Creative Arts Scholarships For Canadian Students

Creative Arts Scholarships For Canadian Students

If you’re a Canadian art enthusiast seeking to join an art school but facing financial constraints, fear not! I’m about to share information on various art schools in Canada that offer scholarships. Keep reading for details.

If you possess a remarkable passion for the arts and aspire to hone your skills or pursue a career in any artistic field, attending an art school is crucial. These institutions are designed to foster skill development and guide you towards becoming a professional in your chosen artistic discipline.

This article provides comprehensive information about art schools in Canada, along with details on scholarships and financial assistance available to both Canadian citizens and international students pursuing education in the field of arts.

The history of art is as ancient as humanity itself, continuously evolving through extensive research and exploration. The advent of digital technologies has significantly contributed to the evolution of art, introducing new forms such as photography, animation, game design, virtual reality art, and more.

Explore some of the world’s top art schools that welcome both international and local students. Additionally, if you prefer learning about art from the comfort of your home, consider enrolling in online art courses that offer certificates. Whether you’re an adult or student passionate about art, there are also art and crafts courses available for you to explore.

If you’re interested in schools that offer full scholarships, whether they are art schools or institutions both domestically and internationally, you may want to explore our comprehensive compilation of global educational institutions providing scholarship opportunities.

Canada stands out as a premier global choice for academic pursuits, boasting a favorable combination of low crime rates, pleasant weather, and a welcoming atmosphere. Renowned for its exceptional educational standards, Canada ensures top-notch teaching quality that is recognized worldwide.

The art schools in the country are distinguished by their well-equipped facilities, expert tutors, and a conducive environment to nurture the growth of aspiring art students.

In my compilation, I have highlighted the finest art schools in Canada that not only provide outstanding education but also extend support through scholarships and various financial aid options. This commitment aims to ease the financial burden on students and inspire them to excel in their academic journey.

Creative Arts Scholarships For Canadian Students

 The College Of Art & Design University Of Ontario:

Established in 1876, the Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD U) stands out as the premier art school in Ontario, Canada. Recognized as the oldest and largest art school in the country, OCAD U is renowned for its comprehensive programs in art and design.

Devoted to fostering art and design education, practice, and research across diverse disciplines, OCAD U ensures students receive a well-rounded education encompassing aesthetic, technical, scientific, theoretical, critical, and historical aspects.

Equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, OCAD U provides an optimal environment for students to unleash their creativity, conduct research, and engage in various artistic pursuits. It serves as an ideal institution for individuals seeking to develop their artistic potential and attain their goals.

To support students facing financial challenges, OCAD U extends annual financial aid, encouraging aspiring artists to become part of the vibrant creative community at the university.

OCAD U provides financial assistance to acknowledge students’ accomplishments. This aid is granted annually for each program major and year level, either based on grades or through a juried competition. The types of assistance available include scholarships, awards, and prizes.

Scholarships, awarded in the Faculties of Art, Design, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, are granted as tuition credits for the upcoming academic year. Students are selected based on their outstanding academic performance in their respective programs. These scholarships may be one-time or renewable, contingent upon the students’ ongoing excellence.

Awards, recognizing both academic achievement and artistic potential, are typically given at the 4th-year level through a juried competition at the conclusion of each academic year. These awards are provided in monetary form.

The program also includes prizes, which can take the form of either monetary or non-monetary rewards. These various forms of recognition aim to support and encourage students in their pursuit of academic and artistic excellence at OCAD U.

The Yukon School of Visual Arts:

The Yukon School of Visual Arts, established in 2007, stands out as Canada’s northernmost post-secondary fine arts institution. Recognized as one of the country’s newest art schools, SOVA is dedicated to providing a vibrant visual arts education within a culturally rich community.

Despite being a recent establishment, the school has successfully realized its vision through its students. Focused on equipping students with both practical and theoretical skills, the institution nurtures their artistic potential and prepares them for their artistic journeys.

Each year, YSOVA extends scholarship assistance to students facing financial challenges who aspire to join the institution. To qualify, applicants must be full-time students enrolled in the Visual Arts Program and maintain a B average in the fall term.

The College Of Craft & Design (NBCC):

Founded in 1938, the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (NBCCD) stands out as a premier art institution in Canada, providing a diverse range of academic programs. These encompass both traditional craft studios and modern digital design, along with a specialized Aboriginal Visual Art Program.

NBCCD serves as a solid platform for professional growth and personal advancement, nurturing creative entrepreneurship. The college is dedicated to cultivating artistic skills in the realms of craft and design, enabling students to explore their unique creative potential. Through comprehensive education, students can transform their passions, dreams, and talents into fulfilling careers, becoming integral members of the thriving community of craft and design experts.

