Finding Unique Scholarships: A Guide For Students

Finding Unique Scholarships: A Guide For Students

Have you ever pondered the possibility of obtaining scholarships with less rigorous requirements? Consider what if the criteria were unconventional. After all, not everyone can secure a National Merit Scholarship.

Initially, it might appear idealistic to be recognized and rewarded for your distinctive talents and interests. However, numerous peculiar scholarships are available!

Yes, you heard correctly; scholarships that are eccentric, unconventional, and downright unusual do exist. Whether it’s your hair color, lifestyle choices, or the quirkiest of hobbies, scholarships are ready to grant students financial assistance for college if they fulfill these offbeat criteria. These forms of financial aid are sure to prompt the reaction, “I can actually get a scholarship for that?”

The truth is, there is a plethora (and I mean A LOT!) of uncommon scholarships available to assist in financing your college education. These scholarships come with diverse criteria; some involve essay competitions, while others challenge your artistic abilities.

Despite the variations, a common thread ties these opportunities together. They aim to provide financial support for your education based on your engagement with hobbies, your passions, or distinctive aspects of your personality. It’s worth noting that certain scholarship programs may also require you to meet specific academic criteria, such as maintaining a minimum GPA.

Numerous unconventional scholarships await your exploration.

To kick start your search for these distinctive opportunities, we’ve compiled a list below featuring some of the most offbeat, wild, and unique scholarships that you can apply for. Keep reading to discover these extraordinary scholarship options.

Who Qualifies for Unique Scholarships?

Numerous unique scholarships challenge the norm and provide an intriguing source of financial support for students. They acknowledge and celebrate individuals with unique qualities, interests, or accomplishments, presenting a potential pathway to secure substantial financial assistance. Some of these distinctive scholarships have diverse eligibility criteria, creating opportunities for individuals who deviate from the conventional scholarship profile. Here are several factors that could qualify you for these exceptional awards:

Distinctive Leisure Activities or Passions:

Certain scholarships recognize students with unique pastimes, interests, or skills. For example, there are scholarship opportunities designed for individuals who demonstrate excellence in less common activities such as duck calling, knitting, or playing unconventional musical instruments.

Less Common Population Groups:

Scholarships frequently strive to assist underrepresented or minority demographics in the realm of higher education. If you identify with a group traditionally marginalized, you might be eligible for scholarships committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity.

Unusual Professional Objectives:

Unconventional career ambitions can receive recognition as well. Scholarships are available for students who are pursuing non-traditional career trajectories, such as entering professions like funeral directing, pet grooming, or paranormal investigation.

Distinctive Individual Experiences

Certain scholarships value individuals with distinctive life journeys or those who have successfully navigated particular obstacles. This classification encompasses scholarships for individuals who have conquered adversity, faced significant life events, or contributed to the military.

Exceptional Talents or Accomplishments:

Outstanding skills or achievements in specialized areas such as mathematics, science, art, or writing can lead to opportunities for scholarships that recognize and celebrate excellence in these domains.

Specialized Academic Interests:

Scholarship opportunities exist for students involved in academic disciplines or research areas that are not widely pursued, catering to their distinct academic interests.

Location-Based Considerations:

Scholarships specific to certain regions aim to aid students from particular cities, states, or countries, offering support to individuals in specific geographic areas. These scholarships can benefit both local and out-of-state students.

Students’ Family Background:

Scholarship opportunities could depend on your familial background, whether you are the first in your family to attend college or if you have a relative associated with a specific organization or profession

Community Service:

Engaging in community service or joining specific organizations and clubs can qualify you for scholarships that acknowledge and appreciate your contributions.

Unusual Accomplishments In Sports Or Athletics:

Unusual accomplishments in sports or athletics, beyond the mainstream, can also be recognized through scholarships, highlighting and rewarding unique talents.

To begin your pursuit of these scholarships, it is essential to conduct comprehensive research. Make use of scholarship search engines, consult your school’s financial aid office for guidance, and explore specialized scholarship websites and organizations associated with your distinct interests or background.

Be aware that eligibility criteria for scholarships may change, so staying informed and proactively seeking opportunities is crucial to enhance your likelihood of obtaining these scholarships.

