Eth Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarships

Eth Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarships

The Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP), which is intended to assist exceptional students pursuing a Master’s degree at ETH Zurich, is one way that the esteemed Swiss institution shows its dedication to promoting academic quality.

By offering financial support and exclusive chances, the ESOP is a distinguished program that draws and develops exceptional people. This program encourages individuals to pursue additional studies at one of the top universities in the world by identifying and rewarding intellectual talent.

The ESOP scholarship program provides funding to help eligible students with living expenses and tuition, relieving some of their financial burdens and enabling them to concentrate entirely on their academic goals. Furthermore, the program offers a venue for students to participate in innovative and cutting-edge research, creating an atmosphere that encourages academic inquiry and intellectual curiosity.

In addition to providing financial support, the ESOP highlights the value of holistic development by providing chances for both professional and personal development. This might entail having access to mentoring programs, networking opportunities, and other tools that support a comprehensive educational experience.

All in all, the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme at ETH Zurich is proof of the university’s commitment to developing outstanding talent, enabling students to achieve success in their fields of study, and enhancing the worldwide research and innovation environment.


DEADLINE: Annually, December 15, 2023

Research in the Swiss Confederation

Fall 2024 is when the course begins in Switzerland at ETH Zurich


Program for Masters Degree Eligibility Provided by the University


The quantity of scholarships awarded each year is determined on the money available.


Domestic and Foreign students


With the Excellence Scholarship (ESOP), housing and study expenses are covered up to CHF 12,000 every semester, and there is no tuition to pay.

For the full three or four semesters of the Master’s degree, the scholarship is granted. The tuition fee waiver is likewise subject to this.


1. Academic Excellence: To be eligible, applicants must have excelled academically, usually ranking in the top 10% of their bachelor’s degree, or receiving an A.

2. Pursuit of a Master’s Degree: The scholarship is only available to individuals who want to attend ETH Zurich in order to pursue a Master’s degree in a variety of subject areas.

3. Available to All institutions: The scholarship extends its reach to a broad and worldwide pool of gifted students by accepting applications from students attending other institutions, both domestically and abroad. It is not limited to ETH Zurich students.

4. Curriculum Vitae and Contact Information: Candidates must provide a thorough curriculum vitae (CV) that has correct contact information, including a phone number that can be reached. This is important since interviews via phone or video conference, usually in February, may be part of the selection process.

5. Communication Commitment: Selected applicants must guarantee that they are reachable for correspondence during the selection procedure. It’s crucial to demonstrate a commitment to the application and interview stages of the scholarship program by being approachable at the number supplied.

6. Adherence to Application Timeline: Applicants must fulfill any extra conditions stipulated by the scholarship program as well as the application deadline. In order to be taken into consideration during the selection process, all application components must be completed on time, including the inclusion of correct contact information.


1. Application Period: The Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) will accept applications from November 1, 2023, through December 15, 2023. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, prospective applicants must make sure that their applications are submitted on time within the allotted period.

2. Master’s Degree Application: Candidates must first apply to ETH Zurich for a Master’s degree program in order to be considered for the scholarship. It is necessary to finish the standard application procedure for the Master’s program and submit all necessary admissions documentation.

3. Pre-Proposal for Master’s Thesis: Candidates must upload a pre-proposal for their Master’s thesis in addition to the required materials for the Master’s degree application. An essential part of the application, this paper sheds light on the candidate’s prospective contributions to their field of study and research interests.

4. Online Submission: The Master’s thesis pre-proposal, supporting papers, and the scholarship application form must all be submitted online in order to be considered for the award. The application procedure is to be conducted using the online submission platform.

5.  Submission Deadline:  The completed scholarship application, along with all necessary documents, must be submitted before the closing date of 15 December 2023. It is imperative that applicants adhere to this deadline to ensure their eligibility for consideration in the selection process for the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme at ETH Zurich.

Official Scholarship Website:


Conclusively, the ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) is a shining example of academic empowerment, offering assistance to outstanding students worldwide who wish to study for a Master’s degree at one of the world’s top universities.

The scholarship emphasizes overall development in addition to intellectual success, as demonstrated by the rigorous top 10% requirements for bachelor’s degrees.

The program’s inclusiveness, which accepts applications from students both inside and outside the institution and fosters a rich tapestry of talent from many national and international academic backgrounds, highlights ETH Zurich’s dedication to diversity.

The program’s commitment to an open and equitable selection process is shown in the emphasis on comprehensive communication, which includes offering a contactable phone number and the option for phone or video conference interviews.

The application procedure, which is open from November 1 to December 15, emphasizes how important it is to apply on time and with great attention to detail. In keeping with the mission of ETH Zurich, which is to foster cutting-edge research and innovation, prospective candidates are required to submit not only an application for the Master’s degree of their choice but also a thoughtful pre-proposal for their Master’s thesis.

Fundamentally, the ESOP represents ETH Zurich’s steadfast dedication to academic excellence by offering students not only financial aid but also a stimulating intellectual environment that cultivates a community of scholars ready to make significant contributions to their fields and beyond.

The scholarship certainly helps the university’s reputation for excellence in research and teaching across the world as long as it can draw and develop outstanding talent.

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