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Highlighted here are fashion design scholarships for international students available in 2024 that are open to both men and women, specifically aimed at those interested in fashion design and technology, regardless of gender.

Are you considering exploring opportunities for international students to study fashion abroad with gender-neutral scholarships? In 2020, there was a 4.5% decrease in female enrollment in foreign universities compared to 2019, while male enrollment dropped by 7.2% in the USA alone.

The Atlantic noted a similar trend in 2020, with women comprising over two-thirds of international students. Over 150,000 students, both male and female, traveled to the USA from various countries.

Although the pandemic undoubtedly influenced enrollment trends in 2020, the decline in male enrollment cannot be solely attributed to it. Scholarships for studying abroad are more readily available for females, particularly in fields like Architecture, Fashion Design, and STEM.

However, there has been an increase in male students pursuing fashion design in the past decade, possibly due to efforts to offer scholarships to all demographics and foster diversity in classrooms. This shift has facilitated many students in pursuing fashion master’s programs abroad.

We’ve previously discussed scholarships tailored for women in STEM and architecture. However, this article focuses on opportunities for international students to pursue fashion studies abroad

Fashion Design Scholarships For International Students

The Domus Academy Scholarship

Domus Academy, located in Italy, stands as one of Europe’s premier design schools, dedicated to enhancing students’ lives by enriching their experiences and skill sets.

The institution is committed to fostering diversity within its classrooms, inviting talented individuals from around the globe to participate in scholarship competitions across various art and design disciplines. In addition to project contests, the Academy extends scholarships for short courses.

Situated in the heart of Milan, a global hub for design and fashion, Domus Academy provides fully funded scholarships for international students, particularly in the realm of fashion design. Beyond fashion, the institution offers scholarships in Business, Design, Arts, and Experience (UX/UI) fields of study.

The scholarship is ideal for those aspiring to pursue a Master’s degree in Fashion abroad or embark on a full-time two-year Master of Arts program. Coverage includes up to €7,000 for Academic Master and Double Award Master programs, and up to €4,000 for the total tuition fees of the two-year Master of Arts program.

The application deadline for this opportunity is March 22, 2024.

The Conrad Scholarship

Regent’s University in London offers valuable support to international students pursuing Fashion Design and Technology through scholarships. Annually, the Will Conrad study abroad scholarships for fashion design recognize two exceptionally talented individuals.

To qualify, applicants must be enrolled as full-time students in either the BA Fashion Design or BA Fashion Marketing programs. The scholarship is open to students from all countries, provided they are committed to pursuing undergraduate studies.

Additionally, candidates must be recommended to the University by a member of The International Textile and Apparel Association.

Recipients of the Will Conrad Scholarship receive a waiver of tuition fees and accommodation at Regent’s coordinated housing for either a 12-week or 6-week period.

Scholarship From Marks & Spencer

GCU stands as a distinguished institution renowned for its competitive fashion programs that transcend conventional boundaries. Their fashion courses, characterized by their fast-paced, technology-driven approach, amalgamate various facets of business and marketing, promising a distinctive educational journey for students.

To ensure a comprehensive yet dynamic curriculum, the university extends scholarships to motivated individuals committed to their studies, particularly aimed at facilitating international students pursuing fashion studies abroad.

Eligibility for this scholarship requires enrollment in select programs at GCU, including MBA Luxury Management, MBA Fashion Business Creation, MSc. International Fashion Marketing, and MSc. Brand Marketing.

To qualify for this scholarship, you must provide a 2-3 minute video detailing why you are deserving of it. The selection committee is particularly interested in hearing about the impact you intend to have on your community after completing your studies, how this scholarship will aid in achieving that, and how it will enhance your learning journey and future career aspirations.

The Fulbright Scholar Schollarship Program

While not exclusively tailored to fashion design, scholarships are available for students, both domestic and international, who are interested in attending specific fashion design schools. These scholarships provide students with the opportunity to select their preferred university. For instance, individuals can opt for scholarships targeting institutions like the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in Belgium.

Benefits of Obtaining Fashion Design Scholarships For International Students

Saving money is crucial, particularly when studying in expensive locations like Boston, known for its five fashion design schools. Housing costs are high, especially for non-local students. Scholarships become essential to offset expenses such as pricey textbooks, meals, transportation, and living expenses.

This holds true for other popular fashion study destinations like France, Italy, Belgium, Canada, or the UK, where affordable options inadvertently increase housing expenses.

Scholarships also serve as a test of dedication, as they typically reward hard work and alignment with the university’s values.

Studying in such dynamic environments offers opportunities to connect with like-minded peers, potentially even sharing living arrangements to address housing challenges. This fosters personal growth and can reshape one’s perspective as a fashion designer.

Furthermore, as a college student, travel opportunities are limited to summers and short winter breaks. Therefore, opting for a scholarship in an international setting allows for exploration of a new country and its distinct culture.

Selecting Fashion Design Scholarships For International Students

Consider Your Living Expenses Carefully

If you aim to better integrate into society, exploring homestay options for students can be beneficial. However, it’s essential to weigh both the pros and cons. You may develop a strong bond with your host family, or encounter challenges. Everyone’s experience varies. Living independently tends to be more expensive.

Look Out For Scholarships In Multiple Places:

When researching scholarships, don’t rely solely on official website information. Reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter can provide valuable insights into the actual experiences of past recipients.

Conduct A Thorough Cost Comparison

Assess whether your scholarship will adequately cover living costs, textbooks, clothing, and other necessities. If there’s a shortfall, strategize on how to bridge the gap. If the scholarship doesn’t meet your needs, explore alternative funding options.

Prioritize Quality Over Affordability

While budget-friendly study opportunities exist, they may compromise on educational quality. Aim for programs that offer comprehensive preparation for your professional future.

Consider The University’s Infrastructure:

Factors such as access to resources in your native language and the availability of affordable student housing can significantly impact your adaptation to the new environment. These considerations are pivotal in selecting both the university and the scholarship that best suit your needs.

Materials Needed for Fashion Design Scholarships For International Students

  • A sponsorship letter from your educational institution affirming your designation as the representative for Regent’s University. This document should bear the official department letterhead and include details of your academic standing. It must be duly signed by the appropriate authority along with a date.
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from a member of ITAA (Information Technology Association of America). The letter should outline your active involvement within the community, specify the duration of your affiliation with the organization, and assess your potential for making further contributions.
  • Ensure the submission of official transcripts from all institutions attended during your academic journey.
  • Provide a comprehensive portfolio showcasing examples of your previous work. This step will significantly enhance your competitiveness among fellow applicants.

Key Take Away

Preparing to become an international student can be daunting, requiring a multitude of documents alongside a well-crafted portfolio to showcase your dedication. Similarly, entering the field of fashion design demands not only creativity in design but also precision in calculation, writing, and editing.

If you find yourself struggling with crafting a compelling motivation letter or scholarship application, seeking assistance from a reputable online essay service could be the decisive factor in setting you apart from other applicants.

Alternatively, if you opt to tackle it solo, keep in mind that such documents should be both innovative and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the program.


We aspire for a future that’s brighter than what we’ve experienced. While securing a scholarship is challenging, anyone who dedicates themselves to exploring the best fashion design scholarships for international students can realize their aspirations. Show courage and innovation, and success in this field will be within your grasp!






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