic disqualification, even if one’s qualifications are outstanding. Students should create a timeline with deadlines for each scholarship they wish to apply for and allocate enough time for completing and submitting applications prior to the deadline to track their progress.

Advice for Securing Partially Funded Scholarships For International Students

  • Initiate your scholarship hunt early to allow ample time for research and application preparation.
  • Explore a wide array of opportunities to enhance your prospects.
  • Tailor each application to effectively showcase your unique strengths and qualifications.
  • Highlight academic achievements, involvement in extracurricular activities, and leadership roles.
  • Secure supportive letters of recommendation to bolster your candidacy.
  • Ensure all application materials are clear, professional, and meticulously proofread.
  • If applicable, clearly articulate your financial need in scholarship applications.
  • Adhere closely to application instructions to avoid disqualification.
  • Seek constructive feedback from trustworthy individuals to enhance the quality of your applications.
  • Recognize that pursuing scholarships may involve setbacks or rejections but requires ongoing, dedicated effort.


In summary, partial funded scholarships for international students, including those with partial funding, are vital tools that help students access education and reduce financial burdens. They enable individuals from various backgrounds to pursue academic goals, promoting inclusivity and fairness in higher education. To navigate the scholarship application process effectively, students should research thoroughly, tailor their applications, and follow instructions closely.

Applicants can improve their chances by highlighting achievements, securing strong endorsements, and, when applicable, demonstrating financial need. Additionally, meticulous proofreading, seeking feedback, and perseverance are crucial for achieving scholarship objectives. As a result, scholarships provide not just financial aid but also recognition, support, and motivation for students to excel academically and work confidently toward their educational aspirations.


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