Arts And Humanities Scholarships For African Students

Arts And Humanities Scholarships For African Students

When contemplating the realm of the arts, creativity naturally comes to mind. Opting for a major in the arts and humanities provides the opportunity to delve into your creative abilities and positively influence the lives of others in the process. Humanities, specifically, focuses on understanding human society and culture. If you’re an aspiring arts and humanities major looking to expand your knowledge for increased opportunities, we’ve compiled a list of available scholarship opportunities to help alleviate the financial burden of your education.

Advantages Of Majoring In Arts And Humanities

Contemplating the pursuit of a fresh professional path within the realm of arts? Here are several advantages that await you:

It Boosts Skill Enhancement:

Engaging in studies within the arts and humanities domain contributes to the refinement of personal and soft skills crucial for success in the professional arena. This educational path fosters the development of creativity, the effective utilization of passion, consistency, problem-solving abilities, as well as the cultivation of attributes such as hard work, time management, emotional judgment, communication proficiency, emotional intelligence, teamwork, innovation, critical thinking, and strong interpersonal skills.

It Enhances Creative Expression:

Immersing oneself in the arts and humanities field facilitates the exploration and amplification of one’s imaginative faculties. While there are foundational principles in artistic pursuits, there is no rigid mandate dictating adherence, encouraging diverse perspectives.

For instance, pursuing a major in design or music entails certain principles, yet there exists ample room for individual interpretation, allowing for the infusion of a unique personal touch to enrich the overall aesthetic experience.

It Promotes an Entrepreneurial Mindset:

The artistic endeavor encompasses not only creativity but also entrepreneurship, as every artist delves into the business aspect of their craft. Painters, fashion designers, singers, and dancers all acquire skills in selling their creations, with the added advantage of utilizing technological tools such as social media for marketing. This educational path equips art majors not only with artistic prowess but also with essential skills in negotiation and marketing.

It Fosters Creative Problem-Solving:

Opting for a major in arts and humanities not only nurtures creativity but also serves as a catalyst for effective problem-solving. Engaging in the performing arts can address issues related to stress, sadness, and depression, offering therapeutic benefits. Furthermore, the sale of artistic products contributes to income generation, potentially fostering economic growth in the respective country.

Versatility In Industry Engagement:

The adaptability inherent in the field of arts facilitates seamless integration for students pursuing arts and humanities. This extends to various sectors, such as education, social services, government positions, non-governmental organizations, and charitable endeavors, among other occupational avenues.

After delving into the advantages associated with specializing in the arts, let’s now delve into the prospects awaiting students interested in pursuing arts and humanities courses at international universities.

Arts And Humanities Scholarships For African Students

The Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships:

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships are provided for students from developing Commonwealth nations and are financially supported by the United Kingdom Department for International Development. Individuals from eligible countries can seek this scholarship to support their master’s degree studies, including those pursuing advanced studies in arts and humanities. It is essential for applicants to be open to studying in the United Kingdom.

The scholarship covers various benefits, such as covering flight tickets, tuition fees, examination fees, and providing a monthly stipend. To find out more about the eligibility criteria and application requirements, please refer to the details provided.

The DAAD Scholarships:

The DAAD scholarship for Fine Art, Design, Visual Communication, and Film is available for international students aspiring to pursue postgraduate studies in the arts and humanities domain in Germany. This scholarship seeks to foster connections, enhance knowledge, and boost the capabilities of the awardees. Various advantages accompany the scholarships, such as a monthly stipend of 934 euros, travel allowance, coverage of tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other perks.

To gain insights into eligibility criteria and application requirements, please explore further.

Scholarship By  Royal College of Art Scholarships:

The Royal College of Arts in the United Kingdom provides a range of scholarships for prospective students, both domestic and international, who wish to undertake programs such as Graduate Diploma.

These scholarships offer different advantages based on the specific category you apply for. Potential benefits encompass full fee coverage along with living expenses, full fee coverage, partial fee coverage, and contributions towards living costs. To gain insight into eligibility requirements and application criteria, further details can be explored.

