Fully Funded FAO Internship Program

Fully Funded  FAO Internship Program

Another noteworthy UN announcement. Applications for the United Nations’ FAO Internship Program, which offers a monthly stipend of US$700, are now being accepted. The UN has a specific agency called the FAO Internship Program 2024. Food and Agriculture Organization is what it stands for. For all international undergraduate, master’s, and recent graduates, they have launched an internship platform. Candidates may come from any country. Apart from its main office in Rome, Italy, FAO operates in more than 130 nations across the globe.

You can also apply for the other Fully Funded United Nations Internships 2024, as the FAO is a part of the United Nations. The FAO provides paid internships. Graduate, postgraduate, and undergraduate degrees in a variety of subjects are all encouraged to share their expertise and acquire real-world experience in their areas of interest. The FAO Internship Program offers a chance to learn. Any duty location in any nation is open to your application. An IELTS or TOEFL-style language test is not required.

An internship assignment can last anywhere from three to eleven months. Applicants must be between the ages of 21 and 30 when their internship begins. Additionally, a large number of alternative internships are available.

Below is comprehensive information regarding the 2023 Food and Agriculture Organization internship.

Information about the 2024 FAO Internship Program Financial Coverage: Fully Funded  

Organization: FAO;  

For: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate

Deadline: Vary

Financial Coverage: Yes. A stipend in local currency, not to exceed US$ 700 per month, will be provided to interns. The interns can easily cover the additional costs with this sum. There is also medical coverage for services rendered.

Qualification Standards Program for FAO Internships 2024 Nationality: Applicants must be citizens of countries that are FAO members.

Education: Applicants must be current graduates or students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs.

Languages: candidates must be proficient in at least one of the official languages of the FAO, which are Chinese, Russian, Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

Age: At the beginning of their internship, candidates should be between the ages of 21 and 30.

Competencies: applicants should possess strong communication skills, be able to adjust to a multicultural, international workplace, and be familiar with the fundamentals of using computer programs.

Family relationship: applicants who have relatives working for the FAO on any kind of contract—defined as a brother, sister, mother, or father—are not eligible for the internship program.

Program for Internships – Common Questions

How to Apply

Does FAO post job openings for internships anywhere?

“Calls for Expression of Interest,” which are posted on FAO’s career portal, are advertised. Interested parties should use the career site to submit an online application.

I’m having trouble filling out my online application and I’m not sure how to include my motivation letter. With whom should I get in touch?

For assistance with enrolling or login into your account, please send an email to Careers@fao.org, our Help Desk. NOTE: Applications are not accepted at this email address.

How and when will I know whether my application was accepted?

The hiring office in charge will get in touch with candidates only if they are chosen for an interview.

Can I be put on the waiting list for the next call if I’m not chosen for an interview?

The FAO does not maintain a list of applicants. When the next call for expressions of interest is out, you will need to reapply if you’re still interested.

My university is prepared to cover the cost of my internship. What ought I to do?

By contacting the Internship Programme Team at Internship-Programme@fao.org, academic or governmental institutions may desire to formally engage into an arrangement with FAO.

Should individual and sponsored candidates follow a different application process?

In both situations, the same application is used. Applicants must apply for the Calls for Expressions of Interest by filling out an online application through the FAO recruitment portal. The application must have a motivation letter and proof of attendance at an accredited university submitted in the documents section. Qualification Standards

Now, I’m thirty years old. Can I apply for an internship position?

Yes, provided that the start of the internship assignment does not coincide with your 31st birthday.

What information must I put in my motivation letter?

The purpose of your motivation letter should be stated, along with the unit or field of work you would like to work in on the assignment. It may be beneficial for candidates whose university or other affiliation has an internship agreement with FAO to indicate this in their motivation letter.

One of my family members is employed with the FAO as a consultant. Can I apply for an internship position?

No. People who have family members (defined as mother, father, sister, or brother) working for FAO under any kind of contract are not eligible to apply for the internship program. Conditions of Service

If I’m chosen to be an intern, whose nation will I be placed to?

Interns are ideally placed in FAO offices or project sites in their home countries, with the exception of non-family duty posts, unless they were already living there when the internship assignment began.

What kinds of jobs are available through the internship program?

The hiring office in question will draft the Terms of Reference (TORs) prior to the start of the job and distribute them to the chosen applicant. Entry-level tasks that align with with  FAO Strategic Objectives and UN Sustainable Development Goals will be assigned.

How long does an internship assignment last?

An internship assignment can last anywhere from three to eleven months. Residing on the duty station

If I’m chosen for an internship, would FAO provide me with any funding?

Indeed. A stipend in local currency, not to exceed US$ 700 per month, will be provided to interns. The sponsoring organizations will pay the stipend directly to the sponsored interns.

Exists any institutional or financial backing for accommodations?

No, housing at the duty station is the responsibility of the interns (or their sponsoring institutions, if applicable). FAO does, however, cover all medical costs associated with rendered services, with full premium payment. It will be the intern’s responsibility to get, at their own cost, non-service-related medical insurance for the duration of the assignment.

Who should I ask further questions of if I have any?

The FAO Internship Program Team can be reached at Internship-Programme@fao.org. Please be aware that applications are not accepted by this email. Deadlines The FAO is offering internship opportunities without a deadline. Applicants may submit an application at any time based on available positions.

How to Apply for the FAO Internship Program

  1. Click this link here to access the FAO Internship Website.
  2. Select the Internship Program link from the side menu.
  3. To see if your nation qualifies. Please go over here.

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