Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students From Chad

Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students 

The landlocked country of Chad, formally known as the Republic of Chad, is located at the meeting point of North and Central Africa. Its boundaries are shared by Niger to the west, Cameroon to the southwest, Nigeria to the southwest (at Lake Chad), Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, and the Central African Republic to the south. The capital and largest city of Chad, N’Djamena, is home to 1.6 million of the country’s 16 million residents.

Chad is split into many areas: an arid Sahelian belt in the middle, a more fertile Sudanian Savanna region in the south, and a desert zone in the north. The country is named after Lake Chad, the second-largest wetland in Africa.

Chad has two official languages: Arabic and French. It is home to more than 200 distinct linguistic and ethnic groups. In Chad, the two most common religions are Islam (55,1%) and Christianity (41,1%).

Chad is among the world’s poorest and most corrupt countries overall, ranking third least developed in the world with a 2019 Human Development Index score of 0.398.

Following the death of longtime president Idriss Déby on April 20, 2021, the National Assembly and government of Chad were dissolved, and a transitional military council commanded by his son Mahamat Kaka was subsequently installed.

The National Transitional Council of civilians, which has not yet been created, is drafting a new constitution, which is why the existing one is on hold.

The military council said that elections will follow an 18-month transitional period.

Chadian students can apply for scholarships and grants from numerous colleges and organizations across the world; some of these even cover the entire cost of tuition. Students with bachelor’s to doctoral degrees are eligible to apply for these scholarships in Chad. Students who get financial aid can avoid financial burden while they work toward their degrees.

List of Fully-Funded International Scholarships Available to Students from Chad

Scholarships from the Wells Mountain Foundation

If they can provide evidence of their financial need, students from developing nations—particularly those from Africa—may apply for need-based scholarships to help pay for their education at a university in their own nation or another developing nation.

Applicants must plan to live and work in their native country after graduation, and they must be enrolled in a course of study that will either improve the neighborhood or favorably impact national progress.

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Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation

Merit-based scholarships for African students in sub-Saharan African countries have been given out by the McMillan-Stewart Foundation and the Sciences Po American Foundation since 2010.

These scholarships aim to provide students with access to the French higher education system.

To do this, Sciences Po’s undergraduate Europe-Africa program will be utilized.

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Macquarie University International Scholarships

One of the best places to live, work, and study is Australia. One of Australia’s most prominent universities welcomes international students from all across the globe. A complete or partial tuition remission is provided by Macquarie University through this international scholarship.

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Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) Programme

African secondary school students who possess the ability, zeal, and creativity to become significant contributors as young leaders before starting college can apply to the rigorous academic and leadership program known as the Yale Young African Scholars Program (YYAS).

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Canon Collins Trust 2024 Leigh Day LLB Scholarship

Leigh Day & Co., a London-based legal practice that focuses on human rights and personal damage cases, generously sponsors this fellowship.

Students enrolled in the second and third years of the LLB program at the Universities of Fort Hare and the Western Cape are encouraged to apply. These students will begin their third and fourth years of study in 2022 for their individual degrees. The longest they will commit to financially is two years.

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Cambridge Ph.D. Scholarships and Awards

Providing all of the financial aid needed for students to pursue PhD studies at Cambridge, independent of their place of origin, is the aim of the Cambridge International Scholarships and Vice-Chancellor for Awards. These scholarships pay the university composition fee in addition to one person’s living expenses.

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Russian Government Open Doors Scholarships

There is a grant competition for students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees. The competition is aimed at prospective candidates for master’s and doctoral degrees. Prizewinners and runners-up are eligible to receive free tuition at any Russian university, including prestigious Russian universities.

This is equivalent to receiving a government scholarship in addition to a 100% tuition reduction at one of the best Russian universities participating in the 5-100 project, which aims to improve their status with 21 Nobel Prizes in research and education worldwide.

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Axel Adler Scholarship

The Axel Adler scholarship is available to University of Göteborg students who are enrolled in English language study programs. This opportunity is funded by the Adlerbertska Grant Foundation and the Adlerbertska Scholarship Foundation and can be used for graduate or undergraduate study abroad.

The applicant’s educational background is the primary consideration made during the screening procedure.

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Asian University For Women Chittagong Undergraduate Scholarships

As long as they can provide proof, the Asian University for Women (AUW) is committed to assisting each accepted student with their financial needs.

It offers full and partial scholarships based on each student’s particular financial circumstances. The cost of living, primary healthcare, education, and international travel are all covered by full scholarships.

Travel grants may be available to international students who qualify for financial help. After graduating from AUW, the maximum amount that can be provided from a travel stipend is enough to cover the cost of a one-way ticket from Chittagong back home. If they require financial assistance, students are urged to participate in the AUW work-study program in order to earn money to help with travel expenses.to spend the intermediate summers at home.

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University Of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship

In New Zealand, we discovered an amazing award that will partially pay for college tuition abroad.

It is a tuition assistance scheme that international students would select for their study in New Zealand. This scholarship only covers $10,000 toward tuition; it is not completely financed. You have to be an ASEAN citizen in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

New international students from ASEAN nations can apply for a scholarship worth up to $10,000 to help with the cost of tuition for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate degrees.

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Foreign Fulbright Student Program

Foreign students who wish to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate degree in the United States may be fully funded under the Fulbright Program. Additionally, scholarships might be available for postgraduate work that is not degree-granting.

Tuition, books, travel, a living allowance, and health insurance are all covered by the program.

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