13 Anthropology Scholarship For African Students

Scholarships In Austria For African Students


Anthropology scholarship for African students give students from the African region an opportunity to study abroad without being financially constraint. Anthropology is an intriguing field of study that delves into the rich tapestry of human societies throughout history and today.

Through this major, students delve into the social, cultural, and biological dimensions of human existence, covering areas like language, spirituality, societal roles, ethnicity, and evolutionary processes.

A degree in anthropology opens doors to various career paths, including roles in cultural conservation, nonprofit work, global development, or academia, making it an ideal choice for those passionate about embracing diversity and advocating for social equality.

For anthropology enthusiasts seeking financial support, numerous scholarships are available. Below, you’ll find a curated list of prominent anthropology scholarships, along with their eligibility criteria, award amounts, and application deadlines. Wishing you the best in your endeavors!

What Does Studying Anthropology Entail?

Several organizations and universities offer scholarships for anthropology majors due to the valuable skills acquired, including record-keeping, analysis, critical thinking, and communication, which are applicable across diverse career paths. Anthropology, as a social science, delves into humanity’s history, from ancient tribes to contemporary societies, aiding in comprehending our past, present, and potential future.

Anthropology Scholarships For African Students

Scholarship Fund Antonio J. Waring Jr.

The University of West Georgia offers the Antonio J. Waring Jr. Anthropology Endowment Scholarship, providing $1,500 per semester to graduating high school seniors and current undergraduate students majoring in anthropology. Eligible applicants, who must be enrolled in at least 12 semester hours at UWG, are required to submit an application along with a current transcript and an essay detailing their career aspirations in anthropology.

Scholarships By Arthur C. Parker

The Arthur C. Parker Scholarships for Archaeological Training, initiated by the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) in tribute to its first president, offers yearly awards of up to $5,000. These scholarships are specifically designed for Native American individuals or members of tribal cultural preservation initiatives who wish to undertake archaeological training programs. To qualify, undergraduates or graduates must be admitted to a four-year accredited U.S. institution, with a designated focus on archaeology or anthropology.

Scholarship By Bennetta Jules-Rosette

The Bennetta Jules-Rosette Graduate Student Essay Award, sponsored by the Association for Africanist Anthropology (AFAA), provides a $1,000 grant to a graduate student specializing in any branch of anthropology who produces the most outstanding original essay on Africanist anthropology. Priority will be given to entries that showcase innovative viewpoints and show promise as significant additions to the realms of Africanist anthropology, African studies, or African diaspora studies.

The Carrie Hunter-Tate Scholarship

The Carrie Hunter-Tate Award for Anthropology Students, named in tribute to a past officer of the National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA), recognizes outstanding undergraduate and graduate members who demonstrate academic prowess, professional success, leadership qualities, commitment to community service, and a passion for advancing the field. To apply, students are required to submit an essay detailing their research interests, an official college transcript, and a current CV or resume highlighting their professional background.

Scholarship In Anthropology By Dorothy Jean Ray

The University of Northern Iowa offers the Dorothy Jean Ray Anthropology Scholarship for students majoring in anthropology who will be in their third or fourth year in the upcoming fall semester. Applicants must show a strong commitment to pursuing a specific area of anthropology. To be eligible for the $2,000 scholarship, candidates must pass a qualification test and attend an on-campus interview.

The Dona Agripina De Urdaneta Endowed Scholarship

Every year, the University of Texas at San Antonio provides the Dona Agripina De Urdaneta Endowed Scholarship in Anthropology to undergraduates majoring in anthropology. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours at the university, maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Priority will be given to students showing substantial financial need, pursuing cultural anthropology, and being the first generation in their family to pursue higher education.

Scholarship In Public Affairs By Donald D. Landon

The Missouri State University Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers the Donald D. Landon Public Affairs Scholarship, awarding $1,000 to full-time junior or senior students majoring in sociology and anthropology, showcasing a dedication to public affairs. Eligible applicants must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above, demonstrate financial need for tuition support, and submit a one-page letter detailing their involvement in community service leadership.

Scholarship By Esther Pressel

Created in honor of a cherished professor from Colorado State University, the Esther Pressel Undergraduate Cultural Scholarship awards $1,500 to undergraduates in the cultural anthropology program who embody her curiosity, engagement, and adventurous approach to learning. To qualify, candidates must be full-time students majoring in anthropology, uphold a minimum GPA of 3.5, and demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship In Memory Of Franklin Mosher Baldwin

Administered by the Leakey Foundation, the Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowships provide financial support of up to $12,000 annually for students from developing countries pursuing an advanced degree in anthropology at an institution outside their home country. Eligible candidates must be enrolled in a M.A./M.S. or Ph.D. program focusing on the study of human origins, have received provisional acceptance from a host institution, and plan to return to their home country for employment after completing their studies.