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation:

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation welcomes applications from both domestic and international students enrolled in U.S. educational institutions. PGSF participants can avail themselves of the chance to submit their resumes for internships, as well as part-time and full-time employment opportunities post-graduation.

The scholarship award varies from $1,000 to $5,000 and is renewable throughout the student’s academic journey. The application deadline is May 1, 2024. For further details on the application process, please refer to the provided resources.

The Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships:

Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships are available to students of all backgrounds currently enrolled in the United States. However, applicants are required to showcase their dedication and passion for making a positive impact, fostering environmental responsibility, and promoting cultural awareness through arts and humanities.

The scholarship’s primary goal is to encourage diversity and provide opportunities for emerging creatives in the upcoming generation. The scholarship amounts vary from $750 to $3,350. For additional information about the application process and past recipients, please visit the provided resources.

The Paris College of Art Scholarships:

The Paris College of Art Scholarships is available for international students seeking to pursue graduate and postgraduate degrees in the arts and humanities field in Paris, France. Sponsored by the Foundation des Etats-Unis, the HHW scholarship is a private grant offering various benefits, such as a €10,000 stipend to cover educational expenses, the opportunity for a rent-controlled live-in artist atelier or music studio at the Foundation des Etats-Unis, and access to on-site performance and exhibition facilities, including a private art gallery and a historically significant concert hall.

Prospective applicants should take note of the application deadline, which is January 31st of the current academic year. For further details regarding the application process and eligibility requirements, individuals are encouraged to seek more information.

The Gucci Changemakers Scholarship:

The Gucci Changemakers Scholarship, introduced in March 2019 as a social initiative, is sponsored by the renowned fashion brand Gucci. Its primary goal is to foster inclusion and diversity within the fashion industry across various communities. Furthermore, this scholarship initiative offers financial support to undergraduates aspiring to pursue careers in the fashion and creative sectors. The scholarship amounts vary, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. For additional details on the scholarships and application procedures, please explore further.

The UAL Postgraduate Scholarships:

UAL Postgraduate Scholarships are available at the University of the Arts, London, catering to both international and local students interested in pursuing arts-related programs. These scholarships are open for individuals seeking either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. For additional details regarding the scholarships and the application procedure, please explore further.

Guidelines For A Prosperous Scholarship Application

To effectively pursue and attain a scholarship in the arts and humanities as an international student, it is crucial to pay attention to specific essential criteria. Here, we highlight five key considerations that demand your attention during the scholarship application process.

Emphasize the Application Process:

International students frequently apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously. While the advice is not to rely solely on one opportunity, it’s equally crucial to approach the application process with care. If managing numerous applications becomes overwhelming, prioritize the ones you consider most significant and meticulously follow the application guidelines. Applying for a scholarship mirrors a job application, necessitating adherence to provided instructions, as errors may jeopardize your chances.

Mind The Details:              

Furthermore, meticulous attention to detail is paramount. Prior to submitting your application, ensure the accuracy and verifiability of all provided information. If uncertain about an answer, double-check for accuracy. Additionally, meticulously proofread your application to eliminate grammatical errors or mistakes before final submission.

Supply Appropriate References Or Referees As Needed In Your Application:

Make sure to choose individuals who are well-informed about your qualifications and can include relevant information in the reference letter to enhance your application.

Be Mindful Of The Application Deadline For Scholarships:

Be mindful of the application deadline for scholarships, as tardy submissions may convey a lack of seriousness and could jeopardize your chances of receiving the scholarship. Given the competitive nature of scholarship opportunities, avoid any errors that might lead to disqualification.


  • Before commencing your scholarship application, consider these questions to facilitate the process:
  • Am I eligible to apply?
  • Am I familiar with the deadline?
  • Do I possess all the required documents and information?
  • Do I have someone in mind who can serve as a referee for the scholarship?
  • Is there someone who can assist me in proofreading the application and identifying errors prior to submission?

Registering at prestigious global universities can improve your employability. However, the cost of studying abroad is high amid the ongoing economic crisis. Nonetheless, don’t let this hinder you, as there are alternative avenues to enrich your career that you can consider.


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