Fully Funded Clarendon Scholarship at University of Oxford

Fully Funded Clarendon Scholarship at University of Oxford

International students are eligible to apply for the fully funded Clarendon Scholarship 2024, which pays the entire cost of tuition plus an annual living expenditure stipend of at least £15,009.

The University of Oxford offers fully financed scholarships, such as the Clarendon Scholarship 024, to international students. This grant is offered for doctorate and master’s level coursework. This scholarship includes a living expense stipend of at least £15,009 per year in addition to the full cost of tuition. One of the biggest programs is Clarendon, which offers the University about 140 new scholarships annually. Clarendon Scholarships are renowned, extremely competitive, and in great demand.

About University of Oxford

As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford University was founded so long ago that its exact date of creation is uncertain, however it is believed that instruction began there as early as the eleventh century.

It is situated in and around Oxford’s ancient city center, which the 19th-century poet Matthew Arnold named “the dreaming city of spires.” Oxford is home to 44 colleges and halls as well as the biggest library system in the United Kingdom.

At Oxford, there are 22,000 total students, of which 40% are international and around half are undergraduates. Oxford has the youngest population in the United Kingdom, with 25% of its citizens being students.

The University of Oxford’s buildings and facilities are dispersed across the historic city center rather than on a single campus. Each of its colleges has a unique personality and a history that often spans decades. Colleges are independent establishments to which applicants often submit a direct application. Oxford University is divided into four academic divisions: Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences, and Humanities. The institution is the best in the world for medical, and its scientific programs are its unique strength.

Oxford is a vibrant, multicultural city with lots to see and do. The Bodleian Libraries, Ashmolean Museum, Sheldonian Theatre, the cathedral, and the colleges themselves are only a few of the numerous notable and historic structures.

Pupils have the option of using their time for studying or participating in one of the many extracurricular activities offered. Oxford boasts a vibrant music scene, with clubs and groups featuring a wide range of musical styles, including jazz, classical, and folk. Oxford is also well-known for its athletics, with its elite rowers competing annually in the renowned boat race on the River Thames against the University of Cambridge. Drama buffs are likewise well served, as the country’s university drama scenes are among the biggest and liveliest.

Over 250,000 people are connected to Oxford University’s alumni network, which includes over 120 Olympic medalists, 26 Nobel Prize winners, seven laureates in poetry, and over 30 prominent figures from the modern world, such as Bill Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi, Indira Ghandi, and 26 UK Prime Ministers.

It is consistently rated as one of the top three universities in the world and enjoys a friendly rivalry with Cambridge for the title of greatest university in the United Kingdom. Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, and Tim Berners-Lee are notable scientists and philosophers from Oxford.

Oxford offers graduate programs that are of a higher caliber and smaller than those of many other nations, facilitating quick career advancement. Our graduate research approach places a strong emphasis on your capacity for autonomous work with the backing of a top-notch academic community. Most academics at Clarendon are pursuing a DPhil, which is Oxford’s equivalent of a PhD. Scholarships are also offered for one-year degrees (MSc, MSt, MBA, or MFE) or two-year degrees (MPhil or BPhil).

The following standards are applied when evaluating applications:

• Record of academic achievement.

• Suitability for the suggested study plan.

• Motivation of students.

Clarendon Scholarship Outline for 2024

Program: Master’s and PhD degrees are available.

 Institution: The University of Oxford is the institution

Country: The United Kingdom

Courses Provided: Candidates who apply by the January admissions deadline for a new master’s or DPhil course are eligible for scholarships, which are available in all subject areas.

 Program Duration: Vary based on the course selected.

Deadline: Annual deadline for course admissions is January 2024.

Coverage of the Clarendon Scholarship 2024

The following advantages are offered by a Clarendon Scholarship recipient: • All Clarendon Scholarships fully pay college tuition and fees.

  • A substantial yearly living expense stipend is awarded to scholars enrolled full-time in courses; in 2023–2024, this grant will be at least £15,009.
  • A study support grant will be given to scholars enrolled in part-time courses to help with non-fee expenses.
  • A study support grant will be given to scholars enrolled in part-time courses to help with non-fee expenses.
  • Part-time DPhil students should budget at least £2,502 and part-time Master’s students should budget at least £5,003 for 2023–2024.
  • The scholarships are often awarded for the entire time that you are required to pay the university’s tuition, which is typically the same as the duration of your study.

Qualifications for the Clarendon Scholarship

In order to be eligible for the Clarendon Scholarship, the applicant needs to meet each of the following criteria:

  • English is the Required Language
  • All nations across the world are eligible.
  • Everyone is qualified to apply to the University of Oxford for graduate studies.
  • All graduate-level courses that grant degrees are acceptable.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate certificates or diplomas are not available.
  • Clarendon does not favor any one topic area over another when it comes to supporting scholars from within the University.
  • Eligible candidates are those who are applying to begin a new DPhil or master’s program at Oxford. This covers those who wish to reapply for a DPhil (for which you would be eligible for finance) but are currently enrolled in Oxford’s master’s program.
  • Applicants are not eligible to be considered for this scholarship if they have deferred offers to begin in 2023–2024.
  • This scholarship is not available to current Oxford students who plan to continue their studies there for the same degree in the upcoming year.

How Can I Apply for the 2024 Clarendon Scholarship?

Kindly adhere to the below guidelines for applying for the Clarendon Scholarship:

1. To be eligible for a Clarendon scholarship for your course , submit an application by the applicable January deadline.

2. Academics in your intended field of study will review your application for the course. They will assess the academic quality and applicability of your submission..

3. The department will ultimately determine where you will graduate, and it will let you know the result. See the decision timeline for more details.

4. In parallel, depending on the  selection criteria, academics in your department will choose who to recommend to the division for a Clarendon scholarship.

5. The Department for Continuing Educationand the University’s academic divisions follow different procedures, although they all meet in February or March to discuss the departmental scholarship nominations.

6. The academic divisions evaluate the candidates based on their likelihood for academic success and future rankings; the division’s top departmental nominees make the short list for Clarendon.

7. Upon confirmation of the shortlist, the Clarendon Fund Administrator will get in touch with the qualified candidates and forward the offer letter for the scholarship.

As long as you fulfill the requirements of your offer of a spot to study at Oxford, your money is guaranteed if you are granted (and accept) a Clarendon scholarship.

8. Depending on the conditions of your offer, scholars are matched with Clarendon Partnership Awards in April and May.

9. Based on the terms of the award, scholars are matched with Clarendon Partnership Awards in April and May. It is not necessary for holders of Clarendon offers to submit any further data.

10. Following the verification of each scholar’s specific funding package, they will receive a financial breakdown statement outlining the financing arrangements. The final college placements will be confirmed along with partnership incentives.

11. Every eligible application for Clarendon will receive an email. Every year, the majority of offers are made by the first of April.

12. Students who did not make the cut will not receive notification because there were so many deserving applications. Please consider yourself unsuccessful for a Clarendon scholarship if, by June, you have not received any communication from us.

13. A few late nominations may arise throughout the summer if nominated students withdraw, albeit this is extremely rare.

For further information regarding Clarendon Fund Scholarships, kindly visit the official website:

Official Website

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