Finding Unique Scholarships: A Guide For Students

The Stuck At Pom Scholarship:

Stuck at Prom Scholarship offers a chance to win up to $10,000 for those with a flair for crafting unique prom outfits. Participants, specifically High School Juniors and Seniors, are encouraged to use Duck brand duct tape to construct their attire.

The process involves creating and wearing prom outfits made entirely of crafting tape, capturing a photo, and submitting the creation for public voting. The scholarship features two awards for the Dress Category and two for the Tux Category, making a total of four scholarship opportunities.

The Collegiate Beef Advocacy Scholarship:

Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program offers a $2,000 scholarship for individuals passionate about promoting beef. Rather than creating conflicts, participants are encouraged to advocate for beef and have the opportunity to earn a college scholarship.

This program facilitates connections between high school graduates and industry experts, specifically mentors from the beef industry, to enhance leadership skills.

The National Marbles Tournament Scholarship:

Amount: Varies

Specialty: Mibster

For those passionate about marble shooting, known as mibsters, the National Marbles Tournament presents an opportunity to earn one of four college scholarships each year. To qualify, participants must be aged between 7 and 14 and have emerged victorious in a local marble championship. In Wildwood, New Jersey, over 1,200 marble games take center stage as enthusiasts come together for a lively college scholarship competition.

The Amish Heritage Educational Scholarship:

Award: $20,000 in scholarship funds

Focus: Amish culture and lifestyle

Eligibility for the Amish Heritage Educational Grant requires applicants to have been raised in an Amish community with a family currently adhering to Amish traditions. Additionally, candidates must have obtained their GED or high school diploma. The goal of the grant is to assist Amish and ex-Amish individuals in financing their higher education.

The Scholarship:

The maximum scholarship amount is $4,000, and applicants are encouraged to engage in an unconventional exploration of the renting versus owning a home theme for the Scholarship.

Students can participate by submitting an 800 to 2,000-word essay discussing the pros and cons of the two options, with the top winner receiving the $4,000 scholarship and second and third place winners awarded $1,000 scholarships each.

The STARFLEET Scholarship:

Star Trek enthusiasts have the opportunity to seek distinctive STARFLEET Scholarships, each valued at $1,000. Eligible applicants should have a minimum one-year membership in STARFLEET, an organization comprising numerous local chapters fostering interaction among Star Trek fans.

The Doodle for Google Scholarship:

The Doodle for Google Scholarship offers varying amounts ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 and is open to students in kindergarten through grade 12. To qualify, participants must submit an original doodle accompanied by an explanation of how it symbolizes their inner strength. Evaluation criteria include artistic merit, creativity, and theme communication. National finalist winners are awarded $5,000 each, while the grand prize winner receives $30,000.

The TCI Scholarship:

The Tall Club International Student Scholarship, ranging up to $1,000 depending on the chapter, is offered by the Tall Clubs International Foundation, established in 1992. To be eligible, applicants must be under 21, entering their first year of higher education, and meet Tall Clubs International membership requirements (5’10” for women and 6’2” for men). Students should check their local TCI Clubs for available scholarships; if none are found, they can inquire via email at

Unique Scholarship Application Tips:

Since the focus of this post is on scholarships, it’s essential to provide some quick tips for the application process.

Embrace Your Uniqueness:

One crucial piece of advice I always emphasize to students working on their applications, especially for unconventional scholarships, is to express their individuality. When crafting essays for these opportunities, the objective is to make them stand out from the rest.

Ensure Your Eligibility:

Ensure your eligibility and be aware of all application requirements before applying. While it might seem obvious, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of verifying eligibility and understanding the application criteria for each scholarship. This step helps prevent applying for opportunities one isn’t eligible for or submitting incomplete applications.

Don’t Hesitate To Seek Assistance When Needed:

Acknowledging that the scholarship search and application process can be confusing, I encourage you to reach out for help whenever necessary. Whether you have questions or need someone to review your essay, utilize available resources and ask for support!


In the end, every scholarship is worth pursuing, as it represents a financial opportunity accessible through your qualifications and abilities. Not all scholarships demand exceptional GPAs and outstanding test results; some may be available for individuals with specific talents, unique qualities, or engaged in particular hobbies. As long as you meet the criteria and have confidence in your suitability, there’s nothing to lose by applying!

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