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It’s time to fill out your online application for the fully-funded Scholarships in Cyprus for the academic year 2024-2025. Cyprus Universities offer a wide range of courses at different degree levels. If you’re considering studying abroad, Cyprus could be an excellent choice.

Admission to its universities is accessible, and if financial concerns are holding you back, pursuing a scholarship in Cyprus is a viable option.

Cyprus boasts sun-drenched beaches, captivating tourist attractions, and a stellar educational system, making it an ideal destination to blend learning with leisure.

Moreover, the cost of education in Cyprus is notably economical compared to other EU nations, alongside a relatively lower cost of living. Paphos, a city within Cyprus, stands out as the most budget-friendly city in Europe.

Students can sustain their studies and cover living expenses by working part-time in Cyprus, as the country permits students on visas to work up to 20 hours per week.

Additionally, those seeking financial aid for their education in Cyprus can explore scholarships available for international students at various higher education institutions.

Fully Funded Scholarships In Cyprus

Below is a compilation of the premier scholarships available in Cyprus. It’s notable that these scholarships are offered directly by universities and institutes. Cyprus boasts a wide array of scholarships across its various educational institutions.

Scholarship By CIIM

These scholarships cover fields such as business administration, human resources, public policy, and finance, and are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Currently, there are seven scholarships available, collectively valued at 82,000 EUR. The Cyprus International Institute’s scholarship application does not require IELTS.

The Cyprus Institute’s Dean’s Awards

Doctoral students enrolled at the Cyprus Institute have the opportunity to vie for the Dean’s Distinguished Award, an honor reserved for exceptional candidates pursuing their doctorate in environmental sciences, atmospheric sciences, and computational sciences.

Recipients of this award will receive financial support covering their tuition and bench fees (capped at 16,000 EUR) for the entirety of their program, along with a monthly stipend of 14,000 EUR per year.

Scholarships Offered By The University Of West Scotland

These scholarships are open to international students who are pursuing a master’s degree at the University of West Scotland in Cyprus.They are made available through support from the Management Center of the Mediterranean (MCM).

Prospective students applying to the University of West Scotland are not required to submit an IELTS score. The university offers tuition fee reductions ranging from 25 to 75 percent, based on the applicants’ academic achievements.

Scholarship Opportunities Offered By The University Of Nicosia

Full-time students enrolled at the University of Nicosia can access a range of financial assistance options, such as scholarships and grants, which are available based on criteria like academic performance, financial circumstances, sports achievements, and participation in on-campus work-study initiatives. The University does not require a specific IELTS score for prospective students. The exact amount of financial aid will be determined based on factors such as the student’s family income and other socio-economic considerations.

These scholarships are exclusively available to students enrolled full-time. Additionally, there are athletic scholarships for students who actively participate in university sports teams. These scholarships offer up to a 40% reduction in tuition fees. Further details about the range of scholarships offered can be found on the university’s website.

Scholarships For Doctoral Studies Offered By The University Of Cyprus

Ph.D. scholarships are available for candidates in political science and social science fields. Only new students are eligible; current students cannot apply. The scholarship is worth 12,000 Euros annually, paid out in monthly installments of 1,333 Euros over nine months, excluding summer.

Applicants to the University of Cyprus are not required to submit IELTS scores. Additionally, scholarship recipients may receive an extra 800 euros to cover research travel expenses abroad.

Scholarships Offered By The University Of Cyprus

Prospective students seeking admission to a traditional Ph.D. program at the University of Cyprus have the opportunity to apply for full or partial financial assistance. These grants are reserved for individuals with outstanding academic records.

Successful applicants may receive full scholarships, which encompass tuition fees and an annual stipend of €8,000, or half scholarships covering tuition expenses. Moreover, the University of Cyprus extends partial scholarships to incoming students interested in pursuing a conventional Master’s degree. These scholarships, awarded based on academic merit, cover fifty percent of the tuition fees.

The UCLAN Scholarship

The English university has a site in Lancashire, home to UCLan. At the University of Central Lancashire, applicants are not obligated to take the IELTS test for admission. The top 10 candidates will receive a partial waiver of their tuition fees, with a potential reduction of up to fifty percent of the total fees.

Fully Funded Scholarships In Cyprus

Scholarship Opportunities Provided By Neapolis University

Neapolis University invites applications for scholarships aimed at prospective students seeking a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Ten scholarships are up for grabs, each offering a reduction or complete waiver of tuition fees ranging from 10 percent to 50 percent.

The recent exemption of the IELTS requirement for admission to Neapolis University is welcomed. It is anticipated that applicants for these scholarships, particularly high school seniors, will have demonstrated exceptional performance in mathematics and physics in their final year.

The University Of Central Lancashire

This university provides scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students from particular countries. Undergraduate scholarships offer a discount of 40%-50% on tuition fees and are awarded based on merit.

Additionally, postgraduate scholarships, up to 30% of tuition fees, are available for students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and conduct.

In addition to merit-based scholarships, the university offers athletic scholarships to students involved in various sports teams. Eligibility for these scholarships also depends on meeting specific academic requirements.

To determine eligibility and obtain more details on the various scholarships available at the university, please refer to the provided resources.

Scholarships Offered By Alexander College

Alexander College offers both academic and athletic scholarships to full-time international students, aiming to foster a diverse student body and attract individuals from around the globe. Academic scholarships, awarded in the first year, vary in amount based on academic performance.

Similarly, athletic scholarships are available to students who participate in Cypriot sports teams or events, with the award amount contingent on athletic achievement. Additional details on these scholarships can be found on the college’s website.

Scholarships Provided By Frederick University

Frederick University provides comprehensive and partial scholarships to assist its student body. These are determined by academic achievements in high school for new students or by their grade point average for current students.

The extent of the scholarship offered by Frederick depends on the grade point average. For further information about available scholarships, individuals can explore the university’s website or get in touch with the admission office directly.

Scholarship By The European University of Cyprus

The university recognizes the financial challenges students face and thus extends scholarships to assist with education costs. These scholarships include academic awards for high-achieving international undergraduates, covering a portion of tuition fees based on their GPA.

Additionally, outstanding athletes may receive athletic scholarships. Ranging from 5% to 25% of tuition fees, these scholarships are available. Furthermore, certain doctoral programs and alumni scholarships are also offered.

Scholarship Opportunities Provided By Cyprus West University

Cyprus West University offers various scholarships to both current and potential undergraduate students. International student scholarships encompass 65% of scholarships available across all departments.

Moreover, Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarships are available for international students with conditional acceptance. These fully-funded scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the scholarship committee. For details on scholarships offered at Cyprus West University, visit their admissions portal.


You have the option to fund your education and cover living costs while studying in Cyprus by taking advantage of work opportunities. Cyprus permits students to work up to 20 hours per week on their student visas. Additionally, if you seek financial assistance for your studies, consider applying for fully funded scholarships in Cyprus available at various higher education institutions in Cyprus, which are open to international students.

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