The Ottawa School of Art:

The Ottawa School of Art, renowned as one of Canada’s premier art institutions, boasts a range of versatile art facilities. Distinguished for its hands-on approach, the school focuses on cultivating artistic skills from early stages to advanced levels, preparing students for life beyond the campus.

Moreover, the Ottawa School of Art offers scholarship opportunities generously funded by individuals. These scholarships support aspiring students seeking to pursue their academic aspirations within the institution. Successful applicants are given the freedom to choose their preferred course of study, with scholarships categorized into Fall Scholarships and Winter Scholarships.

The Sheridan College’s Faculty of Animation:

Sheridan College’s Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design, established in 1967 as a Canadian art school, embraces a creative campus approach focused on cultivating problem-solving and critical thinking skills. With a comprehensive program spanning the creative spectrum, the faculty provides an exceptional learning environment to equip students for both professional endeavors and personal growth.

In support of students, the institution extends various financial aid opportunities, including scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on criteria such as academic excellence, community involvement, demonstrated leadership skills, and financial need.

The Sheridan Degree Entrance Scholarships specifically offer entrance scholarship awards to selected applicants who wish to pursue any of the degree programs offered by the faculty.

International students are eligible for International Entrance Scholarships as well.

Sheridan College, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, grants bursaries to students facing significant financial challenges but aspire to pursue their studies.

Sheridan recognizes exceptional academic achievements through Academic Awards, which are bestowed upon students exhibiting outstanding scholarly performance. Faculty members nominate students for this prestigious award.

The Alberta University Of The Arts:

Founded in 1926, the Alberta University of the Arts stands out as Canada’s largest art school, fostering creativity and fostering innovation. AUArts has motivated numerous students to pursue and realize their artistic aspirations. In support of students, the university offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships, bursaries, prizes, and awards annually, aiming to facilitate their studies and turn their dreams into reality.

Each year, AUArts offers various awards that are open to both Canadian and international students pursuing studies in any artistic discipline. Familiarizing yourself with these award categories is crucial to determine the ones you qualify for. The available awards include the Entrance Scholarship Award, Graduate Award, External Award, and numerous other scholarship awards. Bursaries are specifically designed for students experiencing financial challenges, while prizes may come in the form of books, supplies, medals, plaques, subscriptions, and gift certificates, awarded to deserving students.

Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts:

Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts boasts over 3,800 students across 60 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, fostering an inclusive and diverse atmosphere that mirrors contemporary culture. The faculty comprises esteemed researchers, artists, and scholars, delivering high-quality education and serving as a source of inspiration and motivation for students.

Renowned as one of Canada’s premier art schools, Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts houses nine departments and four cutting-edge research centers dedicated to integrating new technologies, traditional media, and historical fine art techniques. The institution provides various scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Emily Carr University Of Art And Design (ECUAD):

Founded in 1925, the Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD) stands out as a premier art institution in Canada, providing a nurturing educational setting committed to achieving excellence and fostering innovation in visual arts, media arts, and design. ECUAD delivers high-quality instruction, encompassing both practical and theoretical aspects, to aspiring artists in their chosen fields, ensuring that students emerge as proficient professionals in their respective areas of study.

ECUAD, a distinguished art school, is dedicated to helping students achieve their artistic goals. Over the years, the university has successfully enabled numerous students to realize their dreams through its annual scholarship and financial aid programs, which are open to all students.

Each year, ECUAD provides a variety of financial aid options to support students, including:

  • Funding for Undergraduate Students: This financial aid is available to new students, current students, and graduate students who meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Entrance Scholarships: ECUAD offers seven scholarship awards open to both domestic and international students. These scholarships are granted to incoming students with outstanding academic achievements and artistic potential, covering a significant portion of their first-year tuition.
  • Tuition Scholarships: These scholarships, available to first, second, and third-year students enrolled in 12 or more credits, are awarded in the form of a tuition reduction for the fall and spring semesters. Applicants must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.33 at the time of application (March).
  • External Scholarships: Students may also utilize financial aid from external sources outside ECUAD to support their education at the university.
  • Graduate Students Funding: Recognizing excellence and artistic potential, ECUAD offers funding opportunities for graduate students, with multiple scholarships available for application.
  • Aboriginal Students Funding: As part of the university’s commitment to the academic success of Aboriginal students, specific financial aid is provided exclusively for this group.


Above, you’ll find comprehensive information about leading art institutions in Canada, complete with scholarship opportunities aimed at cultivating and elevating your artistic abilities. These programs are designed to refine your skills in the arts, allowing you to excel in your passion and equipping you with the necessary capabilities to navigate the creative industry.

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