Benacquisto Scholarship for High School Graduates

Benacquisto Scholarship for High School Graduates

Financial aid based on merit is provided by the Benacquisto Scholarship to Florida’s graduating high school seniors who have been awarded a college-sponsored, corporate-sponsored, or received national merit scholarship.

Applicants may be enrolled in any of the nine Florida colleges or institutions listed below to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

It is challenging to prosper in America due to the high cost of high school education. And in order to do this, students borrow money most of the time.

On the other hand, exceptional high school graduates are supported by the Benacquisto scholarship.

Benacquisto scholarship recipients are high school graduates in Florida who have been recognized with the National Merit Award. Its original name was the Florida National Merit. But in 2019, this scholarship was renamed the Benacquisto Scholarship.

This name change is in remembrance of Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, a strong advocate for grants.

As a matter of fact, the Benacquisto Scholarship program helps to resolve this problem. This stipend is available to Florida residents who have finished high school to pursue further education.

How Do You Apply for the Benacquisto Scholarship?

Scholarships for high school graduates are given out by the National Merit Scholar program in Florida on the basis of merit.

Thanks to this prize, the student can now enroll at a university in Florida. Students from within and outside of the state are eligible for this as well.

What is the procedure for the Benacquisto Scholarship?

Prior to doing anything else, you have to take the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Exam. Only October is available for taking this test each year.

Nonetheless, many first- and second-year students take the test. However, the only noteworthy test results come from their junior year.

What GPA Does the Benacquisto Scholarship Require?

It is often challenging to rank the recipients of the Benacquisto scholarship based on the scores from every state.

The top 50,000 National Merit Scholarship scores decide the semifinalists and commended students.

What’s the Value of the Benacquisto Scholarship?

The Benacquisto Scholarship in Florida awards $21,210 to each college graduate who is either an out-of-state (living outside the state) or an in-state (living within the state) resident.

How the Benacquisto Awards Should Proceed

To fortify them, more outstanding students were awarded Benacquisto prizes to attend Florida’s universities. Stated differently, it is obviously obvious how many intelligent people are present.

Only students who were residents of Florida were eligible for this prize prior to the name change. Currently, however, students from other states are eligible to apply for the Benacquisto Scholarship.


The following requirements must be met in order to apply for any Benacquito Scholarship:

In order to be eligible, you must also not be facing any criminal charges and have a Florida high school diploma or its equivalent from a Florida public high school or a Florida private school that is approved by the Florida Department of Education.

  • However, in order to be eligible, you must be accepted into and enrolled in a degree or certificate program at a Florida public or independent postsecondary school.
  • Non-residents must live in Florida or within driving distance of the campus of the institution.
  • Study Level and Field: This scholarship is intended for students who are seniors in US high schools and intend to enroll in undergraduate coursework at any Florida university.
  • Hosting Country: The USA is the location of the Benacquito Scholarship.
  • Qualifying Nationality: The Benacquisto scholarship is only available to US citizens and can be used at any Florida university. As a result, it is limited to eight semesters of study.

Residents of Florida (as defined by the institution)

  • Full cost of attendance scholarship awarded by the State of Florida Benacquisto Scholarship Program for the autumn and spring semesters. 100% of the cost of attendance is covered by this merit scholarship for high school graduates who are named National Merit® Scholar Finalists, less the amount you receive from Bright Futures and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.
  • If you are awarded this prize, it will take the place of all previous awards from the Office of Admissions, with the exception of the USF National Merit Tradition of Excellence Award ($20,000/$5,000 annually).
  • Study abroad   scholarship opportunities, such as the $2,000 USF Passport Scholarship
  • A tuition waiver for the first 30 credits of graduate study at US immediately after receiving a bachelor’s degree

The Benacquito Scholarship Award’s value

Therefore, recipients of the Benacquito scholarship get an annual award equal to the institutional cost of attendance (COA) less the sum of the National Merit and Bright Futures Awards. [Benacquisto Scholarship = COA – (BF + NM)] is the result of this.

Additionally, a grant that pays for in-state students’ living expenses on campus will be awarded to non-Florida residents. For students from other states, there are no out-of-state costs. [COA-NM is the Benaquisto Scholarship number].

Most notably, summer coursework cannot be funded by this grant.

How does one apply for the Benacquisto Scholarship?

The application process for this scholarship is nonexistent. However, the candidate needs to have a high PSAT score. Above all, the applicant’s grade could help them win a National Merit Award. For more information, go to the official website that is listed.

Official Website

You can also access it through this website

When is the deadline for applying for the Benacquisto Scholarship?

Scholarship applications are usually accepted in February.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Benacquisto Scholarship

Do beneficiaries of the Benacquisto Scholarship pay taxes?

The Benacquisto Scholarship eliminates recipients’ tax obligations by paying for their housing and education.

What is the Benacquisto Scholarship intended to achieve?

High school graduates who receive the National Merit Scholar designation are eligible to apply for merit-based scholarships through a program in Florida called the Benacquisto Scholarship.

What is the Benacquisto Scholarship worth?

An sum equal to the difference between Bright Futures and the National Merit Award, as well as the expense of education for Florida citizens who are students, is given to heirs.

Can someone apply for the Benacquisto grant who is not from Florida?

There is now an opportunity for a non-Florida resident to apply for the Benacquisto grant. However, he or she needs to live in Florida or close to the campus of the institution.

Non-Florida inhabitants (as specified by the organization)

  • A scholarship from the USF Golden Achievement Program that will pay your whole tuition throughout the autumn and spring semesters.
  • This merit scholarship covers 100% of the cost of attendance, less the amount you receive from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, and is available to high school graduates who meet the requirements to be named National Merit® Scholar Finalists (finalists who choose USF as their first choice school with NMSC).
  • This award will take the place of any other awards from the Office of Admissions if you are eligible for it.
  •  study abroad  scholarship opportunities, such as the $2,000 USF Passport Scholarship
  • A tuition waiver for the first 30 credits of your graduate studies at USF, starting as soon as you receive your baccalaureate degree.


Last but not least, the Benacquisto fellowship aims to assist American students from Florida and elsewhere in their pursuit of higher education. Also, it aids high school students in studying harder and earning higher marks in order to qualify for the National Merit Scholar Award.

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