Czech Republic Scholarships For International Students

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There are plentiful Fully Funded Czech Republic Scholarships available for International Students in the Czech Republic for the academic years 2024/2025. Renowned for its breathtaking beauty and vibrant academic environment, the Czech Republic hosts a significant number of international students, totaling around 44,000.

With its esteemed reputation for top-notch higher education, diverse culture, affordable living expenses, and reasonable college fees, the Czech Republic stands as an attractive destination for students worldwide.

If you’re considering pursuing education in the Czech Republic, this article provides comprehensive insights. It encompasses essential details about studying in the country and offers a compilation of scholarships that can alleviate the financial burden of your education.

Czech Republic Scholarships For International Students

Scholarships Offered By The Czech Republic Government

The scholarship initiative by the Czech Republic government aims to support bright students from underdeveloped countries academically. It forms part of the government’s financial aid program and is exclusively accessible at public universities within the Czech Republic. Successful applicants will benefit from tuition-free education, extending up to doctoral studies. Eligible programs must be taught in either English or Czech.

Recipients of Czech Scholarships are also given the chance to enhance their Czech language skills through participation in a preparatory Czech language course.

Scholarships Provided By MEYS

The Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic has initiated exchange initiatives in collaboration with the Youth and Sports programs. These initiatives invite students from abroad to pursue studies in the Czech Republic for a specified duration. All educational stages are encouraged to partake in these exchange endeavors.

Through this international program, students have the opportunity to spend anywhere from two to ten months in the Czech Republic. For those wishing to extend their stay, there is an option to apply for renewal. It’s important to note, though, that this scholarship does not cover the entirety of a degree program.

Scholarship Provided By The Czech Technical University

The Technical University of the Czech Republic offers financial aid to international students at the master’s and doctoral levels who are pursuing advanced degrees. Master’s students may receive these scholarships for up to two semesters, while doctoral students may be supported for ten semesters. Exceptionally high academic achievers among master’s students may have the opportunity for extended funding. Recipients will receive the scholarship as a monthly stipend.

Scholarship Provided By The Czech University Of Life Sciences

Students enrolled at the Czech University of Life Sciences can avail themselves of diverse financial assistance opportunities through scholarships. These grants come under different names such as social scholarships, merit scholarships, among others.

Applicants from all educational levels and disciplines are eligible to apply. For instance, recipients of certain scholarships are only required to cover their accommodation expenses.

The university doesn’t fund all scholarships; a considerable part of the financial aid comes from the state. For further details on eligibility criteria, refer to the university’s official website.

Scholarships Offered by Prague College

Prague College provides various financial assistance options, such as scholarships and access to new courses. Undergraduates may receive a tuition fee reduction of up to 30% through the academic excellence award, while postgraduates can enjoy discounts of up to 40%.

Additionally, certain recipients of the social and professional participation award will have part of their tuition fees covered. Most of these awards are valid for one year, with the possibility of renewal for the subsequent academic year for scholarship recipients.

Scholarships offered by Charles University

Scholarship options are open to Charles University students across a wide array of academic fields. The university is renowned for its outstanding programs in physics, mathematics, social sciences, and computer science. While scholarships for undergraduate and master’s programs receive partial funding, those pursuing a PhD are fully funded.

Scholarship Opportunity Provided By Silesian University

Eight exceptional international students admitted to the business administration program at Silesian University will receive scholarships to assist with their educational expenses. Additionally, there is a separate scholarship called the Merit Scholarships, with a total of seven awards available across all academic levels. Eligibility for these scholarships is based on the impressive cumulative grade point averages or grades of applicants’ most recent degrees or diplomas.

Scholarships Offered By The South Moravian Centre

Scholarships such as this enable international students to pursue studies in South Moravia by offering financial support. Only non-EU students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Recipients have the opportunity to pursue graduate studies at affiliated universities in South Moravia or Brno, aiming for either a master’s or doctoral degree. Preference will be given to students with academic backgrounds in information technology (IT), computer science, and the natural sciences.

Scholarships Offered By The Visegrad Fund

The governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have established a shared fund to support their citizens. This fund provides financial assistance, scholarships, and fellowships for students. Eligible students from any of these countries can apply for Visegrad scholarships in partner countries. Both bachelor’s and master’s degree students are eligible. While students can apply to non-partner countries, the selection of programs there is limited.

Scholarship Provided by Erasmus+

The contentious Erasmus+ initiative aims to enable students to access tuition-free educational experiences across various European countries. Under this program, students can commence their studies in one European country for a semester or two before relocating to another European nation to finish their degree.

The Czech Republic is among the partner countries involved, with numerous institutions in the country participating in this initiative. Those keen on studying in the Czech Republic can seek admission through the Erasmus+ program.

The Josef Debrovsky Scholarship

The scholarship aims to finance brief study visits by international scholars with the aim of promoting the study of Czech topics within defined national and territorial boundaries. It supports students interested in investigating various aspects of Czech history, culture, language, geography, or natural characteristics.

The CAS Institute directors seek Josef Dobrovsky Scholarships by consulting and depending on advice from the Institute Board.


Czech Republic scholarships  for international students are typically available for both domestic and international students at various levels of study, including undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral programs.

To find specific scholarship opportunities in the Czech Republic, prospective students can research the websites of universities, government agencies, and scholarship databases. It’s essential to carefully review the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and required documents for each scholarship program before applying.

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