Scholarships For Liberal Arts Students Abroad

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A complete list of scholarships for liberal arts students abroad can be found in the guide that follows. You will also gain knowledge on the significance of minimizing student debt and the financial aid application process.

Resources for particular learner types, such as single parents, veterans and active military, and those with impairments, are included at the end of the handbook

The scientific fields of study, social sciences, arts, and humanities are all included in the liberal arts, which have historically served as the foundation for academic research in Western higher education. Anthropology, economics, English, mass media, mathematics, and psychology are among the most popular majors. You can pursue a wide range of occupations in the public, corporate, and government sectors thanks to the broad breadth of a liberal arts education.


What is the cost of a liberal arts degree?

Apply for scholarships and other financial awards that you are not required to repay in order to help pay for your tuition and lodging. If none of these choices work for you, you can always apply for government loans, which often have lower costs than loans from bank and other commercial organizations.

Are there lots of grants available to students studying the liberal arts?

The liberal arts encompass a wide range of academic disciplines, including biology, literary works, geography, and statistics. Because of this breadth, locating liberal arts scholarships ought to be simple. Look through the options in this guide before looking into alternative award schemes.

Where can I look for liberal arts degree scholarships?

Scholarships are available from public and private organizations, corporations, associations in the economic and professional worlds, and religious institutions. Financial aid is another service your college or institution offers to liberal arts students. Focus your search not only on your major but also on common factors like race, region, and career aspirations.

Do liberal arts students have access to grants?

Despite the fact that many individuals confuse the terms “scholarship” and “grant,” there are differences between these two types of financial aid. Grants owing to financial necessity and scholarships awarded on the basis of merit are typical. The majority of grant financing comes from the federal government. Additionally, local and state organizations may offer liberal arts grants.

How can I apply for a scholarships for liberal arts students abroad?

Scholarships are awarded based on merit or need. The former criterion is dependent on the expected expense of your postsecondary education as well as the financial situation of your family. Merit-based award programs typically take into account your work history, leadership and extracurricular accomplishments, and academic record.

Scholarships For Liberal Arts Students Abroad

Whatever your field of study—history, gender studies, sociological research, or comparative literature—you can get liberal arts scholarships for it. There are additional awards based on the type of research and profession you wish to pursue. Moreover, a lot of scholarship programs focus on a particular group of students, such as women, LGBTQ people, and those from underprivileged and low-income backgrounds.

Program For AFSCME Union Scholars

Who Qualifies? This award is being offered to students of color who are enrolled in their freshman or third semester of an undergraduate course of study by the U.S. Federation of State, County, and Metropolitan Employees. Recipients get a monetary prize as well as a 10-per week summer internship, which provides them with practical experience advocating for social and economic justice.

Award Amount: varies according on need for money

The ACES Bill Walsh Prize

Who Qualifies? This award, which is funded by ACES: the American Society for Editing, is available to graduate students as well as juniors and seniors in undergraduate studies. While academic majors are not taken into consideration by the committee, applicants must have a passion for reporting and editing. A 500 word essay, three references, a résumé, and three writing assignments must all be sent in.

Amount of Award: $3,500

The Beinecke Scholarship

Who Qualifies? Junior undergraduate students enrolled at participating institutions and universities may be nominated. Applicants should have a strong academic background and excellent intellectual faculties. They have to intend to pursue a graduate degree in the humanities and social sciences with a research emphasis. Candidates must also provide proof of their need for money.

Prize Money: $4,000.

The Bill McKnight Foundation Scholarship

Who Qualifies? Students can apply for more than 60 scholarships offered by the Pride Foundation using a single form. One such opportunity is the Bill McKnight Foundation Scholarship, which offers financial aid to LGBTQ students pursuing arts and humanities undergraduate degrees. Although candidates from anywhere in the United States are welcome to apply, the committee favors those from Kitsap County and Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Prize Money: $2,000.

Scholarship Bodie McDowell

Who Qualifies? This scholarship, which is supported by the Environment Writers Organization of America, helps students who want to major in creative writing, photography, art, film, communications, or English at the undergraduate or graduate levels. Letters of recommendation and a portfolio of one’s professional work are required application materials. The academic background of a candidate is also evaluated by the scholarship committee.

Prize Money: $1,000– $5,000

Scholarship CRCA

Who Qualifies? This renewable scholarship, which is funded by the Chicago Rooftop Contractor Association, assists high school graduates from Chicago and the neighboring Illinois counties who are about to graduate. Candidates must intend to pursue an undergraduate degree in engineering, business, architecture, or the liberal arts. The award committee takes into account the student’s academic record, employment history, extracurricular activities, and instructor recommendations.

Prize Money: $4,000.

The Davidson Foundation Fellows Scholarship

Who Qualifies? The Davidson award, which is recognized as one of the biggest undergraduate scholarships globally, is given to students who are 18 years of age or younger. Candidates must have finished a significant piece of work in a subject like mathematics, philosophy, music, or literature. They could also turn in a creative piece that integrates ideas from several academic fields.

ten thousand dollars $25,000, or $50,000 will be awarded.

Prize in Ethics from the Elie Wiesel Foundation

Who Qualifies? This essay competition is open to full-time university juniors and seniors. It is sponsored by the Foundation for Elie Wiesel for Humanity. As long as the essay addresses an ethical dilemma, problem, or issue, applicants are free to write on any subject they choose. Possible subjects include a personal problem, a scholarly investigation, a global emergency, or a moral conundrum in movies and books.

Prize Money: $500– $5,000


You have access to the same possibilities for scholarships for liberal arts students abroad as students majoring in STEM subjects as a liberal arts student. These prizes consist of loans, assistantships, grants, fellowships, and scholarships. Additionally, work-study opportunities are available to you, allowing you to perform part-time jobs in your neighborhood or on campus.

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