Ireland Scholarships For International

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In this article, we’ll spotlight the top ten Ireland scholarships for international students aiming to study in Ireland.

Interested in pursuing your studies abroad with a fully funded scholarship at one of Ireland’s prestigious universities? You’re in for a treat! Ireland provides a range of opportunities for international students to enroll in undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs across various fields.

These opportunities are facilitated by the Government of Ireland, Irish universities, and other affiliated organizations.

By conducting thorough research and thoughtful consideration, you can discover the ideal scholarship to ignite your academic and personal journey in Ireland. Don’t hesitate any longer—let’s delve into the exciting prospects awaiting you in studying abroad in Ireland.

The leading Ireland scholarships of 2024 provide fully funded chances for global students to attend esteemed institutions in the country. These scholarships encompass tuition fees, living costs, and additional expenses, facilitating students in their academic and personal endeavors in Ireland.

Among them are the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship, Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship, Trinity College Dublin Provost’s Scholarship, University College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarship, and numerous others.

With these abundant scholarship options, studying in Ireland has become increasingly accessible for international students.

Ireland Scholarships For International

Scholarships Offered By The Government Of Ireland

The Government of Ireland has initiated an International Education Scholarship Program aimed at enticing non-EU/EEA international students to pursue their educational aspirations at Irish academic institutions.

This scholarship caters to undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. degree programs across various fields.

It provides comprehensive funding, including tuition fees coverage and a registration fee waiver for one academic year. Successful candidates will also receive a stipend of EUR 10,000 (around $11,950 USD) for one year.

This scholarship program presents a valuable chance for gifted students to further their academic and personal development at prestigious Irish universities.

The UCD Scholarship Program

UCD, a globally esteemed institution in Ireland, is highly coveted by international students for its academic excellence. To foster diversity and uphold educational standards, UCD offers Global Excellence Scholarships to non-EU students.

These scholarships cover either full or partial tuition fees, alleviating financial concerns and allowing students to concentrate on their studies and personal development. With its stellar reputation and dedication to delivering top-tier education, UCD stands as an ideal destination for international students aspiring to pursue their academic aspirations in Ireland.

The NUI Galway Scholarship

The University of Galway is unequivocally dedicated to drawing top-tier students globally to its campus. As part of this commitment, the university provides merit-based scholarships to eligible students hailing from various non-European Union countries, aligning with its strategic international objectives. Numerous scholarship opportunities are accessible for international students intending to pursue studies at the University of Galway.

Scholarship Opportunities Available At Maynooth University

Maynooth University, situated in County Kildare, Ireland, is a renowned establishment providing top-tier education to both local and global learners. It extends various scholarship options to aid students in reaching their educational aspirations.

Renowned for its dedication to delivering exceptional education and assistance, Maynooth University stands out as an ideal destination for international students seeking academic and personal advancement in Ireland.

Scholarships At Hardiman University

The Hardiman Ph.D. Scholarships, offered by the National University of Ireland, present an exceptional opportunity for international students interested in pursuing postgraduate or Ph.D. programs across five distinct research domains.

These scholarships are designed to aid students in conducting research that not only contributes to societal and policy enhancements but also fosters creativity and cultural enrichment.

Beneficiaries gain access to top-notch facilities and guidance from esteemed academics, enabling them to undertake pioneering research, contribute to their respective fields, and cultivate leadership skills for academia and beyond.

These scholarships are fiercely contested and signify a substantial commitment to nurturing the upcoming cohort of scholars.

Scholarships Offered By Grattan Institute

The Grattan Scholarship, named after Henry Grattan, an Irish statesman, was established in 2012 to honor exceptional academic accomplishments among international students. This esteemed scholarship in Ireland is granted to students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. studies across a range of disciplines including Global Financial System, International Development, Markets, Justice and Values, Migration & Clustering, Urban & Environmental Economics, and Political Behaviors at Trinity College Dublin.

Awardees of this scholarship gain access to top-tier research facilities, exposure to diverse academic viewpoints, and opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research endeavors that influence our world. The Grattan Scholarship is fiercely competitive and signifies a significant commitment to nurturing the future cohort of global leaders across various domains.

Ireland Scholarships For International

The Generation Study Abroad Scholarship Program

The Generation Study Abroad Scholarships, in partnership with Trinity College Dublin, present a distinctive chance for global students aiming to pursue various academic degrees in Ireland, be it undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D.

These scholarships, overseen by the Institute of International Education (IIE), a global nonprofit, are awarded annually to two exceptional students aspiring to study abroad. With a rigorous selection process, these scholarships offer financial aid to support students in reaching their educational objectives and gaining significant international exposure.

Awardees not only benefit from immersion in a diverse academic setting but also from access to top-notch research facilities and involvement in pioneering research ventures. Ultimately, these scholarships underscore the significance of fostering international education and cross-cultural comprehension in our increasingly interconnected world.

The DCU Scholarship Program

Dublin City University offers a variety of scholarships to international students aiming to pursue their academic aspirations in Ireland. These scholarships, irrespective of financial circumstances, offer monetary assistance to deserving students, aiding them in reaching their educational objectives.

DCU’s scholarship initiatives encompass undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, research grants, sports scholarships, and support for students with disabilities. The primary goal is to foster diversity and uphold academic excellence by attracting exceptional talent globally.

Scholarship recipients enjoy access to top-notch facilities, exposure to diverse academic viewpoints, and opportunities to partake in innovative research endeavors, making DCU an ideal destination for international students aspiring to excel academically in Ireland.

Scholarship Opportunities At The University Of Limerick

The University of Limerick in Ireland provides various scholarships for international students interested in undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degree programs. These scholarships are granted considering both academic achievement and financial circumstances, covering expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, and living costs.

UL’s scholarship initiatives are geared towards fostering academic excellence, diversity, and inclusivity, ensuring fair chances for students globally. Those who receive UL scholarships gain access to top-notch facilities, outstanding teaching, research prospects, and a lively campus environment, rendering it a prime destination for international students aspiring to achieve their academic ambitions in Ireland.

The RCSI Scholarship

RCSI in Ireland extends a variety of scholarships to global students aiming to undertake Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. studies. These scholarships offer financial support to eligible students, facilitating their academic aspirations within a prestigious educational setting.

RCSI’s scholarship initiatives draw high-caliber candidates worldwide, offering recipients access to exceptional academic resources, advanced research prospects, and exposure to varied cultural viewpoints. This renders RCSI an attractive destination for international students striving for academic excellence.


Ireland, situated in Europe, boasts top-tier education through esteemed institutions such as Trinity College Dublin and the University of Galway. Notably, renowned personalities like Jamie Dornan and Andrew Scott hail from Ireland, highlighting its tradition of fostering intellectual and talented individuals.

Curious about the cost of pursuing a degree in Ireland? It typically ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 Euros per year, which might seem steep. However, financial aid opportunities, including scholarships from both government and university sources, are available to support your academic aspirations. Explore our compiled list of Ireland scholarships for international students to facilitate your search.

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