The ISI Western Civilization Scholarship

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) offers the Western Civilization Fellowship Program, aiming to inspire students to delve into the institutions, values, and heritage of the West. This program awards three fellowships, each worth $20,000, to graduate anthropology students passionate about researching the Western tradition. To apply, candidates must submit a unique essay of five to ten pages, along with a personal and professional autobiography, three letters of recommendation, an academic writing sample, and an official transcript.

The J. Raymond Williams Memorial Scholarship

It is designed for full-time underrepresented minority students pursuing studies and research in public archaeology at the University of South Florida. Scholarship recipients are required to fulfill a 10-hour per week graduate assistantship throughout the duration of the two-year program.

The John E. Lobdell Scholarship

The John E. Lobdell Undergraduate Anthropology Award, presented by the Alaska Anthropological Association, honors an outstanding anthropologist known for expertise in Alaska’s human biological and environmental history. This annual award of $1,500 supports undergraduate anthropology students enrolled in U.S. institutions. To apply, candidates must submit a statement outlining their career aspirations in anthropology, along with an official transcript and two academic recommendations.

Anthropology Scholarships For African Students

The Scholarship By Kiana Dressendorfer

Every year, the Department of Anthropology at San Francisco State University grants the Kiana Dressendorfer Scholarship in Archaeology, offering a maximum of $3,000 to ongoing undergraduate or graduate students engaged in archaeological research across any global region. Candidates must be actively involved in projects contributing to our knowledge of ancient civilizations’ various aspects such as daily life, technology, society, politics, economy, or artistic expressions.

National Scholarships Provided By Lambda Alpha

The Lambda Alpha, serving as the premier honor society for anthropologists, offers yearly scholarships worth $5,000 to graduating senior undergraduate students specializing in anthropology. To qualify, candidates must be engaged members of their university’s Lambda Alpha chapter across the country. Eligible applicants need to provide a nomination letter from a faculty member, official transcripts, a recommendation letter from a practicing anthropologist, and five copies of a professional writing sample focusing on anthropology.

The Lewis And Clark Fund Scholarship

To promote adventurous field investigations across various disciplines like archaeology, anthropology, biology, ecology, geography, geology, linguistics, paleontology, and population genetics, the American Philosophical Society provides the Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research. This grant, available to U.S. doctoral candidates, supports research endeavors globally, offering up to $5,000 in funding. To be eligible, applicants need to furnish a research proposal along with two letters of recommendation showcasing their competency in executing the proposed research.

Scholarship In Memory Of Morris E. And Lucille Ritter Opler

The University of Oklahoma grants the Morris E. and Lucille Ritter Opler Memorial Scholarship to commendable upper-division undergraduate and graduate students of anthropology who have demonstrated remarkable achievements in the area of cultural anthropology. This $2,500 scholarship is intended to support recipients in various pursuits such as attending professional conferences, contributing to research projects, engaging in study abroad programs, or covering a portion of university tuition fees.

Scholarship Offered By The National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) provides Graduate Research Fellowships to exceptional graduate students enrolled in research-focused master’s or doctoral programs at accredited U.S. institutions. These fellowships aim to bolster the talent pool in science within the United States. Eligible students, majoring in engineering, technology, mathematics, social sciences, education, or life sciences, may receive a three-year annual stipend of $32,000 and a $12,000 tuition scholarship.

Anthropology Scholarships For African Students

Program For Internship Research At The Smithsonian

Every term, the Smithsonian Minority Research Internship Program grants coveted fellowships to minority undergraduate and early graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds. These students must be enrolled in fields such as animal behavior, anthropology, astronomy, earth science, ecology, evolutionary biology, history, or sociology, and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above. Successful applicants will receive a weekly stipend of $550 along with travel allowances, enabling them to engage in a full-time internship lasting ten weeks.


Studying anthropology offers a profound insight into cultural diversity, crucial for navigating our fast-changing global landscape. This degree unlocks various career paths, spanning from humanities and social sciences to communication, business, health, education, law, marketing, and even medicine. If you’re dedicated to pursuing anthropology and seeking financial support, explore these  excellent anthropology scholarships for African students tailored for anthropology majors, easing the strain of increasing tuition costs.


















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