Community Development Scholarship For African Youth Leaders

Community Development Scholarship For African Youth Leaders

If you’re a young individual aspiring to create a worldwide influence, it’s beneficial to explore opportunities tailored for young leaders. These initiatives offer specialized training, mentorship, covered travel expenses, accommodation, and sometimes even financial support for your projects.

Presently, we present global opportunities for ambitious youth through various young leaders programs worldwide.

Community Development Scholarship For African Youth Leaders

The Mandela Washington Fellowships:

The Mandela Washington Fellowships for Young African Leaders, a key initiative of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), was established by President Obama in 2010 to provide support for young African leaders dedicated to fostering economic growth, strengthening democratic governance, and promoting peace and security across the continent. The program awards up to 1000 fellowships.

Selected fellows receive comprehensive financial support from the U.S. government, covering various aspects such as J-1 visa support, round-trip travel from their home city to the U.S. with necessary domestic travel, a six-week academic and leadership institute, a concluding summit in Washington, DC, accident and sickness benefits, as well as housing and meals throughout the program.

Additionally, an optional six-week Professional Development Experience is available for up to 100 fellows. It’s important to note that the fellowship does not include salary coverage for the period away from work or funds for personal purchases like gifts.

The Obama Foundation Fellowship:

The Obama Foundation is on a mission to identify emerging leaders from various sectors in Africa, including government, civil society, and the private sector, who have shown a strong dedication to advancing the common good.

The program aims to establish a growing network of ethical and innovative change-makers committed to bringing positive transformations to their communities. Ideal candidates should exhibit the potential for significant impact, a steadfast commitment to integrity, and a willingness to stay actively involved with the Obama Foundation beyond the program’s duration.

The foundation is interested in individuals with talent who are at an early stage of their journey as well as those who have already achieved success.

The number of awards is not specified, and the Obama Foundation will cover expenses related to economy class travel, accommodation, and meals during the July 14-18 segment of the program. The inaugural class of the Leaders Africa Program will meet in Johannesburg, South Africa, and engage in comprehensive online activities throughout the year.

The Global Youth Leaders Certificate Scholarship:

The Global Youth Leaders Certificate is a three-week educational initiative available at the Coady Institute. This program empowers young professionals in the field of development from developing nations to enhance their leadership skills, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to innovation and positive transformations within their respective organizations and communities. The participants undergo a learning experience rooted in real-world situations, focusing on Coady’s core thematic areas. By immersing themselves in a collaborative learning environment with peers worldwide, participants gain exposure to diverse experiences and establish the foundation for a potential lifelong support network.

Field of Study: The program emphasizes learning based on practical experiences within Coady’s core thematic areas.

Value of the Program:

  • Successful candidates for the Global Youth Leadership program receive a comprehensive scholarship covering tuition, travel, accommodation, and meals.
  • Participants also have the opportunity to benefit from the guidance and mentorship of accomplished leaders from various parts of the world.

Duration of the Program:

The program spans three weeks of educational activities.

The CGI Scholarship:

Annually, CGI U organizes a gathering where students, university representatives, subject matter experts, and notable figures converge to engage in discussions and devise creative solutions for urgent global challenges. Participants formulate their own Commitments to Action, addressing issues at the campus, local, or global levels. Since 2008, students have generated over 6,250 commitments, with commitment-makers receiving nearly $3 million in funding from CGI U. While the number of awards is unspecified, the program offers need-based travel assistance to a limited number of students attending the CGI U meeting. Eligibility for travel assistance is contingent on applying by the Early Decision deadline when registering for CGI U.

The Next Generation Leaders initiative:

The Next Generation Leaders initiative is designed to empower up to 20 emerging leaders worldwide through a comprehensive one-year program focusing on both professional and personal growth. The primary emphasis lies in instilling values, ethics, and effective leadership skills, fostering the development of a robust global network of leaders characterized by integrity.

The program includes various benefits, such as a stipend covering standard living expenses, a travel allowance, and health insurance and workers comp in accordance with visa regulations. After completing the initial training in Washington, participants embark on placements across the United States, engaging in professional development aligned with their future aspirations while gaining a diverse range of experiences. The program spans a duration of one year.

The UN Young Leaders Program:

The United Nations has introduced the first group of Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals, consisting of 17 dynamic individuals whose leadership is driving the accomplishment of these Goals. Spanning various fields such as food, fashion, and finance, these Young Leaders originate from diverse backgrounds, representing every global region and actively mobilizing young people to support the Goals.

