Nonprofit Organizations Scholarships In Europe

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Nonprofit organizations scholarships in Europe is one of the programs through which international students can afford to study in any European countries.

Non-immigrant international students, also referred to as international students, are individuals who journey to foreign countries for educational purposes or to participate in workshops.

Each year, over 1 million students enroll in universities in the United States, fostering a year filled with the cultivation of fresh talent, exploration of cultural nuances, and contributing to the overall development of the respective nation.

Academically gifted international students have the opportunity to seek grants and scholarships to alleviate financial burdens. This enables them to save money and allocate additional funds to other areas. Numerous charitable organizations provide these financial aids to students in the USA and UK.

Nonprofit Organizations Scholarships In Europe

The AAUW Scholarship

Since 1881, their commitment to advocating for women’s education has positively impacted girls worldwide. They strive to eliminate obstacles to gender equality, empowering girls to pursue leadership positions.

Their initiatives target reducing the gender disparity in workplaces, alleviating student debt burdens, and fostering girls’ education.

By extending fellowships to non-US citizen or resident women, they assist these individuals in attaining their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Given the extended time it typically takes for women to repay student loans because of the gender pay disparity, they often have to forego contributions to their retirement savings.

AAUW advocates for legislation that promotes equitable policies for all students and the creation of additional grants for those from low-income backgrounds.

The AIE Scholarship

NAFSA offers financial assistance such as scholarships, reduced tuition rates, and fee waivers to international students during crucial times. Through their renowned social media initiative, ‘#YouAreWelcomeHere’, the United States extends a warm invitation to students worldwide, emphasizing its inclusive, welcoming, and supportive academic atmosphere.

Additionally, they offer an extensive array of options for accessing assistance from these educational institutions and offer guidance to international students regarding different grants and scholarships available.

The IIE Scholarship

IIE, established in 1919 as an international nonprofit organization, collaborates with governmental bodies, educators, policymakers, and employers to devise and execute strategies aimed at equipping students for their future endeavors.

Additionally, their initiatives cater to various groups such as artists, international students, marginalized communities, and scholars facing potential challenges. With a staff exceeding 600 members, IIE has formed partnerships with 1,600 educational institutions to support approximately 29,000 individuals enrolled in their programs.

In instances of natural disasters or emergencies, they have set aside funds specifically designated to offer grants to international students. Their scholarship and training initiatives aimed at international students facilitate a seamless transition for them.

The MPOWER Scholarship Program

Manu Smadja and Mike Davis established MPOWER in 2014 with a shared vision of eliminating financial obstacles for international students pursuing higher education abroad. Their dedication resulted in 5,000 students graduating without financial burdens.

To further support students, they introduced the MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship, offering up to $10,000 to eligible recipients, aiming to broaden the experiences of international students.

The ISF Scholarship

The ISF supports young adults who have transitioned out of foster care by offering scholarships, assisting with essential expenses, guiding them in making life decisions and planning for the future, and providing opportunities to engage in annual leadership conferences hosted in Dallas.

Scholarship opportunities are open to both undergraduates and graduates, with renewal possible annually contingent upon meeting GPA criteria and engaging in mentoring programs.

Nonprofit Organizations Scholarships In Europe


Amideast, established in 1951, positions itself as a prominent nonprofit in the United States. Their mission involves enhancing the educational landscape and broadening the reach of training and related initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa.

Their overarching goal is to provide equitable opportunities for individuals to realize their aspirations and maximize their potential.

Students who submit their program applications on time are eligible for awards, which are announced within a month. Additionally, participants receive a discount on their subsequent program. Scholarships, which can provide up to $5,000, are awarded based on factors such as financial need, academic achievement, and other criteria.

In addition to this, their alternative programs assist students in obtaining either $1,000 per semester or a reduction in tuition fees.

The SSRC Scholarship

Since its inception in 1923, this autonomous organization has aimed to promote pioneering research, rally resources for pressing societal concerns, and support the development of upcoming generations. By integrating insights from practitioners, scholars, and decision-makers and addressing key concerns, they endeavor to devise inventive and adaptable solutions applicable to all.

They provide scholarships and offer fellowships to international students who opt to pursue studies in the field of social sciences.

The ISH Scholarship

This organization supports students globally in reaching their educational aspirations. It offers scholarships, chances for advancement, and a secure environment for international students, regardless of background.

Mary Trevelyan initiated ISH in 1965, emphasizing a foundation of inclusive community values, camaraderie, and collaboration. Over the last couple of years, they’ve welcomed over 54 scholars from 33 different nations.

They ensure to offer scholarships tailored to individuals’ abilities and academic achievements through strong affiliations with 15 universities. Among these prestigious London institutions are the Royal College of Music, Windle Trust International, Imperial College London, University College, and several more.

The CIS Scholarships

Students seeking flexibility in their study abroad experience might want to explore CIS Abroad, a provider offering various programs across Europe, including semester, summer, and January term options, along with internship opportunities. With a focus on providing students with excellent value, CIS Abroad ensures financial support throughout the program.

They offer scholarships ranging from $250 to $500 for European study abroad, as well as travel grants covering passport fees and airfare. Application deadlines vary: April for Fall programs, October for Spring programs, and March for summer programs.

The SIT Scholarship

SIT Study Abroad programs diverge from typical study abroad locations. If you’re intrigued by the idea of spending a summer in Iceland or a semester in the Czech Republic, SIT is your destination. They provide financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants based on need, ranging from $500 to $5,000 for semester-long programs.

Additionally, they offer a matching program for students utilizing federal Pell Grants. With three deadlines annually, contingent on your program’s timing, it’s crucial to stay vigilant with the calendar to seize these opportunities.


Global education positively impacts the economy of the nation and broadens students’ perspectives significantly. The diverse range of nonprofit organizations scholarships in Europe programs and subsequent job prospects foster a sense of independence and confidence among students. While occasional emotional challenges related to being away from family may disrupt their routine, the overall transformative experience far outweighs any temporary setbacks.





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