As a unified community, the Young Leaders will collaborate to encourage the involvement of young people in achieving the SDGs. This collaboration will involve leveraging strategic opportunities with the UN and utilizing their existing initiatives, platforms, and networks. The Young Leaders are expected to play an active role in:

  • Advocating for the Goals in ways that resonate with young people in different contexts.
  • Promoting innovative approaches to engage their audiences and peers in advocating for and realizing the Goals.
  • Contributing to a collective knowledge pool of young leaders supporting the UN and its partners during crucial moments and initiatives related to the Goals.

The Eisenhower Fellowships:

Eisenhower Fellowships unites creative and forward-thinking leaders from diverse backgrounds and sectors who are dedicated to addressing significant global challenges. While their backgrounds and interests vary, these Fellows share a common goal of contributing to a world that is more peaceful, prosperous, and just. During the Global Program in spring, approximately 25 Fellows from 25 different countries come together. In the fall, EF adapts its programming to either focus on a specific region, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, or Africa, or on common interests like women’s leadership, urbanization, energy, or innovation.

The program covers the cost of the fellowship in the United States, providing networking opportunities and professional development experiences. Eisenhower Fellows leverage the knowledge gained from interactions with other leaders, including their fellow Fellows, to address crucial issues for their personal and professional growth. They aim to identify opportunities for sustainable impact resulting from their fellowship experience.

The Future Leaders Connect Programme By The British Council:

The Future Leaders Connect Programme by the British Council is currently inviting applications, aiming to equip upcoming leaders with essential skills and global networks. This initiative is designed to enhance their capacity to shape and impact policy changes, ultimately contributing to lasting effects on social and economic development in their respective nations and beyond. The program extends to eligible African countries, including Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and Tunisia. Around 50 participants will be selected, and the program spans 11 days. The British Council covers the expenses for travel, accommodation, and meals, ensuring full accessibility to the program.

The Tutu Leadership Fellowship Programme:

The Tutu Leadership Fellowship Programme, AFLI’s premier initiative for leadership development, invites a select group of Africa’s most promising young leaders from diverse sectors. Conducted part-time over six months, the program features two intensive 9-day Group Learning Modules, hosted at the historic Mont Fleur conference facility in South Africa and split between Oxford University and London in the UK.

Program Details:

Number of Participants: 20

Fellowship Benefits:

  • Eligibility for awards
  • Opportunities for thought leadership and speaking engagements
  • Advocacy platforms
  • Networking opportunities and memberships
  • Access to various projects, causes, and campaigns
  • Collaboration with like-minded peers on joint projects
  • Job prospects
  • Pan-African exposure
  • Participation in multi-country meetings
  • Leadership roles in multi-country organizations and projects
  • International exposure
  • Platforms for ongoing debates and knowledge exchange
  • Media profiling
  • Peer-to-peer accountability
  • Selection as board members or trustees for prominent companies/organizations

The Swedish Institute Management Program (SIMP) Africa:

Sweden is recognized as a frontrunner in sustainable business practices, with its companies actively contributing to the exploration of innovative approaches that incorporate social, environmental, and ethical considerations into their fundamental business frameworks.

Despite the global nature of challenges related to sustainability, there exists a shared imperative for sustainable development. Partially funded by the Swedish Government, SIMP Africa targets emerging leaders. The program’s curriculum centers on advanced problem-solving in business, featuring seminars, interactions with key figures in commerce, politics, and culture, along with on-site visits to companies.

Would you like to become part of a global network of emerging leaders dedicated to responsible leadership and sustainable business methods? Consider enrolling in the Swedish Institute Management Program (SIMP) Africa.

Open to applicants from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, or Zambia, the program offers 25 awards covering various aspects, including:

  • Training and course content
  • Accommodation, meals, and local transportation throughout the program
  • Round-trip flight tickets to and from Sweden
  • Insurance providing coverage for acute illness and accidents while in Sweden

The program spans seven months, comprising three weeks of intensive training, including an initial kick-off at the Swedish Embassy in each participant’s country, a two-week module in Sweden, and a final five-day module in Africa.


The Scholarship Program allows African students to pursue their studies in a different African nation, providing them with the opportunity to experience the cultural richness and diversity that the chosen country and its communities have to offer. By increasing access to education, we aim to foster openness to new ideas and establish a network of individuals with shared goals, ultimately contributing to the advancement and tangible development of our continent. It is evident that a more interconnected African economy on a global level will enhance growth, produce favorable results, and bring about benefits for all its communities.


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